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Environmental Politics

What Does The Trump Victory Mean For Climate Change Policy?

Robert Stavins | Posted 11.10.2016 | Politics
Robert Stavins

After I've had an opportunity to reflect more calmly and carefully on the implications of the forthcoming Trump presidency for environmental, natural resource, and energy policy, I will return to this topic.

Low Hanging Fruit

Edward Flattau | Posted 10.20.2016 | Politics
Edward Flattau

Should Hillary Clinton be elected president, she stands a better chance of advancing her environmental agenda than the bitter partisan divide in Washi...

This Is Not A Time For Political Neutrality

Robert Stavins | Posted 10.14.2016 | Green
Robert Stavins

In my view, that would be a mistake. The fate of the United States and the fate of the world are really in our hands. If you are an independent, please do not sit out this election. It is much too important.

Can California Provide A Good Model Of Progressive Climate Policy?

Robert Stavins | Posted 10.13.2016 | Green
Robert Stavins

California can play a very important role by showing leadership -- in two key ways. One is to demonstrate a commitment to meaningful reductions in GHG emissions. In this regard, California has more than met the bar, with policies that are as aggressive as -- if not more aggressive than -- those of most countries.

Market Mechanisms In The Paris Climate Agreement: International Linkage Under Article 6.2

Robert Stavins | Posted 08.30.2016 | Green
Robert Stavins

There are a substantial number of issues that negotiators will eventually need to address, and likewise, there are a set of questions that researchers (including within the Harvard Project on Climate Agreements) can begin to address now.

Undemocratic Environmentalism

Edward Flattau | Posted 06.30.2016 | Politics
Edward Flattau

Environmentalists in Senator Bernie Sanders' progressive, Left Wing camp are demanding some major reforms in a way more akin to a dictatorship than a ...

Hillary Is the Proven Leader On Climate Change

Gene Karpinski | Posted 06.02.2016 | Green
Gene Karpinski

I have watched Hillary Clinton as a public figure, as a fellow mother, and now as a grandmother. It is because of all of her roles, and the strength she has brought to them, that I see the leader California needs.

The Art of Compromise

Edward Flattau | Posted 04.28.2016 | Politics
Edward Flattau

Compromise is the lifeblood of democracy. Yet the reliance on compromise to keep the wheels of government churning can at times lead to paralysis or w...

The Future Role of Economics in the IPCC

Robert Stavins | Posted 04.19.2016 | Green
Robert Stavins

Growing inefficiencies and other limitations have made the IPCC an increasingly problematic forum for qualified scholars. This has been particularly true with regard to expertise from economics.

Cruz's Views on the Environment Make Him a Fringe Conservative

Edward Flattau | Posted 04.13.2016 | Politics
Edward Flattau

Cruz asserts that global warming is essentially a phony threat concocted by a global cabal of scientists seeking an open-ended source of funding. If elected president, the senator pledges that he would rescind President Obama's clean air and clean water legislative initiatives.

Debate Imbalance

Edward Flattau | Posted 04.07.2016 | Politics
Edward Flattau

The presidential debates are out of kilter when it comes to the challenges facing our nation. Several recent reports relating to military spending and...

Paris Agreement--A Good Foundation for Meaningful Progress

Robert Stavins | Posted 01.01.2017 | Green
Robert Stavins

The Paris Agreement provides an important new foundation for meaningful progress on climate change, and represents a dramatic departure from the past 20 years of international climate negotiations.

Climate Snub

Edward Flattau | Posted 12.21.2016 | Media
Edward Flattau

The Guardian runs at least one feature on climate change every week come rain or come shine. Our media should follow suit for the edification of the American public and benefit of future generations. Done in a reasoned, responsible manner, the public will respond.

The Nature of Growth

Edward Flattau | Posted 12.16.2016 | Politics
Edward Flattau

A dialogue is needed to focus the spotlight on the unsustainability of our current economic growth and what it would take to put us on the path to sustainability.

Congressional Rants

Edward Flattau | Posted 11.24.2016 | Politics
Edward Flattau

The congressional House Science Committee is supposed to conduct objective oversight on the merits of research possibly impacting domestic and/or foreign policy. So much for expectations. The committee's controlling Republican majority has frequently chosen a different track.

Paris Can Be a Key Step

Robert Stavins | Posted 11.21.2016 | Green
Robert Stavins

I've been asked many times what success will look like in Paris. Here's my scorecard and my predictions of five key elements that -- if all were achieved -- would constitute an exceptionally successful 21st Conference of the Parties:

Conservation Hospitality

Edward Flattau | Posted 11.19.2016 | Green
Edward Flattau

Throughout the industry, there has been a move to ingrain the conservation ethic and in the process, promote practices that reduce carbon emissions associated with the exacerbation of global temperature rise.

Ben Carson: Dr. No

Edward Flattau | Posted 11.09.2016 | Politics
Edward Flattau

How would one rate Republican presidential aspirant Dr. Ben Carson as a physician? Lights out for medical afflictions involving the brain. But when it comes to the heart, lungs, and other bodily organs, not so much.

A Key Element for the Forthcoming Paris Climate Agreement

Robert Stavins | Posted 09.22.2016 | Green
Robert Stavins

This minimalist approach will allow diverse forms of linkage to arise, among what will inevitably be highly heterogeneous INDCs, thereby advancing the dual objectives of cost effectiveness and environmental integrity in the international climate policy regime.

A Key Moment Is Coming for the IPCC's Future

Robert Stavins | Posted 07.12.2016 | Green
Robert Stavins

Now is an important moment to think carefully about the path ahead for the much-maligned and much-celebrated IPCC, because in early October of this year, the 195 member countries of the IPCC will meet in plenary in Dubrovnik, Croatia, to elect a new Chair.

The Last Best Hope?

Edward Flattau | Posted 07.03.2016 | Politics
Edward Flattau

Congress is dragging its feet in tackling global warming. Our current president is trying to address the problem, but his powers are limited. That leaves the courts, the third pillar of our government's triumvirate. Are they our last best hope?

American Apathy

Edward Flattau | Posted 06.24.2016 | Green
Edward Flattau

What will it take for us to join the rest of the international community in giving climate change its due?

A Columnist's Lament

Edward Flattau | Posted 06.03.2016 | Politics
Edward Flattau

Pentagon analysts make a credible case that climate change-related sea level rise threatens our coastal transportation systems. In addition, they warn that increasingly extreme weather events are potential disruptors of domestic energy supply and distribution.

Crude Oil Prices, Climate Change, and Global Welfare

Robert Stavins | Posted 06.03.2016 | Business
Robert Stavins

With gasoline prices relatively low — and natural gas supplies holding down electricity prices, at least in the United States — there has never been a better time to introduce progressive climate policies in the form of carbon pricing. Unfortunately, none of us should hold our breath waiting for that to happen.

When Reasonable Policy Discussions Become Unreasonable Personal Attacks

Robert Stavins | Posted 06.02.2016 | Green
Robert Stavins

It is ironic, offensive, and sad that anyone would suggest that my support of Harvard's divestment position is somehow tied to my outside engagements. That suggestion -- and the recent threats I have received -- defies logic and is contradicted by the record.