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Fox Bones

'Bones' Is Back For More

The Huffington Post | Jason Hughes | Posted 01.31.2014 | TV

It's a double dose of good news for fans of Fox's "Bones." Not only has the veteran crime drama been renewed for a 10th season, but it's just about do...

Church Fire & Murder Can't Stop The 'Bones' Wedding

Posted 10.22.2013 | TV

After years of waiting, it was finally time for Booth and Brennan to tie the knot on "Bones." Of course, things didn't go smoothly. Brennan dealt with...

Shocking 'Bones' Twist Changes Everything

Posted 10.08.2013 | TV

The end of one chapter ushered in an era of unlimited possibilities on "Bones." It was the confrontation fans had been waiting a long time to see. Pel...

'Bones' Premiere: Nothing But Heartache Between Booth And Brennan

The Huffington Post | Jason Hughes | Posted 09.17.2013 | TV

The action picked up three months later on the "Bones" Season 9 premiere, and things were pretty uncomfortable. Brennan was still dealing with Booth t...

'Bones' Finale: Pelant's Return Leaves Devastated Brennan

Posted 04.30.2013 | TV

After eight long seasons of longing and growing to love one another, "Bones" fans finally got the proposal they'd been waiting for. "I want to marry y...

'Bones': Brennan Doesn't Get 'Judge Trudy' Show

Posted 04.02.2013 | TV

Booth and Brennan stumbled onto a very familiar looking set during their investigation on this week's episode of "Bones." They found themselves in the...

'Bones': Brennan Has A Near-Death Experience

Posted 02.12.2013 | TV

There was a terrifying moment for Brennan on this week's "Bones," as she was working late at The Jeffersonian. She stormed out after an argument with ...

'Bones': Booth Records After-Death Video For Daughter

Posted 01.29.2013 | TV

Booth and Brennan prepared to die on the latest episode of "Bones." Okay, so they're not planning to die any time soon, but they wanted to make sure t...

'Bones': Who Got Shot In Pelant's Return?

Posted 01.22.2013 | TV

Pelant returned on the latest episode of "Bones," and the next time he shows up, he should be a lot easier to spot. In fact, he should have a very dif...

'Bones': Trouble In Paradise? Booth And Brennan Fighting

Posted 09.25.2012 | TV

While the season premiere may have reunited Booth and Brennan, that doesn't mean it's going to be smooth sailing for the couple on "Bones." Three mont...

"Bones" Is Back

Jamie Frevele | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Jamie Frevele

At the end of last season, I declared that Fox's "Bones" had gone batshit insane. It's not out of the ordinary for a hit show to go off-track for a se...

Bones and Booth Are Gonna Do It -- and I'm OK with That

Jamie Frevele | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Jamie Frevele

One of the things I liked most about Bones, the platonic partnership of Temperance Brennan and Seeley Booth, is about to come to an end. They are going to do it.