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Family Travel Tips

10 Reasons Why Your Family Spring Break Is Going to Be Fabulous

Carissa Howard | Posted 03.04.2016 | Parents
Carissa Howard

Every Spring, both my husband's and my families get together for an annual beach vacation. The first year we did it, my oldest was nursing and we were confined to the hotel room for many hours as he ate and slept. But now, several years later, as my youngest approaches school-age, I'm hopeful that this year's spring break will be easier than in years past.

These Travel Mistakes Are Costing You

Thrillist | Posted 02.17.2017 | Travel

By: Matthew Kepnes Credit: GOLFX/SHUTTERSTOCK (EDITED) Let's be honest, a lot of conventional travel wisdom -- from always book your trip earl...

12 Brilliant Ways To Make Your Family Vacations Last Forever

The Huffington Post | Posted 09.23.2016 | HuffPost Home

Bring the extraordinary back into the everyday.

What You REALLY Need To Know About Changing A Tire

Map Happy | Posted 02.15.2017 | Travel
Map Happy

When a tire blows, there's no need to panic. Follow these handy tips to get off the road safely, fix that flat tire, and get on with your journey.

7 Ways Every Holidayer Can Freak Out in Mallorca

Devishobha Ramanan | Posted 12.22.2016 | Travel
Devishobha Ramanan

It's the holiday season again. If you are like me, you might have a hard time choosing between the splendor of history, the beckoning of the beach, the call of the quaint quiet life watching the magnificent sunset, or the craving for adventure.

6 Family Travel Tips for the Holidays

Amanda Rumore | Posted 12.22.2016 | Parents
Amanda Rumore

Since I'd almost consider myself a seasoned travel pro, here are some family travel tips I am currently swearing by. Although I can't promise they'll make your travels completely enjoyable, these tips will surely help add a little cheer to your holiday season.

20 Best National Parks For Families

Fodor's | Posted 11.06.2016 | Travel

There's never really a bad time to take the family on a trip to one (or more!) of the country's stunning national parks, but now is an incredibly opportune time to start planning your next group getaway to the great outdoors.

DIY Vacation

Sally Black | Posted 11.02.2016 | Style
Sally Black

So what does Tyra Banks here have to do with your upcoming Vacation? She's a "Top Model" for a selfie Vacation? (pun intended) Say what? Allow me ...

7 Tips for Planning a Budget-Friendly Family Trip This Fall

U.S. News Travel | Posted 11.01.2016 | Travel
U.S. News Travel

With the shoulder season ushering in plenty of hotel deals and airfare steals, it's hard to pass up the chance to enjoy spectacular scenery, autumn activities and valuable bonding time.

10 Tips to Avoid Nightmares When Traveling With Kids

MiniTime | Posted 10.28.2016 | Travel

Follow these tips for a successful family vacation. (Flickr: Roderick Eime) Here are our top 10 tips for family-friendly travel to make sure your b...

5 Great Thanksgiving Getaways for Families

U.S. News Travel | Posted 09.25.2016 | Travel
U.S. News Travel

While the rest of the country endures cold weather, southwest Florida's Sanibel Island attracts beachcombers to its pristine sands, strewn with colorful seashells and sand dollars.

Ville de Québec: Québec City Is A Historic, Artistic Hub in Canada

Regina Fraser and Pat Johnson | Posted 09.02.2016 | Travel
Regina Fraser and Pat Johnson

Canada is a big country like the U.S.A. but it has one thing we don't have -- a French speaking and culturally organized (state), province. I know some people think our regional dialects are similar to visiting another country, because they are so distinctive but overall, we still speak English here.

15 Tips For Traveling With Kids

Christine Knight | Posted 08.26.2016 | Parents
Christine Knight

If you're planning a big trip with little kids, you may want to take note of the lessons we learned from spending six weeks visiting four countries and five cities (via eight flights) with a preschooler.

10 Educational Pit Stops You've Never Heard of

Amy Whitley | Posted 08.17.2015 | Travel
Amy Whitley

It's Back-to-School season, but if you can't quite say goodbye to summer road trips, fear not: we have a list of educational pit stops any teacher wou...

Eat Well on the Road

Stefanie Sacks, MS, CNS, CDN | Posted 07.09.2016 | Healthy Living
Stefanie Sacks, MS, CNS, CDN

Photo Credit: © 2015 GRACE Communications Foundation I am a hockey mom through and through. Despite working full time (and related travel), being ...

Top Tips For Disney World First-Timers

U.S. News Travel | Posted 06.10.2016 | Travel
U.S. News Travel

Here is what you need to know before you travel to the happiest place on earth, plus tips for maximizing your time once you arrive.

10 Fail-Safe Family Holiday Experiences

Aimee Chan | Posted 06.02.2016 | Travel
Aimee Chan

I've interviewed lots parents who've been all over the globe with kids. Throughout these many stories that I've written, edited and read there are a few common themes that occur in terms of the kinds of travel experiences that kids enjoy. So here they are.

3 Tips to Ensure a Smooth Trip Abroad With Kids

U.S. News Travel | Posted 06.28.2015 | Travel
U.S. News Travel

With proper planning and a little creativity, it's easier than you'd think to explore other countries with your kids.

9 Tips for Flying While Pregnant

Aimee Chan | Posted 06.01.2015 | Travel
Aimee Chan

Most pregnant women can continue to travel by air up to 36 weeks into their pregnancy, according to the Mayo Clinic. Every woman and pregnancy is diff...

10 Vacations To Take Before Your Kids Turn 10

SmarterTravel | Posted 02.09.2016 | Travel

They may not appear so at first glance, but kids are the perfect travelers. Sure, they're more prone to meltdowns and jet lag, but they see the world with pure amazement, a skill many of us have let lapse over time.

10 Harsh Realities of Family Travel

Cliff Hsia | Posted 05.11.2015 | Travel
Cliff Hsia

The experience can wear you down, push you to the brink of blowing up in anger and frustration, and eliminate any shred of patience you might have had with your spouse or your kids.

What Kids Learn From Travel

Aimee Chan | Posted 04.29.2015 | Travel
Aimee Chan

If you expose your children to as much of the world as possible they will learn where they fit and how lucky they are. Just by spending time with you in a different country or even just environment, they can learn about history, cultures, languages, conservation and, yes, poverty in a way that will stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Ski Resort Vacations for Non-Skiers

Findery | Posted 04.26.2015 | Travel

The key to making everyone happy is in finding a mountain that can cater to all.

Guide to Las Vegas... With the Kids

Amy Whitley | Posted 04.20.2015 | Travel
Amy Whitley

Las Vegas may be the go-to weekend getaway hotspot for couples and singles, but what if you have kids in tow? Is there any way to navigate Sin City with children? Yes... and no.

Seven Destinations for an Exceptional Easter Family Trip

Jacada Travel | Posted 04.03.2015 | Travel
Jacada Travel

With Spring approaching, it's time to plan that Easter break. Each of these seven destinations make the ideal family holiday.