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First Time Mom

Motherhood: One Week In

Shannon Day | Posted 04.13.2016 | Parents
Shannon Day

From the moment you pee on a stick, producing two blue lines, your life as you know it, will never be the same. Snug and hidden there, inside you, is an actual little being yet, despite the positive test, it all feels surreal.

A Letter to My Firstborn Child

Joni Edelman | Posted 03.17.2016 | Parents
Joni Edelman

I wasn't ready to have a baby. I wasn't ready for you. I wasn't ready for a love so deep that I thought I would break, a love so pure, so real, that my entire life would have purpose overnight.

5 Words For Every First-Time Pregnant Woman

Christina Herr | Posted 02.05.2016 | Parents
Christina Herr

Five simple words -- are you ready?

I Don't Want to Be Scared

Jill Patir | Posted 07.24.2016 | Parents
Jill Patir

With the arrival of my daughter, I went through typical first-time-mom fears. Is she eating enough? Is she sleeping enough? Is she hurt? Uncomfortable? Cold? Hot? Oh dear lord, am I doing this all wrong?

The Gift of Labor Support

Jennifer Mayer | Posted 07.22.2016 | Parents
Jennifer Mayer

Enlisting my team for support was the biggest gift I could have given myself during the labor and birth of my son Oliver. It felt as though all the support I've provided as a doula over the past years was shown back to me 100-fold.

How to Leave Your Child for Vacation in 10 Easy Steps

Jill Patir | Posted 06.18.2016 | Parents
Jill Patir

Plan your trip far enough in advance so that it's nothing more than a faint light in the distance. Put it on the backburner of your thoughts. Passive aggressive is the only way to go.

I'm Not The Mom I Thought I'd Be

Mary Katherine Backstrom | Posted 06.10.2015 | Parents
Mary Katherine Backstrom

I can't blame the Pinterest parents for my feelings. I can't blame my own mother (she's too supportive). I can't even blame those Stepford moms at the YMCA. (Full makeup at Boot Camp? Come on!)

12 Lessons From My First 12 Months as a Mother

Reem Kassis | Posted 03.23.2015 | Parents
Reem Kassis

It has been a full year since my daughter first gave me a glimpse into her stubborn and impatient personality. A full year since she showed me that in life, not everything goes according to plan. While that may have been the first lesson I learned as a mother, over the following year I picked up many more.

How Nurses Are Empowering Poor, Young Moms To Succeed

The Atlantic | NANCY COOK | Posted 01.16.2015 | Impact

At the start of her junior year of college, 19-year-old Camille Wallace discovered she was pregnant. At the time, she lived in student housing with th...

The Type of Mother I Will Never Be

Jill Patir | Posted 04.14.2015 | Parents
Jill Patir

It's taken me a long time to get a handle on this whole "parenting thing," and to be at peace with the choices that am making. I may not be a parenting expert, but I am absolutely, whole-heartedly, and without a doubt, a mother.

Being Jewish During the Christmas Season

Jill Patir | Posted 02.02.2015 | Parents
Jill Patir

The holiday season still makes me feel a little left out. It will always bring me back to the days when I was jealous of my friends who got to decorate trees, hang Christmas lights and joyously sing Christmas carols.

You Think You Know, But You Have No Idea

Jill Patir | Posted 01.13.2015 | Parents
Jill Patir

I don't know how to go about my day without her. I don't know how to think about what I want to do, not what I need to do for her.

Cherishing Every Moment Is Hard

Jill Patir | Posted 12.28.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

It's not that I don't whole-heartedly believe those statements, and I am sure before I know it, I'll have a teenager in high school, but the first thought that came to my mind was, cherishing every moment is hard.

6 Things I Wish I'd Known About The First 6 Months Of Having A Baby

Emily Hatch | Posted 11.15.2014 | Parents
Emily Hatch

The first six months of being a parent can seem endless at times, but ultimately, they're gone in a flash, and you can't ever get that time back. Capture every moment.

A Letter To My Jewish-American-Israeli Daughter

Jill Patir | Posted 09.23.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

Jewish is not what you are, but rather who you are. Your dad was born in Israel, where much of his family still remains, and your mother was born and raised in an American-Jewish family. But I want you to know that being Jewish is so much more than just what we believe. It's our culture. It's our way of life. It's our community.

What Can We Do? In Response to the 3 Israeli Boys Who Were Kidnapped and Murdered

Jill Patir | Posted 08.31.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

It may not solve the crisis in the Middle East, and it may not put an end to war, but if we can raise a generation of more tolerant and accepting humans, it certainly is a step in the right direction.

In Defense of Co-Sleeping From a Non Co-Sleeper

Jill Patir | Posted 08.16.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

Neither my husband, nor I, was raised in co-sleeping homes and it just didn't seem to fit our lifestyle. I was never against it; I just knew it wasn't for us. My daughter slept in our room in a bassinet for the first few weeks, but after that, sleeping was reserved for our separate rooms. And it worked. Until it didn't.

My Mom Taught Me Everything and Nothing I Know About Parenting

Jill Patir | Posted 07.09.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

My mother taught me absolutely nothing about parenting. You see, she taught me to trust my instincts. She taught me that each baby is different. And she taught me that I need to listen to my gut when it comes to raising my daughter and when it comes to doing what is best for my family.

Is It Easier to Be a SAHM or a Working Mother?

Jill Patir | Posted 06.22.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

I have sat on both sides of the fence, and have developed a deep respect for both working and non-working mothers. My feelings towards both waver, depending on the day.

Little Girl Moments

Jill Patir | Posted 06.14.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

It isn't the preplanned activities, play dates and/or numerous outings that I'll remember forever. Sure, those have made for some great photo ops, but it's these little girl moments that only a mother-daughter relationship can share that have found their place in my heart.

Oh, How the Mighty Have Fallen

Jill Patir | Posted 05.31.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

I sat across the table from my mom the other night at a local ice cream shop. The smile I had on my face was the complete opposite of the look she had on her face. By the look on her face, you would think my toddler had just taken a permanent marker to the Mona Lisa.

Where Baby Ends and Mom Begins

Jill Patir | Posted 05.17.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

Is it really the baby who needs a strict, set routine? Or is it my own anxiety that is eased when things are predictable? Where exactly do her needs end and mine begin?

At the Risk of Sounding Cliché...

Jill Patir | Posted 05.12.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

Becoming a mother has opened my eyes to a world of experiences that sometimes, for better or worse, can only be summed up with a cliché.

The Unexpected Parent

Jill Patir | Posted 04.09.2014 | Parents
Jill Patir

gain, your entire childhood is spent surrounded by your parents, or parents of other children. Shouldn't I have had some sort of idea of the type of parent I wanted to be?

Before You Can Pick Your Own Nose

Annie Vovan | Posted 01.23.2014 | Parents
Annie Vovan

At some point in time, the things that can drive a new mom crazy will fade. So, for now, I will stop and find the beauty in joy in the smallest things you do.