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Ken Jordan on Reality Sandwich 2.0 and Conscious Community

Zoe Helene | Posted 01.23.2014 | Impact
Zoe Helene

Image (above): Net of Being, by visionary artist Alex Grey Ken Jordan, the cofounder, publisher and editorial director of Reality Sandwich and Evol...

33 1/3 Books Are Exactly What Music Needs

Eliot Van Buskirk | Posted 01.09.2013 | Home
Eliot Van Buskirk

If this happens to you, this whole caring-about-an-album-a-lot thing, the 33 1/3 series of books from Bloomsbury can be an invaluable resource. These small books detail the stories behind many of history's most legendary albums.

Opinion: Next-Gen Apple TV Remote Will Be the iPad

Eliot Van Buskirk | Posted 02.07.2012 | Technology
Eliot Van Buskirk

As rumors swirl that Apple plans to sell actual televisions running a next-generation version of Apple TV, the remote control question is more important than ever.

Occupy Wall Street: The Spotify Playlists (Both Sides)

Eliot Van Buskirk | Posted 01.01.2012 | Technology
Eliot Van Buskirk

Okay, so Radiohead didn't play Occupy Wall Street after all. Fine. We'll just make our own playlists to memorialize the occupation of Wall Street.

Mac App Store Produces Thousandaires by Selling Software Like Music

Eliot Van Buskirk | Posted 05.25.2011 | Technology
Eliot Van Buskirk

One might expect software developers to recoil from the notion of a single gatekeeper skimming 30 percent of their revenue, but the developers we canvassed were unanimous in their praise for the Mac App Store.