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Egypt Travel

Solar Plane Does Pyramid Fly-By

Reuters | Rebecca Falconer | Posted 07.13.2016 | Green

CAIRO (Reuters) - An airplane powered by energy from the sun arrived on Wednesday in Egypt, the penultimate stop on the first fuel-free flight around ...

Dream Images of Egypt Easier to See than Ever

Rich Grant | Posted 04.12.2016 | Travel
Rich Grant

Few places conjure up such iconic and romantic images as Egypt. The pyramids, camels crossing the desert, felucca sailboats with their triangular sai...

Egypt: There Is No Time Like the Present

Elysabeth Alfano | Posted 06.15.2015 | Travel
Elysabeth Alfano

This past October, amidst fear-based cries from all sides as to why I shouldn't, I left for Egypt for 10 days with one of my favorite travel partners. What I didn't expect, or even consider before leaving, was the Egyptian people themselves.

Egypt Is Getting A New Pyramid

The Huffington Post | Alison Spiegel | Posted 03.19.2015 | Travel

If you're planning on visiting Egypt to see the pyramids any time soon, you may have another monument to add to your list. Last month, Egypt's Hou...

Awe-Inspiring Desert Destinations

minube | Posted 10.03.2013 | Travel

While deserts often evoke an image of arid and inhospitable landscapes, they can also be awe-inspiring. From the bubbling basins of Ethiopia to the monumental landscapes of the American southwest, here are the most otherworldly and captivating stretches of sand our planet has to offer.

World's Coolest Hotel Water Slides

trivago | Posted 11.16.2013 | Travel

Hotel water parks have grown in popularity in recent years, allowing guests to enjoy all the thrills and entertainment of a water park without leaving the comfort of their hotel. Here are 10 of the most fantastic water slides onsite.

Booze And Bikinis Are Welcome In Egypt

Reuters | Posted 07.06.2013 | Travel

* Government sees rebuilding sector as national priority * Target to increase visitor numbers 20 percent this year By Am...

Al Gawahra Village: 30 Minutes by Horse Carriage and a World Away from Luxor

Rick Steves | Posted 06.30.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

For me, part of the allure of a place like Egypt is to go back in time by visiting a village. And I really need a good village experience to balance out the silent ancient stones and chaotic concrete urban scenes for the new TV shows.

West Bank Necropolis

Rick Steves | Posted 06.29.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

Across the Nile from Luxor is a valley with more ancient treasures than any place I've seen. I spent a long day visiting tombs and temples to find the best places for my upcoming TV episodes on Egypt.

A Single Day in Luxor

Rick Steves | Posted 06.26.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

Returning to Luxor we crossed lush farmland of alfalfa, sugar cane, and wheat, with irrigation ditches reminding me of how Egyptians harnessed the Nile thousands of years ago.

Wrapping Up Egypt--For Now

Rick Steves | Posted 06.26.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

I have no plans to write a guidebook or lead tours to Egypt. Others do that far better than we could with our Europe focus. But I'm excited about returning in the next season to produce two, possibly three, episodes for public television.

Luxor Museum: Easily Egypt's Best

Rick Steves | Posted 06.26.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

Looking at the fine statues of the god Amun and the pharaoh Amenhotep III, I remembered the coin collectors' term from my distant childhood for a coin that was never in circulation: BU, or brilliantly uncirculated.

Egypt's Revolution From a Tourist's Perspective

Rick Steves | Posted 06.25.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

The revolution here is barely two years old, and any visitor to Cairo with an interest in peoples' struggles (like me) will find plenty of opportunities to learn more.

A Cruise Down The Nile

Rick Steves | Posted 06.24.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

Three hundred elegant river cruise ships are primed and ready to take their loads of tourists on the four-day cruise. But this terrible third season after the revolution, only about 50 are working... and most of those are sailing with as few as 10 paying passengers aboard.

The Wonders Of Egypt

Rick Steves | Posted 06.22.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

The great sites of Egypt are wide open with police guards standing by... and almost no tourists. In my first week in Egypt, touring nearly all its top ancient sites, I saw tourists, but I never saw an American.

Alexandria, Egypt's 'Pearl of the Mediterranean'

Rick Steves | Posted 06.19.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

Most tourists in Egypt visit only Cairo and Luxor. Few visit Alexandria, just a three-hour drive away -- the country's second city, and one of the great cities of the Mediterranean.

Open Letter to Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi

Rick Steves | Posted 06.19.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

I am a Protestant Christian, and a burden I bear all my life is what's called the "Protestant work ethic." I was just in your wonderful capital city, and my work ethic drives me to make a suggestion.

Surroundsound Egyptian Market

Rick Steves | Posted 06.19.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

All over the world, markets come with the charming and melodic song of merchants selling slicers, dicers, bras, and knock-off DVDs. A stroll down this lane in Cairo takes the sound of commerce to new heights. Give this a listen.

Cairo Social Club

Rick Steves | Posted 06.17.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

How does an Egyptian rise above the insanity of the streets? Get an education, hope you can marry into a good family (weddings are still generally arranged between families, and after the match is made, the hope is that love may grow), move into the suburbs, and join a social club.

Party Poolside Back at the Hotel

Rick Steves | Posted 06.16.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

The typical American traveler to Cairo will need a refuge. While I like to think I'm a rugged traveler, to be honest, I'm able to thoroughly enjoy Cairo only because I have the refuge of a towering international-class hotel.

Muslim Brotherhood Rules?

Rick Steves | Posted 06.16.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

With the power of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, I can't help but wonder about changes creeping into public life here. (To envision this in the USA, imagine if Pat Robertson won the presidency and his friends controlled Congress.)

Welcome to Cairo -- Capital of the Arab World

Rick Steves | Posted 06.12.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

Vast as Cairo is, it's a small world for the traveler when it comes to sights and tourist-friendly stops. Local guides, local friends, and both guidebooks I'm using all dip into the same tiny pool of a handful of sights, restaurants, cafés, parks, concert venues, and hotels in this teeming city of 17 million.

Shopping, Cairo-Style

Rick Steves | Posted 06.10.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

Khan el-Khalili, one of the largest markets in the Arab world, is a tourist magnet. And even today -- with almost no tourism -- it still feels touristy.

The Khan el-Khalili Hustle

Rick Steves | Posted 06.10.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

A part of any visit to a poor country like Egypt is aggressive hustling when exploring a tourist market. Cairo's Khan el-Khalili market eagerly awaits your visit. Just so you'll know what to expect, walk with me for a few minutes down its main drag.

Egypt: Something Different for a Change

Rick Steves | Posted 06.09.2013 | Travel
Rick Steves

I just flew from Seattle to Cairo. After being here for just a day, it seems like a week. Of course, I swung by the pyramids, got my mug shot with the Sphinx, and rode a camel. But the real fun has been feeling the pulse of post-revolutionary Egypt in the chaotic streets.