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Effective Communication

Great Communicators Nail This Down Every Time & You Can Too!

Dr. Patty Ann Tublin | Posted 10.26.2016 | Business
Dr. Patty Ann Tublin

Don’t you just love this quote from the comedian George Bernard Shaw: “The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has tak...

Trump Talking: Hillary's Achilles' Heel

Sylvia Gomez | Posted 08.08.2016 | Politics
Sylvia Gomez

It's not WHAT Donald Trump says. It's HOW he says it.

4 Crucial Questions To Ask Yourself Before Creating Your Email Subject Line

Matthew Collis | Posted 07.21.2016 | Business
Matthew Collis

You may spend a great deal of time and effort coming up with that perfect email, image, offer, and call-to-action, but if you haven't spent much time thinking about a good subject line, than all that hard work could be for none.

How to Make Effective Decisions in Business and Life

Anita Heidema | Posted 05.19.2016 | Business
Anita Heidema

Entrepreneurs make dozens of decisions every day. Often, we don't even think twice about the options laid out before us; we just instinctively choose. And yet there are so many variables affecting the choices we make, such as emotions, perceived outcome (risks and rewards), former experience or education, stress, and the list goes on.

Top 5 IM Chat Messengers For Tech Savvy Entrepreneurs

Toby Nwazor | Posted 05.18.2016 | Technology
Toby Nwazor

Credit The advent of the age of social media has helped ease a lot of the headache that comes with effective communication. There are a myriad of soc...

A Grandmother on "Truth, Justice and the American Way"

Margaret Sullivan | Posted 04.01.2016 | Politics
Margaret Sullivan

Up in the sky, look: It's a bird. It's a plane. It's Superman! Evil is afoot in Metropolis. Mild mannered Clark Kent, a bespectacled reporter for th...

Chat for a cure: How Viber merges mobile messaging and community in support of ALS

Valeh Nazemoff | Posted 01.23.2017 | Business
Valeh Nazemoff

Did you take the ice bucket challenge to support ALS? If so, you found out that a bucket of cold water can hurt so good! At the height of ice bucket ...

6 Secrets to a Good Social Media Rant

Liz Wainger | Posted 01.20.2017 | Business
Liz Wainger

Social media feeds on Facebook and Twitter feel like toxic waste dumps where people spew hatred and anger that, not only doesn't move the conversation forward, but foments more hatred and anger.

Stop Throwing Yourself Off-Balance - 5 Factors to be Mindful of When Making Business Decisions

Valeh Nazemoff | Posted 01.07.2017 | Business
Valeh Nazemoff

When business owners and executives attending my latest business transformation workshop instantly shouted their response to a question I posed, it re...

Choices: Anger or Peace

Kathy Daniels | Posted 09.22.2016 | Impact
Kathy Daniels

How many times have you been insulted or disrespected by someone you care about and chose to deal with them in anger? If that was your reaction, how ...

Hillary Clinton Should Exude Feminine Power

Kathleen Schafer | Posted 09.10.2016 | Politics
Kathleen Schafer

What Ms. Clinton did in asking to be respected rather than cherished, is to dismiss feminine power. She not only rejected a key source of her power, she dismissed a whole set of qualities that are needed to address the issues facing our society.

Hearing Loss, the Forgotten Disability

Janice S. Lintz | Posted 07.29.2016 | Technology
Janice S. Lintz

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was enacted 25 years ago, yet we are still discussing the same issues for people with hearing loss. The terms "disability" and "access" have morphed into just meaning physical disability and physical access.

How the Iran Deal Is Ruining My Marriage

Shlomo Slatkin | Posted 07.21.2016 | Politics
Shlomo Slatkin

With all of the stress that is going on in the world and in the news- coupled with managing work, the family, and all of your day to day responsibilities, it's no wonder that our relationships are on edge.

The Secret to Better Writing: Word Conservation

Liz Wainger | Posted 07.16.2016 | Business
Liz Wainger

What if we took a different approach and treated words like a finite and precious commodity? Would our discourse be more civil? Would misunderstandings be minimized? Would communication improve? My guess is, yes. In that spirit, here are four tips for starting a word conservation plan.

For Leaders, Perception Is Reality

Julie Cohen, PCC | Posted 06.22.2016 | Business
Julie Cohen, PCC

Leaders are regularly faced with difficult questions. Often, it's not your answer to those questions, but your delivery that has the most influence on how you are perceived and the impact of your response.

Secrets of a Successful Divorce Mediation

Alison Patton | Posted 06.21.2015 | Divorce
Alison Patton

Sometimes spouses still can't hear or relate to one another's perspective, even after mediation, but as long as the mediator listens and can honor each spouse's feelings, that can be enough to get the parties to a resolution.

Let Me Explain What I Mean

Dennis S. Lerner | Posted 05.11.2015 | Weddings
Dennis S. Lerner

This is the first in an occasional series on the critical issue of effective communication between the members of a couple, an issue that is too, complex, has too, many dimensions, and is too, important to be dealt with in one post.

4 Tips to Improve Communication, So You Don't Have to Whack Anyone With a Book

Denise Banks-Grasedyck | Posted 04.19.2015 | Healthy Living
Denise Banks-Grasedyck

Here are four tips to help you communicate in a way that supports your relationships, your career, your progress and your daily joy much better than hitting someone over the head with a hard-cover edition of War and Peace.

10 Lessons Learned in Corporate That Every Entrepreneur Can Use To Grow Their Business

Kelly Lynn Adams | Posted 01.31.2015 | Healthy Living
Kelly Lynn Adams

Some of the most successful people in the world are some of the hardest working people. Once these people reach "success" they don't stop -- they keep on going -- their passions, desires and drive keep them motivated and inspired to do more, help more and give more. So tune into your desires, passions and drive. What fuels your work ethic?

6 Powerful Things to Say (and Never Say) to Your Partner

Alexandra Harra | Posted 01.19.2015 | Healthy Living
Alexandra Harra

If we're too quick to speak under the influence of emotion and indifferent to what we say, we may soon see the threads of our loving bond loosen. Bear in mind these six verbal principles to solidify your relationship through the power of your language.

Why 'Being Nice' Is Not Part of Effective Communication (And What to Do Instead)

Rosalie Puiman | Posted 12.28.2014 | Healthy Living
Rosalie Puiman

Have the courage to challenge yourself: step out of your comfort zone and start giving people the constructive feedback they deserve. That way you are actually practicing one of the most important personal skills: honesty.

Everybody's Talking But Is Anyone Listening?

Ellen G. Goldman | Posted 12.02.2014 | Healthy Living
Ellen G. Goldman

Quiet your inner voice and truly focus on what the other person is saying.  Rather than think about what you will say next or how you will respond, really listen to the words and meaning of the person you are speaking with.

Socrates Over Milk and Cookies: Asking the Best Questions

Mimi Darmstadter | Posted 11.30.2014 | Healthy Living
Mimi Darmstadter

So, in the school spirit of deeper inquiry, ask yourself if the questions that you ask -- of others or yourself -- would disappoint Socrates.

9 Powerful Steps To Manage Difficult Conversations Like a Pro

Rosalie Puiman | Posted 11.28.2014 | Healthy Living
Rosalie Puiman

So instead of avoiding difficult conversations, it's time to start confronting people in a constructive way. In this article I'll show you exactly how to do that.

Why Communication Fails and How to Fix It: The Perception Gap

Anne Loehr | Posted 09.27.2014 | Business
Anne Loehr

A perception gap occurs when the intention you set forth and communicate is misunderstood by your audience -- bosses, peers, subordinates, clients, partners, and even friends. Unfortunately, it happens all the time.