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Environmental Journalism

How the Media Can Improve Their Climate Coverage

Pro Journo | Posted 01.09.2016 | Green
Pro Journo

Former Guardian editor, Alan Rusbridger, shortly before stepping down, said he felt the media was failing to meet the challenge of covering the climate crisis; it's a view shared by many others in the press, even as seriousness of the danger posed by climate change is increasingly recognized.

NPR Slashes Number Of Environment Reporters

The Huffington Post | Kate Sheppard | Posted 10.24.2014 | Media

National Public Radio is down to just one environment reporter, and he's only covering the beat part time, InsideClimate News reported Friday. As ...

Think Again: The Mainstream Media and the Slowly Boiling Frog

Eric Alterman | Posted 10.29.2013 | Media
Eric Alterman

Why does our political system appear incapable not only of taking any significant action to meet this threat, but also appears to be in denial about the facts of the threat itself? There are many possible reasons, but I would posit the following as three of the most important.

Independence From Terror

Subhankar Banerjee | Posted 09.08.2013 | Green
Subhankar Banerjee

Would the gassed-up "well-oiled" "coal-fired" rogue, petrostates ravage the whole Earth to a point where it is useful only for extraction of natural resources -- Earth as a coal mine? You might wonder where will the super-rich escape to then? To space.

Don't Let the Lights Go Out on Environmental Journalism

Alex Formuzis | Posted 05.08.2012 | Green
Alex Formuzis

In the entire state of California, there is now only one AP reporter whose full time on the environment.

Not Talking 'bout the Weather

Jennifer Schneider | Posted 05.25.2011 | Denver
Jennifer Schneider

Is it possible that the climate change communication problem is no longer a problem of science education at all, and trying to clarify and explain the science might be counterproductive?

New York Times Forming "Environmental SWAT Team" | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green

On Thursday, The New York Times will launch a new, crack environmental reporting unit that will pull in eight specialized reporters from the Science, ...