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5 Ways To Help Give Sharks A Fightin' Chance

The Huffington Post | Eleanor Goldberg | Posted 08.06.2013 | Impact

Just one day in and you’re likely already screen-deep in #SharkWeek tweets. Sunday marked the launch of Discovery Channel’s 26th annual Shark ...

No More Finny Business? Shark Fin Ban Sent To Governor

AP | By DON THOMPSON | Posted 11.06.2011 | Los Angeles

SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- California's Legislature sent Gov. Jerry Brown a bill seeking to ban the sale, trade or possession of shark fins on Tuesday, ove...

Bo Derek Joins The Fight Against Shark Fin Soup

AP | DON THOMPSON | Posted 10.15.2011 | Los Angeles

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Actress Bo Derek won't be ordering shark-fin soup anytime soon. She joined lawmakers at the California state Capitol on Mo...

The Hidden Lives of Sharks

Simone Lewis-Koskinen | Posted 09.24.2011 | Green
Simone Lewis-Koskinen

2011-07-25-Screenshot20110725at4.27.40PM.jpg More people die while driving to the beach than while at the beach, let alone from shark attacks. In fact, more people die every year from toilet-bowl products or run-ins with a bucket than shark attacks.

Turning the Tide to Protect the World's Sharks

Matt Rand | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Matt Rand

Last year may prove to have been a watershed for protecting some of the oldest species of fish in our oceans. It's not too late to save these amazing marine predators from extinction.

The Second Foot Falls on the Aquarium Trade in Maui County

Robert Wintner | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Robert Wintner

Maui County Council again challenged the largest wildlife exporter in Hawaii Friday, with a new law requiring humane treatment of reef fish captured for the aquarium trade.

The Pescatore's Dilemma

Cathy Erway | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Cathy Erway

Seafood has enjoyed a long history of acceptance among people who otherwise do not eat meat. Yet today's food gurus are placing pescatarianism at the height of ravenously irresponsible eating.

Unfinished Business

Michael Markarian | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Michael Markarian

Among the very first Congressional bills introduced this week were two important measures to protect wildlife and should be on the fast track to getting over the finish line in the new session.