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The Euro at a Tsipping Point: Greece Gets a Yellow Card, Not Yet a Red, As Merkel's Bluff Gets Called

Terry Connelly | Posted 07.06.2016 | Business
Terry Connelly

As expressed (and predicted) in this blog several months ago, if I owe you 240 euros, it's my problem, but if I owe you 240 billion euros, it's certainly your problem, too.

12 Devastating Consequences if Greece Returns to the Drachma

Dimitrios Giokas | Posted 06.28.2016 | World
Dimitrios Giokas

It's clear that we should not base our hopes on futile and dangerous solutions, such as returning to the drachma. Let us draw up a long-term plan for the next day, that will turn Greece into a modern, well-governed European country with a strong economy and liberated from the chronic pathologies that pester it.

The Euro Exit

Tom Cooley | Posted 08.14.2012 | World
Tom Cooley

EMU leaders are running out of time in their efforts to save the euro. Only decisive action can work -- and there still would be no guarantee of success. In the United States, it took a Civil War to settle that monetary union once and for all.

Europe's States, Rich and Poor, Must Share Their Debts

Guy Verhofstadt | Posted 08.13.2012 | World
Guy Verhofstadt

It is high time to examine structural solutions and help eurozone countries honor their debts rather than continue to lend them money at higher and higher rates of interest. Greece, for one, simply cannot dig its way out of debt on its own.

Greece and the Euro: Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover

Ellen Brown | Posted 08.11.2012 | Business
Ellen Brown

The euro appears to be a marriage of incompatible partners. Fortunately, there are alternatives to an ugly divorce. Rules that can be bent for banks can be bent for people and nations.

'It's Better To Be Safe Than Sorry'

Reuters | Posted 07.27.2012 | Business

By Chris Vellacott and George Georgiopoulos LONDON/ATHENS, May 28 (Reuters) - After Greece's inconclusive elections on May 6 led to po...

Euro or Drachma? It's Not All About a Dilemma

Thanos Dimadis | Posted 07.23.2012 | World
Thanos Dimadis

It's not only all about a dilemma but about how the Greek nation -- and especially young people -- will find again a reason to hope and believe that their future can get better, even if Greece after the very crucial next general elections can make it and stay hopefully in the eurozone.

A Note of Caution

Irene Finel-Honigman | Posted 07.22.2012 | World
Irene Finel-Honigman

There may be a momentary pride in the drachma as a symbol of Greece standing up to Europe and reasserting its independence, but sadly neither investors nor markets are likely to share the sentiment.

How to Navigate Markets Through the Euro-Zone Turmoil

Gemma Godfrey | Posted 07.18.2012 | Business
Gemma Godfrey

As the euro zone crisis intensifies and global markets reflect investor concerns, we ask ourselves, is a Greek exit from the euro on its way? Preparations have already begun to protect shareholder interest.

Voting for the Extremes

Melina Xaritatou | Posted 07.17.2012 | World
Melina Xaritatou

It is insane to ask from people whose lives have been crashed to choose between the euro and the drachma. They can't answer to that.

Greece Is Better Off Outside the EU

Ilias Sourdis | Posted 07.01.2012 | World
Ilias Sourdis

Prices quoted on the Greek drachma, together with the tax-free or reduced tax environment, will result to adding more value to the holiday's budget -- therefore making Greece very affordable and overwhelmed with tourists from every part of the world.

Zorba - Less Dancing, More Work

Eric Margolis | Posted 01.08.2012 | World
Eric Margolis

Why should 330 million Europeans face a financial and likely political meltdown for the sake of 11 million profligate Greeks? They should not.

Greek Bailout Talks Nearing Completion

Posted 08.01.2011 | Business

ATHENS (Ingrid Melander and George Georgiopoulos) - Greece should complete talks by the end of the week with inspectors from the EU and IMF on a mediu...