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Emotional Affair

Married Ex-Pastor Admits To Leading ‘Double Life,’ Visiting ‘Call Girl’ Website And Spending $60,000

Dr. Phil Show | Rochelle Nelson | Posted 07.21.2016 | Dr. Phil

Robert, a former pastor who has been married for 34 years to wife Vicki, says he gave more than $60,000 to a woman he says he fell in love with after ...

7 Types Of Marriage Betrayal That Are Often Overlooked

The Huffington Post | Brittany Wong | Posted 11.25.2015 | Divorce

When people think of cheating in a relationship, physical infidelity is usually the first thing that comes to mind. But as marriage therapist Christin...

How to Avoid an Accidental Affair

Rachel Hollis | Posted 08.24.2016 | Women
Rachel Hollis

Do you want to know one of the biggest search terms that brings people to The Chic Site? It isn't a pot roast recipe, or cupcakes or even cocktails, ...

This Is What An Emotional Affair Is -- And What It Isn't

The Huffington Post | Brittany Wong | Posted 08.27.2015 | Divorce

It's a scenario that happens all the time: You've met a new friend or co-worker and you instantly feel a connection. The two of you just click and soo...

Thinking About Having an Affair? Read This First

Shlomo Slatkin | Posted 08.06.2016 | Divorce
Shlomo Slatkin

If you're suffering in your relationship and feeling lonely, you may be tempted to reach out to someone outside of your marriage -- with or without the intention of having an affair.

Emotional Affairs: When There's More Cookin' Than the Food

Inga | Posted 08.03.2016 | Fifty

My husband is having an emotional affair. There, I've said it. Actually, if we're being perfectly honest, it's three emotional affairs and they're all with cooking show honeys. I'll refer to them as the Southern Sweetie, the Pioneer Person and the Italian Temptress.

Should I Tell My Husband That His Old Emotional Affair Partner Is Single Again?

Samantha Rodman PhD | Posted 05.15.2016 | Weddings
Samantha Rodman PhD

Reader All Heart writes, "I have a moral dilemma and it's bugging me. Last year my husband had an emotional entanglement with a woman who started as a friend who was going through a rough time in her marriage."

When Is It Time To Walk Away From A Marriage?

Posted 08.24.2015 | Dr. Phil

Sarah and Ed have been married for 20 years, but distrust and dysfunction have taken over their lives. See why here. Ed, who admits he's had emotional...

Woman Says She's Obsessed With Proving Her Husband Has Cheated

Posted 08.17.2015 | Dr. Phil

Sarah says she's convinced her husband of 20 years, Ed, is a liar and a cheater — and she's desperate to prove it. She calls herself a detective bec...

I Had An Emotional Affair. Then, It Turned Physical

Divorced Moms | Posted 03.14.2015 | Divorce
Divorced Moms

By Claire for Once it became known amongst my family and a few close friends that I was divorcing my husband and in love with anothe...

5 Signs You're Having An Emotional Affair

Posted 08.21.2014 | Divorce

By Gal Szekely for YourTango Successful relationships are built on safety and trust -- and a betrayal of that trust can derail a partnership before...

10 Signs You're Having An Emotional Affair

Posted 03.10.2014 | Divorce

Written by Jenny Erikson on CafeMom's blog, The Stir You’re just friends. You love your husband. It’s not like there’s anything going on. It...

WATCH: Wife Makes Shocking Accusation Against Husband

OWN | Posted 12.10.2013 | OWN

Spiritual life coach Iyanla Vanzant traveled to the suburbs of Detroit to meet with Don and Felisha, a couple whose marriage is riddled with anger, gu...

The Person Who Can Be 'Deadly Dangerous' To Your Marriage

Posted 09.30.2013 | Divorce

By Gina Binder and Lisa Shield for Affairs don't always involve hotel rooms and sneaky sexual liaisons. Sometimes, emotional infideli...

Why Your New Friendship May Not Be So Innocent

Posted 09.12.2013 | Divorce

By David Wygant for In my 15 years of coaching, women have come to me over and over again with the same problem: Falling for a marrie...

Why You Should Tell Your Partner You're Fantasizing About Someone Else

Posted 08.12.2013 | Divorce

By Tammy Nelson for Emotional affairs are very real things. In fact, over half of all emotional affairs start out innocently as onlin...

WATCH: I Was Propositioned By A Married Man

Posted 07.15.2013 | Divorce

HuffPost Live tackled the touchy subject of emotional infidelity late last week, and relationship coach Yvonne Chase stopped by to share her experienc...

WATCH: I Had An Emotional Affair

Posted 07.12.2013 | Divorce

On HuffPost Live Thursday, dating coach Sandy Weiner revealed that she had an emotional affair that ultimately ended her marriage. Weiner had been ...

The Type Of Infidelity People Disagree About

Posted 07.08.2013 | Divorce

Can a deep emotional connection with someone other than your spouse be considered infidelity? That's the question at the center of a HuffPost/YouG...

Emotional Affair vs. Physical Affair: What's Worse?

Posted 06.04.2013 | Divorce

Are emotional affairs just as bad as physical affairs when it comes to upending marriages? That's the question that sprung to our minds Tuesday, a...

How An Emotional Affair May Have Destroyed My Marriage

Amira Young | Posted 08.03.2013 | Divorce
Amira Young

I have no doubts in my mind that my marriage was over a long time before I hit the road with AD; the question was not if, but when and how.

Is an Affair the Disease or Just a Symptom?

Michael S. Broder, Ph.D. | Posted 06.22.2013 | Divorce
Michael S. Broder, Ph.D.

Affairs are usually not the "disease" that infects marriages or love relationships, but a symptom of bigger issues that loom under the surface. For me, the key word here is "usually."

What Counts as Cheating?

GalTime | Posted 05.26.2013 | Women

As dating trends and habits evolve within our society, one thing will always remain taboo: Cheating. In a relationship, what exactly constitutes as cheating? What would you do if your partner cheated, and do men and women define it differently?

Emotional Affairs, Got One?

Ginnie Love | Posted 12.08.2012 | Healthy Living
Ginnie Love

Most couples dealing with the aftermath of an affair express sexual affairs not involving emotional attachments are easier to overcome than those which have involved the betrayal of emotions. After all, this intimacy and trust are the heart of relationship.

Is My Partner Cheating on Me? 7 Red Flags

Sheri Meyers | Posted 10.20.2012 | Women
Sheri Meyers

If you're suspecting that your partner may be hiding something, if a sinking feeling in your gut is telling you "something's off," then it's absolutely time to pay attention.