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Extreme Travel

How to Hitchhike Around Iceland's Ring Road

Fathom | Posted 11.17.2014 | Travel

Still an acceptable form of travel in Iceland, hitching has its perks: It's cheap and it makes meeting locals easy (and necessary).

Terrifying Drives for Brave Road-Trippers

Conde Nast Traveler | Posted 03.24.2014 | Travel
Conde Nast Traveler

Buckle up for a tour of highways with hairpin turns, steep cliffs, narrow lanes, extreme weather, and dizzying heights.

Fear Of Heights? We're Sorry.

Posted 01.25.2014 | Travel

Would you stand on the edge of the mountain? How about perched atop a precariously tall building? Vertigo-inducing attractions have a special appe...

Don't Look Down!

Posted 11.13.2013 | Travel

Does that photo make your stomach drop? Redditor AdventurousHuman posted the photo of hiking China's Mount Huashan. The trail is one of the mo...

Adventure Is Out There

Posted 09.19.2013 | Travel

Need some adventure travel inspiration? In a world filled with extreme activities, here's a couple to get your ideas flowing, inexperienced or not. ...

34 Days Later at the Finish Line: Adventures in Mongol Rally Land, Episode 6

Leon Logothetis | Posted 10.21.2013 | Travel
Leon Logothetis

After driving more than 10,000 miles from London to Mongolia, car trouble continues to plague me and my fellow Mongol Ralliers. Some teams are kno...

Love at First Sight (of Paved Road): Adventures in Mongol Rally Land, Episode 5

Leon Logothetis | Posted 10.16.2013 | Travel
Leon Logothetis

The "little car that could" has transported Steve and me across nearly 10,000 miles in the Mongol Rally. But in episode five of Adventures in Mongol...

The Long Drop of Hell: Adventures in Mongol Rally Land, Episode 4

Leon Logothetis | Posted 10.14.2013 | Travel
Leon Logothetis

Travelers undertaking the Mongol Rally have to be super resourceful and open to new ideas on the road. In the fourth episode of "Adventures in Mo...

The Windswept Mountains Of Antarctica

Ed Stump | Posted 02.23.2013 | Travel
Ed Stump

Standing 45 miles out from the mountain front across McMurdo Sound, Ross Island boasts the world's southern most active volcano, Mt. Erebus, with a continuously convecting lava lake at its summit.

PHOTOS: 10 Unbelievable Travel Tales

Cheapflights | Posted 12.17.2012 | Travel

Every travel experience is an adventure, but there are a few travel tales that seem to stand out from the rest.

WATCH: BASE Jumpers In Moab

Posted 02.27.2012 | Travel

Outside Moab, Utah sit a string of spires known as the Fisher Towers. Beautiful in their own right, they're even more memorable when BASE jumpers are ...

WATCH: Life In Remote Patagonia

Posted 02.27.2012 | Travel

Faustino Barrientos might just be the most isolated Chilean in all of South America. And a video crew from Vice recently went to find him -- and learn...

Wax On. Wax Off.

Leon Logothetis | Posted 07.10.2011 | Travel
Leon Logothetis

I enjoy pushing myself. To the edge. This trend also tends to show up in my travels. Some of the most amazing experiences have been when I have pushed my body to its limits.

PHOTOS: 10 Most Extreme Travel Adventures

Posted 05.25.2011 | Travel

Some travelers live on the edge. Never satisfied with lazing away their vacation days on the beach, these thrill seekers look for adventure on their d...