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Female Employment

Five Business Ideas For Women In Their Fifties

Ahmad Raza | Posted 08.03.2016 | Business
Ahmad Raza

Starting a new business is a gamble and it will be tough, especially during the first six months or so, but things get easier as you figure things out. Your experience and industry knowledge will be your best assets.

Islam: What's the Problem? It's Not Faith -- It's the Neighborhood Which Restricts Muslim Women's Rights

Shahnaz Taplin-Chinoy | Posted 08.07.2016 | Impact
Shahnaz Taplin-Chinoy

Islam gets a bad rap -- mostly because it is not understood by large populations of uneducated followers who misinterpret the content and context and are guided primarily by the cultural context of the countries where they reside -- the neighborhood if you will.

Family-Friendly Policies And The Fight For Wage Equality

Elia De la Cruz Toledo | Posted 05.09.2015 | Women
Elia De la Cruz Toledo

Patricia Arquette's brief segue on gender wage equality during her acceptance speech at the 2015 Oscars brought into the forefront of international conversation a battle that women have been fighting for decades.

Young Women Are Becoming 'Less Hirable' By Talking Like Kim Kardashian

HuffPost Live | Emily Tess Katz | Posted 11.03.2014 | HuffPost Live 321

There's a speech trend that's becoming increasingly prevalent among young women today, and it's called vocal fry. Best described as a female's voic...

Empower Women, Improve The Economy?

Forbes Woman | Posted 04.02.2012 | Women

Last week's Lunch with the FT column featured an interview with Esther Duflo, MIT economist and co-author of Poor Economics. Duflo and her co-author A...

Why Are We So Afraid of the Q Word?

Pat Mitchell | Posted 05.20.2012 | Media
Pat Mitchell

Time to confess, I decided. I am actually a product of quotas. Yes, let the truth be known that I was hired for my job in television because the station that hired me was responding to a federal initiative under the Equal Employment Opportunity Act.

Re-visiting The 'She-covery'

The New York Times | Posted 03.13.2012 | Women

Mike Konczal has a good post at the New Deal 2.0 blog, pointing out that much of the recent rise in female employment - the subject of my post on Frid...

Literacy in India: A Gift That Never Stops Giving

Marissa Bronfman | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Marissa Bronfman

Since the early 1990s, every WLC program has given a pivotal role to women's groups in Hindi -- as they have proven to be extraordinarily powerful forces in promoting female literacy and empowerment in India.

Short-Changed: White House Women Hired Below White House Men

Ariel Boone | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Ariel Boone

A July 1 report to Congress revealed that for every dollar earned by White House men, White House women earn 89 cents. These pennies are symptomatic of a much larger problem.

Becoming A Dominatrix To Supplement Income

The Daily Beast | Tracy Quan | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

As the economy takes a spanking, many women are turning to freelance fetish work to supplement their incomes. "I've seen it before," says Linda, "dur...