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It's Better To Be Kind, Than It Is To Be "Right."

Zac Thompson | Posted 06.20.2016 | HuffPost Live 321
Zac Thompson

We've created a culture where everyone feels entitled to comment on everything. We've become disinterested in gaining knowledge for knowledge's sake. ...

Our Epistemological Crisis

Laura Rediehs | Posted 05.13.2017 | Science
Laura Rediehs

Several essays ago, I mentioned that we are in an epistemological crisis, and I promised further discussion in future essays. In case you have been e...

On Authority and the Pragmatics of Science and Religion

Laura Rediehs | Posted 02.05.2017 | Religion
Laura Rediehs

In my previous essay, we began to examine science and religion from both a historical perspective (they were not always regarded as separate disciplin...

Dare to Be 100: Language and Science

Walter M. Bortz II, M.D. | Posted 12.16.2016 | Healthy Living
Walter M. Bortz II, M.D.

As I age I become increasingly aware of the critical role that the use of words plays in the development of the domain of science. First, I acknowle...

The Fourth Perplexity

Richard S Cohen | Posted 12.01.2016 | Religion
Richard S Cohen

Chris Yiu, "Into the unknown" I have been thinking about mystery for a while now. Not the literary genre. Not the esoteric cults of the Egypt, Gree...

Belief's Own Pragmatics: What Whoopi Goldberg's Unwavering Defense of Bill Cosby Teaches Us About Ourselves

Torrey Wang | Posted 07.13.2016 | Entertainment
Torrey Wang

Belief's pragmatics have a way of seeming least pragmatic when they happen to be our own. Those who are most eager to vituperate and pillory Goldberg (example here) should realize that they themselves probably exhibit a similar pathology in various aspects of their own lives.

Naïve Realism, or the Strange Case of Physics and Fake Philosophers (Part 2)

Deepak Chopra | Posted 10.18.2014 | Healthy Living
Deepak Chopra

Scientists have assigned the role of Mister Answer to science, the source of knowledge on every subject. This is peculiar because science does not accept a complete body of knowledge at any one time as final, therefore no answer can be final. This is how science progresses. Scientists, though, often forget that.

Libertarian Purists: Libertarian on Everything -- Except Liberty

Robin Koerner | Posted 05.18.2014 | Politics
Robin Koerner

If a libertarian world is made happy by replacing political aggression and force with the actions of people who are civil and tolerant, then we cannot expect people to come to our side if we cannot even exhibit those qualities.

Software Takes Command: An Interview With New Media Theorist Lev Manovich, Part 2

Illya Szilak | Posted 02.23.2014 | Home
Illya Szilak

Unsuprisingly, given Manovich's stated desire to avoid generalizations about technology, Software Takes Command is most successful when offering a detailed analysis of specific media software.

Knowledge From the Perspective of the Mayan Ixil People

Tobias Roberts | Posted 02.16.2014 | World
Tobias Roberts

In the northern highlands of Guatemala, the Mayan Ixil people are in the process of creating their own alternative university in an effort to reclaim ancestral knowledge and reject the imposition of Western educational norms and philosophies.

Frederick's Table

Paula Gordon | Posted 06.22.2013 | Impact
Paula Gordon

I find myself anchoring my grief over the loss of this remarkable man in simple objects ... little things, like our kitchen table. That may seem odd, given that Dr. Ferré was the world's leading Constructive Post-Modern philosopher, but therein lays the eternal magic of his inspiring legacy.

Feels Like a Self But Is It?

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

Consider: "What is distinguishable is not necessarily separable." (1) Just because you see an eddy in a stream it doesn't mean that an eddy is sepa...

Check Reality Before You Live It

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

Reality-check yourself with the following questions: - How many realities are there right now? One, two, none? - Is there just what is or is there ...


Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

The picture of the universe shifts from tongue to tongue. (Stuart Chase) Consider a soap bubble on a sunny day: what color is it? It depends, right?...

Gravity & Levity of Uncertainty

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

As of this writing moment, the Earth's human population is estimated to be 6,841,451,100. All of these 6.8 billion people are in the same exact "now....

Humility Check: Reality is Never Wrong

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

Say, something happens that you didn't expect. A classic perfectionistic thought pops into your mind: "This wasn't supposed to happen!" You didn't s...

Epistemology and PMC

David Isenberg | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
David Isenberg

Epistemology is useful to keep in mind when considering private military and security contractors because so much of what passes for common wisdom is based on assertions instead of facts.

Lost & Found in a TV-Koan

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

There are no facts, only interpretations. (Friedrich Nietzsche) Flashback: Feb. 2010, prior to final season of Lost, I wrote the following 815 words...

Dogs Crow, Cocks Bark

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

Small Knowledge said: "Ji Zhen holds that the world was not created by anything, and Jiezi holds that it was created by something. Which is correct an...

Göbekli Tepe Complex of Interpretation

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 05.25.2011 | World
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

Context It's been said that history is written by victors. What hasn't been said - because it is rather self-evident - is that history is written in ...

"It Is What It Is" Is the Only Truth, the Rest is Interpretation

Pavel Somov, Ph.D. | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Pavel Somov, Ph.D.

When you and I look at one and the same object of reality, say a hat, and you think it is great looking and I think it's heinous, the only thing that both of us can agree on is that "it is what it is."