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Employee Training

Data Security Must Be a Top Priority for HR

Meghan M. Biro | Posted 07.13.2016 | Business
Meghan M. Biro

In today's world of digital transformation, mobile business, interconnectivity, and remote workforces, there's one word that must be top of mind for any organization: Security. Especially when employees and proprietary business data begin to mix.

Training and Development: 5 Popular Misconceptions about Employee Trainings

Thomas Buus Madsen | Posted 06.08.2016 | Business
Thomas Buus Madsen

Most companies have realised that they need to invest in their employees if they want them to keep excelling at their responsibilities. But there are ...

For High-Growth Firms, Cash Is Still King

Emad Rizkalla | Posted 05.09.2016 | Business
Emad Rizkalla

When people find out that Bluedrop is a "high-growth firm", they are often impressed. I am guessing they feel that the company has "arrived" and that ...

3 Studies Say an Increase in Job Training Decreases Resignation Letters

Mitch Causey | Posted 10.11.2016 | Business
Mitch Causey

For the past year, at least 2.7 million people each month have said "I quit" to their employer (source). That's well over 3,500 every hour. Obviously, there are a lot of reasons why people quit, but one that I am particularly interested in is the lack of training.

3 Reasons to Track Training Beyond Accountability

Mitch Causey | Posted 09.04.2016 | Business
Mitch Causey

In the world of online training, we often hear the response, "I trust my employees... I don't need to track them." This response is completely valid, but there's a false underlying assumption about why you'd want to track your training program.

5 Best Practices for Workforce Productivity

Emad Rizkalla | Posted 09.14.2014 | Small Business
Emad Rizkalla

Every employer hopes to maximize the labor of his or her workforce but, like all aspects of business, it's harder than it seems at first blush. Here are five keys I've discovered for increasing productivity no matter what the size or shape of an organization.

Not Investing in Employee Training Is Risky Business

Emad Rizkalla | Posted 08.30.2014 | Business
Emad Rizkalla

When it comes to employee training, some small businesses are torn. They want their workers to be well equipped and productive, but they fear that these newly trained folks will desert them for higher-paying jobs at larger companies.

How A Reinvention Sabbatical Recharged This Woman's Career

John Tarnoff | Posted 08.17.2014 | Fifty
John Tarnoff

When we are stuck in career doldrums, we have to be alert and pay attention to crazy opportunities that just drop in our lap -- opportunities that we might otherwise pass up.

Is "No Problem" a Problem?

William B. Bradshaw | Posted 03.23.2013 | Business
William B. Bradshaw

Using "no problem" as a synonym for "you're welcome" has only been around since the late 1900s and tends to be used predominately by people younger than forty. But regardless of one's age, all of us need to refrain from using "no problem" in this way.

The Gregarious Salesman: Death of a Stereotype

Wray Herbert | Posted 11.17.2012 | Science
Wray Herbert

Just because extraverts are attracted to sales jobs, does this mean they are necessarily good at selling us SUVs and wide-screen TVs and time shares in Honolulu?

WATCH: Most Embarrassing Employee Training Video Ever?

Posted 08.28.2012 | Comedy

These poor, poor Pier 1 Imports employees in the early 2000s. Nobody can accuse Pier 1 of not going above and beyond with this training tape, but perh...

Small Businesses Struggle To Find Skilled Workers

The Huffington Post | Bonnie Kavoussi | Posted 07.26.2012 | Small Business

A good man is hard to find, some women say. For small business owners, the lament also applies to good workers. Roughly one in three small business...

What Does It Take To Build A Great Team?

The Huffington Post | Rieva Lesonsky | Posted 04.24.2012 | Small Business

You’d be nuts to pay more for something that performs worse, right? Then maybe the next time you need to hire, consider promoting from within. Exter...

Remember Customer Service? Me Neither

Ann Brenoff | Posted 03.06.2012 | Fifty
Ann Brenoff

Businesses today pacify their bottom line by hiring cheap and inexperienced labor and skimping on staff training. As a result, customer service is a quaint custom of the past and retail stores today don't realize that they are shooting themselves in the foot for short-term profitability.

How to Get Your Employees to Embrace Change

Morty Lefkoe | Posted 02.14.2012 | Business
Morty Lefkoe

Today an organization's management either recognizes the need to change or it will watch helplessly as market share and profitability slowly (and in some cases, quickly) disappears.

Zappos CEO: Why I Give My Employees Courses In 'Delivering Happiness'

Tony Hsieh | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Tony Hsieh

Rather than focusing on individuals as assets, we instead focus on building as our asset a pipeline of people in every single department with varying levels of skills and experience, ranging from entry level all the way up through senior management and leadership positions.

Toyota Asks California For $2 Million For Employee Training -- But They're Closing Shop In 2010 | Marc Lifsher | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Reporting from Sacramento - Toyota Motor Corp. is closing California's last automobile plant, but that isn't keeping the factory from asking the stat...