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Europe Economic Crisis

Bringing the Troika to Paris

Mark Weisbrot | Posted 06.14.2016 | World
Mark Weisbrot

In recent weeks France has faced strikes and protests as the battle has come to their terrain, over a new, sweeping labor law. Among other provisions, the law would weaken workers' protections regarding overtime pay, the length of the work week, and job security.

Think of the World as a Country

Jacques Attali | Posted 04.05.2015 | World
Jacques Attali

The whole world economy is now a single economy. And one cannot understand it by juxtaposing the analysis of national economies and their trade exchanges. We must think of the world as a single economy; as a country. But a country without rule of law or regulatory state.

Change Europe to Save It

Carlos Carnicero Urabayen | Posted 03.23.2014 | World
Carlos Carnicero Urabayen

For too many Europeans the EU has moved far quicker to inject public money into troubled banks than to tackle urgent social issues, such as youth unemployment.

Europe's Agony Could Become Our Future Under Mitt Romney

Richard (RJ) Eskow | Posted 12.25.2012 | Politics
Richard (RJ) Eskow

It takes a blind eye for history and a deaf ear for economics not to understand that Europe's agonies could soon become our own. And let's not forget: as bad as things are in Europe, they can always get worse.

France to the Rescue

Brent Budowsky | Posted 08.29.2012 | World
Brent Budowsky

My hope is that the Hollande presidency dramatically advances a profound discourse about the meaning of democracy and capitalism, inspiring brilliant minds to propose innovative ideas that can save Europe, America and the world.

Spain, a Housing Bubble and Who Knew What

Robert Teitelman | Posted 06.24.2012 | World
Robert Teitelman

What was the situation in Spain? The construction bubble was widely recognized, discussed, worried over and even acted upon in the years before the bust.

Europe Is Not a Lost Continent

Georges Ugeux | Posted 06.14.2012 | World
Georges Ugeux

Europe is not a lost continent, but a set of countries who are dealing with a crisis of confidence stemming from the awareness that its social system needs to be overhauled and modernized.

How to Ascend After Declining?

Otaviano Canuto | Posted 04.24.2012 | World
Otaviano Canuto

Growth in emerging economies has exhibited strong resilience to the downward pull from advanced economies. However, its full potential can only be tapped if all boats are lifted.

WATCH: Arianna Weighs In On Greece's Economic Crisis

Huff TV | Posted 03.23.2012 | Business
Huff TV

Arianna appeared on CNN's Fareed Zakaria GPS to discuss Greece's economic issues. "There is no work," she said. "You have 40% youth unemployment......

2012: The Year Europe May Prove Politics and Economics Are the Same -- and Broken

Joe Trippi | Posted 03.01.2012 | World
Joe Trippi

As the end of 2011 neared, I looked at the Eurocrisis from a political perspective and concluded that the political system is incapable of solving the problem and probably will fail to do so. The markets will, sooner or later, figure this out.

How Entrepreneurs Can Succeed During Tough Times

The Huffington Post | Danielle Snyder | Posted 11.23.2011 | Small Business

There's been a lot of concern lately among entrepreneurs about the European economic crisis and the general malaise here at home. For my sister Jodie ...

Austerity, Debt and the Middle Class: What Europe Can Teach Us

Richard Brodsky | Posted 01.09.2012 | Politics
Richard Brodsky

The first casualty of war is truth, they say. The first casualty of debt is the poor and middle classes, and that is a truth that's just becoming visible.

Fed: Half Of Top U.S. Banks Made Loans To Europe Banks, Heightening Risk

Posted 01.07.2012 | Business

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - Around half of top U.S. banks surveyed by the Federal Reserve reported making loans or extending credit to European banks, whic...

European Science Programs Fall Victim To Austerity Cuts

Washington Post | Anthony Faiola | Posted 05.25.2011 | World

MEYRIN, Switzerland -- Using a machine kept colder than space, scientists at the world's most ambitious international research facility are puzzling o...