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First Amendment

D.C. Lawyer Who Posed In 'Playboy' Wins First Amendment Award

Posted 06.03.2012 | DC

WASHINGTON -- A D.C. lawyer who posed for Playboy while at Yale Law School will be honored Monday at the Playboy Mansion for her work defending a high...

The Super Heroes vs the Super PACs

Harvey Rosenfield | Posted 08.01.2012 | Politics
Harvey Rosenfield

Looking for the Avengers? If we are going to preserve our democracy against this final assault, citizens are going to have to become the superheroes.

On Social Media, State Department Stands Alone

Peter Van Buren | Posted 08.01.2012 | Politics
Peter Van Buren

If the hyper-classified CIA recognizes the need for an internal review of its pre-clearance process, why doesn't the State Department? If the military can co-exist without pre-clearance restraints on blogs, why can't State?

Choking Off Coverage of Bradley Manning's Court-Martial

Shayana Kadidal | Posted 07.25.2012 | Politics
Shayana Kadidal

None of the court's orders have been published. None of the transcripts have been released. And none of the government filings have been posted. Not even with redactions -- nothing.

When Reporters Were Allegedly Attacked in Chicago, the Rights of All of Us Were Violated

Richard Schiffman | Posted 05.24.2012 | Media
Richard Schiffman

The dozens of veterans who tossed their medals in Chicago earlier this week deserve to have their protest recorded. Theirs was an act of valor and courage which was arguably equal if not greater to the deeds which earned them those medals in the first place.

Laughable Online Censorship Attempt Won't Last a New York Minute

Chris Weigant | Posted 07.23.2012 | Politics
Chris Weigant

Republicans in the New York state government are attempting to pass a law that would ban anonymous comments online. Even if they actually passed the act, once it arrived in a federal court it would be tossed out in a "New York minute" (as they say).

NY Bill Would Eliminate Anonymous Online Comments

Posted 05.23.2012 | New York

A new bill in Albany has its sights set on anonymous internet trolls. The Internet Protection Act would require sites to have online commenters identi...

Standing Up in Wisconsin and Beyond for Our Rights in Radio!

Sue Wilson | Posted 07.22.2012 | Media
Sue Wilson

There is much talk amongst radio talk show hosts about their rights of Free Speech. I do not condone any kind of censorship (outside incitement to violence,) and agree radio talkers have their rights.

The New American Order: Using Weapons of Compliance to Stamp Out Protest

John W. Whitehead | Posted 07.22.2012 | Politics
John W. Whitehead

In the face of the government's growing power, we are all lumped into the same category: potential nuisances and rabble rousers who must be surveilled, silenced and, if necessary, shut down.

The Police, the iPhone and Your Right to Record

Timothy Karr | Posted 07.18.2012 | Media
Timothy Karr

While the media landscape has changed, our First Amendment rights haven't. Freedom of the press is more important, not less, when anyone with a mobile phone and an Internet connection can act as a journalist.

ACLU: State Department Violates Constitutional Rights

Peter Van Buren | Posted 07.17.2012 | Politics
Peter Van Buren

(For those joining our story already in progress, here's the Twitter-length summary: I've worked for the State Department as a Foreign Service Officer...

Jaweed Kaleem

Does The National Day Of Prayer Mix Church And State? | Jaweed Kaleem | Posted 05.03.2012 | Religion

Hundreds of Texans are expected to come to downtown Dallas Thursday for an eight-hour string of faith-based celebrations that will include Sikh drumme...

Student Photojournalist Beaten and Arrested While Taking Photos of Police in Public

Larry Atkins | Posted 06.26.2012 | Media
Larry Atkins

Asserting his First Amendment right to take photos of police action in public, Van Kuyk refused the officers' request for him to stop taking the photos, but the officers arrested him and charged him with obstruction, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

On Nugent, Saving a Liberty to Allude and Growl

The Daily Barometer | Posted 06.25.2012 | Politics
The Daily Barometer

Better safe than sorry, but investigating a public figure with a big mouth and political animosity only promotes a more restricted purview of speech, especially politically motivated forms.

Constitution Check: Can Reporters Be Barred From Using Social Media During a Criminal Trial?

Lyle Denniston | Posted 06.18.2012 | Politics
Lyle Denniston

If there is going to be a judicial order against tweeting or texting during a trial, it would have to depend upon a neutral justification -- some objective reason to curb this new mode of communicating. It does not appear that judges or the media have given that a lot of thought.

Marines Return to Being "Crusaders"

Chris Rodda | Posted 06.18.2012 | Politics
Chris Rodda

Under new leadership, Marine Fighter Attack Squadron 122 is going back to being the "Crusaders," complete with an insignia of a crusader shield with a big red cross on it and a crusader knight as its mascot.

Constitution Check: Do Lower Court Judges Have a Right to Criticize the Supreme Court?

Lyle Denniston | Posted 06.17.2012 | Politics
Lyle Denniston

Is the judicial now becoming, more often, the political? Polls show that the public now believes that this is so.

Constitution Check: Would the Supreme Court Uphold a Ban on Super PACs Closely Linked to Candidates?

Lyle Denniston | Posted 06.11.2012 | Politics
Lyle Denniston

The theory, of course, will be that, if political spending is a form of speech, there should be no limit on spending that "speaks" directly to a candidate who shares one's policy views.

State Dept., Florida Lawmakers Cited For Free Speech Violations

AP | ZINIE CHEN SAMPSON | Posted 06.12.2012 | Politics

RICHMOND, Va. — Enacting a law that bars doctors from discussing gun safety with their patients. Slicing the "f-word" from a designated free-spe...

How Far Do First Amendment Rights Go?

Aubree Eliza Weaver | Posted 06.11.2012 | College
Aubree Eliza Weaver

How are First Amendment rights different for people serving our country? Now, hear me out when I say that I'm rather torn on this issue.

The War On Religion: A View From The Trenches

Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D. | Posted 06.11.2012 | Religion
Michael Zimmerman, Ph.D.

The claim by Republicans that there is a war on religion turns reality on its head and attempts to make victims out of perpetrators.

Easter at Amen Corner

Hayden Bixby | Posted 06.08.2012 | Home
Hayden Bixby

As an admitted outsider, to both this area of the world and this way of thinking, I confess that it's difficult to fully appreciate the graciousness of tradition when it is in such proximity to economic inequality and neglect.

Privacy: Ditch the Cell Phone or Prepare to Disrobe

Gary Johnson | Posted 06.05.2012 | Politics
Gary Johnson

Expecting the government to willingly constrain itself when it comes to violating our privacy is not just foolhardy; it defies everything we know about the very nature of government.

School Reverses Decision To Cut 'God' From Song

The Huffington Post | Andres Jauregui | Posted 04.05.2012 | Religion

Parents at Stall Brook Elementary in suburban Massachusetts became upset after administrators planned to remove the word "God" from the Lee Greenwood ...

Student Expelled For Profane Tweet Thrust Into Free-Speech Debate

AP | CHARLES WILSON | Posted 04.03.2012 | Education

INDIANAPOLIS -- Austin Carroll was fighting insomnia when the Indiana teenager turned to Twitter for relief and casually dropped the F-word multiple t...