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Driving Under the Influence

Psychologists Identify Major Risks Linked With Teen Substance Abuse

The Huffington Post | Carolyn Gregoire | Posted 04.02.2016 | Science

Although drug and alcohol abuse is on the decline among American teenagers, addiction issues are still common -- and those issues often go hand in han...

John Stamos Charged With DUI

The Huffington Post | Julia Brucculieri | Posted 10.15.2015 | Entertainment

UPDATE (Oct. 15): John Stamos has officially been charged for driving under the influence, the Los Angeles District Attorney's Office confirms. Stamo...

Mom Writes Heartbreaking Post One Year After Losing Her Baby And Husband In Drunk Driving Accident

The Huffington Post | Caroline Bologna | Posted 09.24.2015 | Parents

On September 20, 2014, Destiny Mantia was in a drunk driving-related car accident that led to the deaths of her husband Corey and their 1-year-old son...

He Gave Me a Breathalyzer Test That I Couldn't Refuse

Janis Powers | Posted 07.24.2016 | Crime
Janis Powers

As we debate the boundaries of law enforcement's authority, I am reminded of my own recent run-in with a traffic cop in New Zealand.

The Disturbing Truth About Driving While Stoned | Anna Almendrala | Posted 07.08.2015 | Healthy Living

By: Tia Ghose Published: July 06, 2015 02:27pm ET on LiveScience. Most Americans think that driving while high on marijuana isn't that dang...

David Lohr

DUI Suspect Can't Seem To Keep Her Tongue In Her Mouth | David Lohr | Posted 04.07.2015 | Weird News

The tongue is an ingenious organ. It manipulates food for consumption, and conveys a range of moods and biological urges. The outstretched muscular...

Man Walks Into Cop's Car, Gets Charged With DWI

Posted 03.16.2015 | Weird News

BRUNSWICK, N.Y. (AP) -- It may have been the easiest driving while intoxicated arrest ever made by the New York State Police. Authorities say a tro...

8 Illinois Counties With Some of the Highest DUI Arrests

Reboot Illinois | Posted 04.01.2015 | Chicago
Reboot Illinois

While the number of alcohol-impaired driving fatalities in Illinois has decreased 37.8 percent between 2002 and 2012 -- in large part because of increased awareness, tougher punishments and legislative action -- drunk driving remains a serious problem in Illinois, though more severe in some parts of the state than others.

Don't Rush the Marijuana Breathalyzer Into "Zero Tolerance" States

Adam Banner | Posted 03.22.2015 | Crime
Adam Banner

As a criminal defense lawyer, I've handled a few DUI cases in my time. Still, the last thing I want is to share the road with an impaired driver. DUI defense isn't about supporting drunk or drugged driving; it's about making sure the legal system runs correctly.

In This State A DUI Could Get You Banned From Drinking Alcohol

The Huffington Post | Amanda Gutterman | Posted 01.07.2015 | Politics

A new proposal to restrict people from buying or consuming alcohol if they've been convicted of a DUI could make Oklahoma the toughest state in the co...

Putting Marijuana DUI in Perspective

Sam Tracy | Posted 12.22.2014 | Politics
Sam Tracy

We must consider the risk involved and make sure the punishment fits the crime. While weak DUI laws clearly jeopardize public safety, overly strict rules or harsh penalties can ruin the lives of innocent drivers who aren't truly impaired.

Drunken Transient Stole 1930 Ford Model A, Crashed It Into River, Police Say (PHOTOS)

The Huffington Post | David Lohr | Posted 06.24.2014 | Crime

Authorities say an intoxicated homeless man stole a fully restored antique automobile over the weekend and crashed it into an Oregon river. Accordi...

Say What?

Stephen Gray Wallace | Posted 07.16.2014 | Parents
Stephen Gray Wallace

Young people know that drinking or using a cell phone while driving are dangerous behaviors. What is surprising is that, according to a new survey, teens seem to have different definitions of what it actually means to engage in these potentially deadly behaviors.

11 States That Don't Have Typical 'Open Container' Laws For Vehicles

Gregory Fink | Posted 07.17.2014 | Politics

With drunken driving responsible for 10,322 deaths in 2012, we'd never encourage the act of drinking and getting behind the wheel. But when it comes t...

Jungle Beat: Kava Safety

Barbara Fahs | Posted 01.23.2014 | Hawaii
Barbara Fahs

Everyone knows that drinking alcoholic beverages before driving a vehicle is a dangerous combination. It leads to many accidents and deaths that could easily be avoided if the driver chose an alternate ride home. But what about driving after enjoying a cup or two of our popular Polynesian beverage, 'awa?

Stopping Distracted Driving: What Will It Take?

Jay Winsten | Posted 01.23.2014 | Impact
Jay Winsten

Despite a sharp increase in awareness of the distracted driving problem, we're not seeing a significant change in drivers' behavior. Why not? And, what will it take to turn this problem around? Why did another campaign -- the designated-driver campaign against drunk driving -- succeed? And what's different about the distracted-driving problem?

GOP Senator Arrested For Drunk Driving

Posted 12.23.2012 | Politics

Sen. Mike Crapo (R-Idaho) was arrested on Sunday morning in Alexandria, Virginia for driving under the influence. According to Del Ray, VA Patch, C...

DUI Cop Arrested For Suspected DUI

The Boulder Daily Camera | MITCHELL BYARS | Posted 02.06.2013 | Denver

The off-duty police officer arrested in Thornton this week on suspicion of driving drunk was the Boulder Police Department's DUI enforcement officer -...

Police: Man Ate Pot Brownie In Car, Passed Out Near Police Station

The Boulder Daily Camera | MITCHELL BYARS | Posted 01.26.2013 | Denver

University of Colorado police ticketed a Florida man who they allege ate a pot brownie and then passed out behind the wheel of his car near the CU pol...

David Lohr

Georgia News Anchor Arrested For DUI After Head-On Collision | David Lohr | Posted 11.13.2012 | Crime

Amanda Davis, an award winning co-anchor for Fox 5 News in Atlanta, was arrested over the weekend suspected of driving under the influence after she w...

Brilliant Bottom-Line Basics for October

Susie Spain | Posted 12.19.2012 | Parents
Susie Spain

In September, kids are mostly on their best behavior, or sort of. By October, they start finding their way into challenging and dangerous situations like drinking and driving.

Angels at Risk: Brilliant Bottom Line Basics for October

Susie Spain | Posted 12.03.2012 | Impact
Susie Spain

The drinkers and the designated drivers almost always have secrets because they are trying to find their way. Remember that they are still kids, remember how quickly they can get lost.

Under the Influence

Dinah Lenney | Posted 05.28.2012 | Crime
Dinah Lenney

"Have you had anything to drink, Madam?" asked the patrolman. I wasn't drunk and I wasn't worried. I was a middle-aged woman in possession of a driver's license, conservatively dressed, honest to a fault and I assumed all that worked in my favor.

Do Teens Think Driving While High Is No Big Deal?

Posted 02.24.2012 | Home

According to a new study, marijuana use among teens is currently at its highest level in 30 years and 19 percent of teen drivers reported driving unde...

Drunk Driver Speeds 18 Miles On Wrong Side Of Highway

Posted 01.12.2012 | Weird News

That is one bad trip. A 60-year-old woman allegedly drove nearly 18 miles at dangerously high speeds while heading north on the southbound side of ...