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Fair Housing

What Is Fair Housing If You Have No Housing?

Maria Foscarinis | Posted 04.25.2016 | Impact
Maria Foscarinis

In April 1968, the Fair Housing Act was signed into law as riots and fires burned around the country following the assassination of Martin Luther King...

A New Chapter in the Fight for Fair Housing

Andre Shashaty | Posted 07.14.2016 | Politics
Andre Shashaty

HUD issued a new rule explaining the detailed steps local governments must take to ensure equal access to housing for people of all races and ethnicities as a condition of receiving federal grants for housing and community development.

As Supreme Court Protects Fair Housing, Still Miles to Go on Voting Rights

Rev. L. Charles Stovall | Posted 07.01.2016 | Black Voices
Rev. L. Charles Stovall

I breathed a huge sigh of relief as the Supreme Court rejected an attempt to undermine the housing law that was passed in Dr. King's memory. Yet it was hard to forget that last week also marked two years since the Court eviscerated the voting rights protections that activists like Dr. King and my father had given so much of their lives to achieve.

Why We Must Fight Economic Apartheid in America

Robert Reich | Posted 06.28.2016 | Politics
Robert Reich

The income gap between poor minority and middle-class white communities continues to widen. While the recovery has boosted housing prices overall, it hasn't boosted them in poor communities.

The Supreme Court Endorses the Disparate Impact Analysis in Housing Discrimination Cases

Leland Ware | Posted 06.26.2016 | Black Voices
Leland Ware

In Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, the Supreme Court held that the disparate impact theory applies to housing discrimination claims. This was a significant victory because the Court had not previously applied the disparate impact theory to housing discrimination cases.

Fair Housing Means Integration

Stacy Seicshnaydre | Posted 06.15.2015 | Politics
Stacy Seicshnaydre

The FHA wasn't passed to promote "separate but equal" as a second-best solution in housing policy; it was passed to end segregation, meaning that low-income housing opportunities must be created outside of segregated neighborhoods to provide more options for segregated residents.

To Advance Civil Rights and Economic Justice, Confirm Loretta Lynch

John Taylor | Posted 06.03.2015 | Politics
John Taylor

Communities that are still recovering from the Great Recession, and particularly working-class communities and communities of color, need someone who will carry on the work of enforcing the laws that ensure the fairness of our economic and political system. The Senate should act to confirm Ms. Lynch promptly and without further delay.

Open Letter to Giuliani on Characterizations of Obama

Warren J. Blumenfeld | Posted 04.23.2015 | Politics
Warren J. Blumenfeld

Rudy, let's break down your statement. When you say that "I do not believe that the president loves America," what indication do you have or what criteria are you using? I really want to know.

American Workers Need Stable Housing Free From Discrimination

Richard Trumka | Posted 04.21.2015 | Politics
Richard Trumka

The labor and civil rights movements worked hard to eliminate systems that perpetuate discrimination and segregation, and it is with this tradition in mind that the labor movement calls on the Supreme Court to uphold the disparate-impact protections of the Fair Housing Act to ensure fair treatment for every working American.

States Fear The Supreme Court Will Eliminate This Key Anti-Discrimination Tool

Stateline | Jake Grovum | Posted 01.21.2015 | Politics

This piece comes to us courtesy of Stateline. Stateline is a nonpartisan, nonprofit news service of the Pew Charitable Trusts that provides daily repo...

MLK's Birthday: Hitting Us Where We Live

Andre Shashaty | Posted 03.17.2015 | Politics
Andre Shashaty

On the anniversary of King's birth, I can't help but think how disappointed he would be if he were alive to see how hard it is to build affordable housing in affluent, mostly white communities, thereby precluding many blacks from living in places with good schools and job opportunities.

