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Electronic Health Records

New Study Suggests Patients Should Have Access To Their Own Medical Records

Reuters | Posted 05.09.2015 | Healthy Living

By Lisa Rapaport (Reuters Health) - Letting patients see their medical records while they're in the hospital might ease worry and con...

Why 2014 Was a Groundbreaking Year in Digital Health

Rosina Samadani | Posted 03.14.2015 | Technology
Rosina Samadani

What do we need in health care? Fewer people who get ill in the first place. When they do, they should receive better care, tailored to who they are and the specifics of their disease, delivered at a lower cost. The challenges notwithstanding, we moved a step closer to this fantastic vision for health care in 2014.

One Man's Quest for Standardized Electronic Health Records

Claire Fordham | Posted 12.15.2014 | Impact
Claire Fordham

The Kanters' recipe for a long, healthy life is moderation in all things, a good diet and regular exercise. And standardized electronic health records could go a long way toward longer lives for everyone.

The Revolution In Health IT, Coming Really Soon

Michael B. Laskoff | Posted 11.17.2014 | Technology
Michael B. Laskoff

September 15-19 marks Health IT week, a relatively new and largely unnoticed week in the healthcare calendar. The revolution in health - the one com...

Second Semester Grades for Obamacare: How Is the ACA Doing?

Cary A. Presant, M.D. | Posted 10.21.2014 | Politics
Cary A. Presant, M.D.

In March, I gave my first semester grades for the Affordable Care Act (ACA, also known generally as Obamacare), and it received a C grade for a GPA of 2.0. Now, a semester of health care later, how is it doing?

What's the ObamaCare GPA? The ABCs of Giving a Grade to the Affordable Care Act

Cary A. Presant, M.D. | Posted 06.22.2014 | Politics
Cary A. Presant, M.D.

I want to grade what the ACA is doing for me now. Because that's where healthcare reform hits the road, in the care that each of us pays lots of dollars to receive.

EHRs and the Model T Ford: "Any Color You Want As Long As It's Black"

Dr. Lawrence 'Rusty' Hofmann | Posted 05.18.2014 | Technology
Dr. Lawrence 'Rusty' Hofmann

While automobiles can be different, the basis is the same: Anyone who can drive, can drive any car in the world. EHRs should work the same, but they don't.

Medical Notes for All to See

Mikkael A. Sekeres, M.D., M.S. | Posted 03.18.2014 | Healthy Living
Mikkael A. Sekeres, M.D., M.S.

Why would we willingly engage in this "high-tech, high-touch" experiment of opening up the medical record, taking such a dramatic departure from the paternalism of medical care that dominated our practice just a couple of decades ago?

Hospitals Speed Transition To Electronic Medical Records

Reuters | Posted 09.07.2013 | Healthy Living

* Number of hospitals going digital triples since 2010 * U.S. funding for health IT driving the switch July 8 (Reuters) ...

More Doctors And Hospitals Using Electronic Medical Records

AP | Posted 07.22.2013 | Healthy Living

WASHINGTON — The Obama administration says more doctors and hospitals are embracing technology as adoption of computerized medical records reach...

Help People Follow the Doctor's Orders: Insurers Must Expand Coverage of Prevention

Jeffrey Levi | Posted 06.17.2013 | Healthy Living
Jeffrey Levi

For too long, our system has been set up to focus on "sick care," instead of helping us all stay healthier in the first place. This needs to change and, thankfully, it has begun to.

How Much Access Should We Have To Our Own Electronic Health Records?

Posted 04.18.2013 | Healthy Living

By Jeffrey Kopman According to a new Harris Poll survey, conducted on behalf of the management consulting firm Accenture, less than one-third o...

Advancing the Public Health System by Defining the Foundational Capabilities of Public Health

Jeffrey Levi | Posted 04.27.2013 | Healthy Living
Jeffrey Levi

With adequate, stable funding that ensures basic foundational capabilities, the nation's chief health strategists can take advantage of several evolving opportunities to turn the nation's sick care system into a true health care system.

Health Care Waste: Is Technology the Answer or Part of the Problem?

Janet Dillione | Posted 12.30.2012 | Healthy Living
Janet Dillione

Mobile technology, telehealth, automation and data analytics -- what do they all have in common? Each helps solve specific problems associated with the increasing cost and inefficiency of health care. Additionally, they each tie back (some more indirectly) to improved patient care.

Obama Administration Warns Hospitals Against Gaming Medicare System

AP | Posted 11.24.2012 | Business

WASHINGTON (AP) — Computerized medical records were supposed to cut costs. Now the Obama administration is warning hospitals that might be tempted t...

To Save Medicare, Free It From Its Captors

Wendell Potter | Posted 11.24.2012 | Politics
Wendell Potter

The bottom line is that, left to their own devices and without adequate oversight, doctors and hospitals can and do charge more for less.

Personal Health Records -- The New Game of Telephone

Alan Blaustein | Posted 11.05.2012 | Healthy Living
Alan Blaustein

I know there are many tools developed and being developed out there to create my master personal health record. Whether my record is on a disc, on a card, in the cloud or on some yet-undefined system, the goal is to get our records online.

Electronic Health Records Gaining Acceptance

Posted 09.04.2012 | Healthy Living

By Elizabeth Gardner, for U.S. News When her 5-week-old daughter Scarlett was hospitalized in March with a potentially life-threatening respiratory...

Electronic Medical Records Still Need Work, Report Says

AP | RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR | Posted 03.28.2012 | Healthy Living

WASHINGTON — America may be a technology-driven nation, but the health care system's conversion from paper to computerized records needs lots of...

'Look at Me, Doc'

John Whyte, M.D., MPH | Posted 01.30.2012 | Healthy Living
John Whyte, M.D., MPH

The medical community may increasingly rely on electronic medical records, and patients can help by making sure these records are 100 percent accurate. Ask your doctor as well as your insurer as to how to access your medical information online.

How to 'Limit the Pain' of Electronic Health Records

Janet Dillione | Posted 10.24.2011 | Healthy Living
Janet Dillione

But with advancement comes a learning curve and adaptation, and as we've seen with electronic health records (EHR), usability remains a widespread hurdle.

Veterans Affairs Health Records approach: big step ahead for all kinds of software development

Craig Newmark | Posted 09.11.2011 | Impact
Craig Newmark

The Dept of Vets Affairs runs VistA, which is one of the most effective, and widely-used electronic health record (EHR) systems in the world. They nee...

AMA: We Want Better Nutrition In Prisons

Posted 08.23.2011 | Healthy Living

The country's largest physicians' group adopted policies on Tuesday calling for easier-to-use electronic patient records and better nutrition in p...

How Electronic Medical Records Affect Patient Care

Janet Dillione | Posted 08.15.2011 | Healthy Living
Janet Dillione

Around the globe, we face increasingly complex and intertwined diagnoses, treatments and recovery paths. As a result, it is vitally important to capture and preserve the nuances of each patient's care path.

Troops can get more medical info online via expanded Blue Button

Craig Newmark | Posted 06.16.2011 | Technology
Craig Newmark

Okay, the deal is that troops need to be able to get to their medical info online, a big deal, and they're getting it, step by step. Just got good new...