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End of Summer

Vacation Is Over: How To Find Joy In The Day-To-Day

John O'Leary | Posted 07.19.2016 | Travel
John O'Leary

This is the thought that crossed my mind as we packed up to leave Florida last Friday. I'd just spent a week on the beach with my family and dear friends, away from the noise and distractions of everyday life. Finding joy in the beauty of nature, the laughter of my kids, and quiet moments with my wife.

Dear Reader

Maria Rodale | Posted 09.09.2016 | GPS for the Soul
Maria Rodale

Dear Reader, Thank you for your patience over this past summer. My blogging has been less than consistent. As you might have seen, I did a lot of tra...

Did You Make One of These 7 Back-to-School Shopping Mistakes?

Adam Levin | Posted 09.02.2016 | Parents
Adam Levin

While getting a child equipped for school is never a cheap date, for families who have a limited budget (or no budget at all) this time of year can be stressful, especially with a series of expensive holidays on the horizon.

Why "Back to School" Is Not the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

John McCormick | Posted 08.25.2016 | Parents
John McCormick

I already long for those July mornings when all I had to worry about was getting myself fed and dressed. Or sip my coffee and read the paper in a quiet kitchen while the boys sacked in 'til noon.

17 Places to Eat Seafood Before the End of Summer | Posted 11.30.2016 | Travel

August is rushing by, and with it the last perfect days to eat summery treats like oysters, crab legs, lobster rolls, garlic shrimp, shrimp and grits, fried get the point.

'Twas the Night Before School Starts

Melissa Fenton | Posted 08.15.2016 | Parents
Melissa Fenton

'Twas the night before school starts...And I. Can't. Even. Contain my excitement! Because they're all finally LEAVIN'!

What's Your Favorite Fall Tradition?

The Huffington Post | Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson | Posted 09.22.2014 | HuffPost Home

We love summer (if you couldn't tell by our constant musings on entertaining outdoors). That means there's only one word to describe our emotional sta...

Goodbyes, Mostly, These Days

Tricia McCallum | Posted 11.19.2014 | Healthy Living
Tricia McCallum

Why must it be the most beautiful the day we leave for the last time, autumn sunlight dappled just so, never was it ladled quite as deliciously. T...

So Long, Sweet Summer

Courtney Byrne | Posted 11.02.2014 | Parents
Courtney Byrne

I suppose I thought making a memorable summer for my girls had to include traveling to new and exciting places, but we seem to have made a million little memories just enjoying the simple things summer has to offer right at home.

Writers Block: The End of Summer Excuses

Tammy Nelson, Ph.D. | Posted 11.02.2014 | Books
Tammy Nelson, Ph.D.

I put aside time this summer to write my book. I had a house on the beach in Rhode Island, and a firm commitment to finish by the end of August.

Dear Everyone: Labor Day Is NOT The 'End Of Summer'

Brie Dyas | Posted 10.29.2014 | HuffPost Home
Brie Dyas

Honestly, it seems like there is maybe one week of summer we can actually enjoy. I don't care if there is pumpkin spice lattes to be had and school supplies to be bought. Summer doesn't end for weeks. Let's stop rushing through the season.

Superheroes and Magic-Spreaders

Christine Organ | Posted 10.26.2014 | Parents
Christine Organ

While we still have this one last day of summer left, I want to tell you a few secrets. Important secrets. Secrets that you can never, ever forget.

A Mother's Summer Heart

Nicole Scott | Posted 10.25.2014 | Parents
Nicole Scott

How is it possible to be ready for something to end, yet not really wanting it to? To feel like time goes by too fast and too slow all at once?

The Volunteer Pledge

Christine Burke | Posted 10.21.2014 | Parents
Christine Burke

I'm dreading The Volunteer Season because of the parents who make volunteering hard. The parents who judge, eye roll, and hrmmph their way through school activities because they are fairly certain they are God's gift to the Land of Volunteer.

Don't Mourn the End of Summer

Rabbi Ilana Garber | Posted 10.21.2014 | Religion
Rabbi Ilana Garber

We spend the first half of summer trying to get to as many beaches as possible and eating too much ice cream, and the second half mourning summer's early demise.

Today I Glimpsed Total Joy

Angela Keck | Posted 10.19.2014 | Parents
Angela Keck

When was the last time I was that carefree? When was the last time I gave up total control over myself and let life, or friends, bounce me around? When was the last time I felt that joyously happy and filled with total abandon?

What This Mom Does on the First Day of School

Laura Usky | Posted 10.14.2014 | Parents
Laura Usky

So we all dream about it -- ahhh, all the great things we'll get to do the minute those darlings go back to school. After a busy summer of trying to keep them busy, it's now OUR time, right moms? So, what first -- nails, lunch with girlfriends, a little rest or shopping?

The After-Burn of Starting School

Betsy Brown Braun | Posted 10.14.2014 | Parents
Betsy Brown Braun

Whether a child is beginning preschool, third grade, middle or high school, after a long summer or just an extended period at home, starting a school or going back to school is a big change and a big deal. It reverberates the most when the child is not actually at school.

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year For Parents... and Kids

Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz | Posted 10.07.2014 | Parents
Carlotta Eike Stankiewicz

As dour as the faces of those two little kids in that ad appear, I'm not so sure that most kids are really all that bummed to be going back to school.

49 Terrible Things That Are Worse Than The Inevitable End Of Summer

The Huffington Post | Hadley Walsh and Carly Steyer | Posted 07.30.2014 | Teen

The moment that nobody has been waiting for has arrived: one month left of summer. Just a few weeks ago, we were in midst of the season: relaxing, sle...

An Annual Interview: 20 Questions

Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP | Posted 11.24.2013 | Parents
Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, MBE, FAAP

Last year I started a few traditions when my oldest started Kindergarten. One was asking the 20 questions below. Although last year we asked these just prior to school start, we finally got around to asking them yesterday.

14 Hilarious Beach Images To Keep You Warm This Fall

Posted 09.20.2013 | Arts

This weekend marks the beginning of Fall, paving the way for the cool crisp air and orange leaves that make the days after the Autumnal Equinox so gra...

5 Cruel Signs Summer Is Over

Maria Rodale | Posted 11.11.2013 | Green
Maria Rodale

I promise I won't complain too much about the fall or winter, but this morning I was freezing and the signs were all around that summer is over, so I just had to share a few of them.


Melinda Wentzel | Posted 11.06.2013 | Parents
Melinda Wentzel

My charges are no more equipped for the first day of second grade than I was for the first hour of motherhood.

Back to School, Rules!

Janelle Capra | Posted 11.04.2013 | Parents
Janelle Capra

With Labor Day weekend, the grand finale of summer behind us, I thought I'd share some simple "rules" to help your child rule this school year.