From Watts to Ferguson: Learning from Our Past

Andre Shashaty | Posted 01.31.2015 | Politics
Andre Shashaty

For the past half-century, we've made progress bridging the gaps between the races and addressing inequality. If we don't want history to repeat itself, we cannot stop now. We must tell Congress to stop cutting successful housing and urban programs. On the contrary, it must restore funding cut over the last several years.

Appraisals: A Missing Link in Fair Housing/Fair Lending Debates

Gregory D. Squires | Posted 09.21.2014 | Politics
Gregory D. Squires

Once again those families and communities that have long been and continue to be subject to discriminatory (and often predatory) behavior, pay a high price. But so do many who have not traditionally been victimized by these practices.

The Big Data Real Estate Controversy

Toni Haber | Posted 07.19.2014 | New York
Toni Haber

The interconnectivity of new media and our personal lives has been exposed in the form of hyper-local demographic information and at the expense of real estate agents and Fair Housing.

Governor Romney's Housing Plan: Playing Politics With the American Dream

Jim Carr | Posted 12.03.2012 | Business
Jim Carr

Rather than criticize President Obama for actively responding to the housing crisis with a variety of solutions, Governor Romney might want to encourage the mortgage lending industry to more widely and effectively use these programs.

The GOP Contender

James Perry | Posted 05.21.2012 | Politics
James Perry

With all eyes on Louisiana this week and a bright political future at stake, Governor Jindal would do well to repair the mitigation and rebuilding program and get storm-affected Louisianans back into their homes, lest he dash his own hopes to transition to the presidency.

Continuing the Fight Against Segregation

John Trasvina | Posted 04.30.2012 | Politics
John Trasvina

At a time when our nation needs to maximize the talents and contributions of all individuals throughout our communities, segregation continues to have a direct negative effect on the achievement and employment gaps among different races in America.

Occupy Wall Street: A New Wave of Fair Housing Activism?

Gregory D. Squires | Posted 12.12.2011 | Politics
Gregory D. Squires

We may witness a surge in fair housing, fair lending, community reinvestment and economic justice activities and outcomes in the near future.

Ending Pregnancy-Related Lending Discrimination Is a Priority for HUD and America's Families

John Trasvina | Posted 08.07.2011 | Politics
John Trasvina

Lenders certainly have the right to verify income and determine creditworthiness. But they may not single out women on maternity leave for special guarantees, ignore their resources or assume that have no income or will not return to work.

Home Is Where the Heartache Is ... and We Just Fired All the Heart Surgeons

James Perry | Posted 07.31.2011 | Impact
James Perry

The U.S. housing market is still mired in a horrible slump, with depressed home prices, a weak sales market, and pathetic levels of new home construction.

In New Orleans, Many Have Yet to Travel the Road Home

James Perry | Posted 07.10.2011 | Politics
James Perry

Both Louisiana and the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development should immediately reopen settlement talks and work with post-Katrina plaintiffs to achieve the best result for homeowners who are still struggling to repair their homes and their communities.

Officials Say No Discrimination In Seeking 'Christian Roommate'

Posted 05.25.2011 | Religion

Cami Reister The Grand Rapids Press/Religion News Service GRAND RAPIDS, Mich. (RNS) A Michigan woman did not violate fair housing law when she pos...

Chicago Couple Accused Of Refusing To Sell Home To Black Buyers

Posted 05.25.2011 | Chicago

A Chicago couple faces federal discrimination charges after allegedly refusing to sell their South Side home to a black couple because of their race. ...

Celebrating Fair and Open Access to Housing

Deborah De Santis | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Deborah De Santis

Each April, we at the Corporation of Supportive Housing observe Fair Housing Month and reaffirm the ideals it represents and the impact it has for our nation's homeless and disabled.

Cyberdiscrimination in Dallas: Is Neil a More Desirable Tenant than Tyrone or Jorge?

Gregory D. Squires | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Gregory D. Squires

Samantha Friedman and Gregory D. Squires It helps to be white if you are trying to rent an apartment in Dallas. At least those housing providers who...