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Entitlement Programs

The Hypocrisy of 'Pro-Life' and the GOP

Warren J. Blumenfeld | Posted 05.19.2016 | Politics
Warren J. Blumenfeld

In actuality, the GOP conducts itself as a party that stands for life until birth; then one is left to fend for oneself.

Republicans used to support "job killing" minimum wage increases

Dale Hansen | Posted 08.16.2014 | Politics
Dale Hansen

The public's opinion of a particular political action is often colored by that person's political affiliation. So when President Barack Obama adopts ...

The 'Opposition" Isn't Right... But Neither Are You

Morty Lefkoe | Posted 01.25.2014 | Healthy Living
Morty Lefkoe

I'm not at all suggesting you give up your viewpoints or your beliefs. Feel free to hold on to any point of view you want. And continue to argue and fight for them. Just don't claim that yours are true and that someone else's is false. None of them are "the truth." And it's fine to prefer one to the other.

Happy Birthday, Social Security!

The Huffington Post | Posted 08.14.2013 | Politics

Happy birthday, Social Security! You entered this world 78 years ago, when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act. Since t...

Well, That Was Ugly

D. Sidney Potter | Posted 06.12.2013 | Business
D. Sidney Potter

Better late than never, I suppose, but it looks like the long awaited real estate downturn has finally turned a corner. But just like it takes five miles for an airborne 747 passenger jet to turn around in mid-air, this elongated real estate recession seems to have a mind of its own -- and may not be over, technically speaking.

Obama Recruits Republicans For Budget Talks

The New York Times | JACKIE CALMES and JONATHAN WEISMAN | Posted 06.03.2013 | Politics

With Republican leaders in Congress forswearing budget negotiations over new revenues, President Obama has begun reaching around them to Republican la...

Our Political Metaphor Problem

Thomas Fisher | Posted 04.02.2013 | Politics
Thomas Fisher

Instead of seeing our problems in strictly quantitative or qualitative terms, we need to sort our challenges according to their most appropriate scale ... to address each dilemma as creatively and productively as possible.

The GOP Crackup: How Obama Is Unraveling Reagan Republicanism

Robert Reich | Posted 03.27.2013 | Politics
Robert Reich

Soon after President Obama's second inaugural address, John Boehner said the White House would try "to annihilate the Republican Party" and "shove us into the dustbin of history." Actually, the GOP is doing a pretty good job annihilating itself.

A Mom's Perspective on the Fiscal Cliff

Kari Anne Roy | Posted 02.16.2013 | Parents
Kari Anne Roy

Who exactly are the entitled moochers who benefit from Medicaid? In fact, half of the Americans covered by Medicaid are children, and one who is especially close to my heart is my 4-year-old son, Isaac.

Obama Must Be Tough: But Also Willing to Compromise

Peter D. Rosenstein | Posted 01.16.2013 | Politics
Peter D. Rosenstein

While Democrats want to raise tax rates on the wealthy is it possible to do it without going all the way back to the Clinton tax rates? Can we combine raising rates with closing some loopholes and reach the revenue target?

Stop Separating People Who Want to Rise

Tiziana Dearing | Posted 11.20.2012 | Politics
Tiziana Dearing

Your prosperity is driven by mine, and vice versa. We do no one any favors when we divide the country into two warring groups at a time when, in reality, our economic troubles have lumped more of us together than at any time in nearly 50 years.

Ragging on America?

David Katz, M.D. | Posted 11.13.2012 | Politics
David Katz, M.D.

Politicians love to tell us rags-to-riches stories. Democrats do; Republicans do. Independents probably do, too. Our president has one. So does our first lady. These tales ostensibly emphasize the American dream, and indeed they do -- but what of the generation in rags?

Arthur Delaney

Safety Net Not A 'Hammock' For One Formerly Middle Class Woman | Arthur Delaney | Posted 08.21.2012 | Politics

Falling out of the middle class and landing in the safety net is not as fun as some politicians say it is, according to Tanya Wells of Williamsburg, V...

Intergenerational Equity: The Mother of All Guilt Trips

Brent Green | Posted 07.21.2012 | Fifty
Brent Green

To what extent are post-50 adults financially obligated to future generations?

Why Do So Many Elites Hate Social Security?

Dave Johnson | Posted 06.11.2012 | Politics
Dave Johnson

This week there was another big attack on Social Security by another elite. This time the attack comes from a columnist. These attacks never come from people who depend on these programs (i.e. almost all of us.) Why do the privileged elites hate Social Security so much?

Liberal Group Blasts Hoyer Stance

The Huffington Post | Max J. Rosenthal | Posted 03.01.2012 | Politics

Liberal grassroots group CREDO Action slammed House Minority Whip Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) on Thursday for his calls to limit spending on Medicare, Medicai...

A Strategic Insurance Policy for Self-Absorbed Rich People

Fred Goldring | Posted 04.06.2012 | Politics
Fred Goldring

The top 1% should realize that it's actually in their own interests to take care of the bottom 99%.

The Republican Myth of Obama's "Entitlement Society"

Robert Reich | Posted 04.03.2012 | Politics
Robert Reich

Regressive Republicans pretend they're about opportunity. In reality they're back at what they've been doing for years -- promoting Social Darwinism.

Sam Stein

Harry Reid's Debt Proposal Will Leave Entitlement Benefits Untouched | Sam Stein | Posted 09.24.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid's (D-Nev.) $2.7 trillion debt ceiling proposal will not include reforms to the benefit structure of en...

Higher Taxes or Smaller Entitlements: What Should Voters Choose?

Jagadeesh Gokhale | Posted 06.20.2011 | Politics
Jagadeesh Gokhale

How well future budget reforms succeed in restoring vitality to the U.S. economy depends crucially on the weight placed on tax-versus-benefit-side measures. There is no way around this.

Obama Gearing up to Take on Entitlement Programs

Mark Miller | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Mark Miller

There are no easy fixes for Social Security or Medicare, but Obama plans to tackle entitlement reform head-on to get the government's financial house in order.