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Finding a Husband

Relationship Deal Breakers

Natasha Burton | Posted 12.09.2014 | Weddings
Natasha Burton

We all have those non-negotiable standards when it comes to relationships -- habits, qualities, characteristics, details and so on -- that we will simply not stand for. However, it's important reevaluate these from time to time in order to make sure you're not automatically ruling out someone who could totally be husband material.

You're Not Going to Find a Husband in College

Rachel Ryan | Posted 06.02.2013 | Women
Rachel Ryan

Susan Patton has been given titles ranging from "backwards," to "WASP" to "1950s-era housewife." And while the hoards of progressives -- and my 89-year-old grandmother -- might be jumping at the bit to discourage her advice, I initially agreed with her... in theory.

How A Career Roadblock Helped Me Find My Husband

Maureen Anderson | Posted 04.27.2013 | Weddings
Maureen Anderson

"So. How's Potpourri?" That's what my uncle wondered at a family gathering many years ago. Potpourri? Did he mean... Hodgepodge? Yes! Hodgepodge. ...

4 Ways to Find a Career-Supportive Guy

The Levo League | Posted 03.10.2013 | Women
The Levo League

I have some news which may shock you: Your Friday night plans may be just as critical to your career as your five-year plan and elevator pitch.

10 Ways To Meet Your Future Husband

Ann Blumenthal Jacobs | Posted 06.12.2012 | Weddings
Ann Blumenthal Jacobs

"How do you meet men?" We've compiled this list based on their stories and would love to hear from you, too!

What I Want In My Next Husband

Ann Brenoff | Posted 02.20.2012 | Fifty
Ann Brenoff

When my multiple-times-married Aunt Sophie was in her 80s, I remember her once lecturing me on what she was looking for in her next husband. At the time, I just smiled in amusement as she ticked off the list of attributes he would need to possess.