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Free Tibet

Why Tibet Could Be the Best Opportunity for Xi Jinping

Matteo Mecacci | Posted 09.22.2016 | Politics
Matteo Mecacci

China's President Xi Jinping will arrive in Washington to meet President Obama for an important state visit. The context is a growing alarm about China's less than peaceful rise, and provides a rare opportunity for the president to give an important message on Tibet.

Undefeated in Death: Tenzin Delek Rinpoche

Tenzin Dorjee | Posted 07.27.2016 | Politics
Tenzin Dorjee

Rinpoche's death, tragic as it was, will initiate yet another generation of Tibetans into the freedom struggle. Instead of merely praising Tibetan pacifism, the world must support the Tibetan people's nonviolent struggle to end Chinese rule and establish a free and democratic Tibet.

Celebrating National Poetry Month 2015

Michael Carosone | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Michael Carosone

For National Poetry Month 2015, here is one of my poems: "My Laundromat"//I will buy a Laundromat//so that//I can take the perfectly blue and green//rounded sphere which we call planet Earth// and give it a very needed cleaning.

The Beijing Rule: Bullying Its Way to Unity

Fiona Teng | Posted 12.14.2014 | World
Fiona Teng

Like a broken record, Beijing's blatant and brutal practices to maintain "control" of its people and eliminate "threats" to its values play over and over again. It occurred to me that Beijing reminded me a great deal of a documentary I recently watched, Bully.

Tibet Tweets to China and China Tweets Back

Thubten Samphel | Posted 06.29.2014 | Politics
Thubten Samphel

There are some Chinese who are amplifying the Dalai Lama's voice in China. Beyond the radar of China's censors and whispered in the din of China's Internet chatter are expressions of Chinese support and sympathy.

Michelle Obama's Tibetan Dinner Theater

John Wagner Givens | Posted 06.07.2014 | Politics
John Wagner Givens

This blogger hopes that next time the foreign press and anyone interested in the Tibetan will look to the more democratic and less problematic figure of Mr. Sangay the next time a first lady reaches for yak butter tea.


Thubten Samphel | Posted 03.05.2014 | Impact
Thubten Samphel

With this latest self-immolation, since 2009, 125 Tibetans have set themselves on fire. All of them have expressed the same refrain: freedom for Tibet and return of the Dalai Lama.

Writer Uses His Art to Fight for Tibetan Independence

Sophia Slater | Posted 02.11.2014 | Teen
Sophia Slater

With his red bandana, round glasses, and shoulder-length hair, activist, poet, and writer Tenzin Tsundue is often referred to as the "Tibetan Johnny Depp." He's one of the most recognizable faces in the Tibetan freedom movement, staging bold protests against the Chinese government.

The Forgotten Struggle: Tibet's Cold War

Hector Sharp | Posted 01.23.2014 | World
Hector Sharp

Why has the 'Free Tibet' movement withered to the point of near death when the Palestinian and Kashmiri campaigns are still alive and kicking?

Saving the Lives of Forgotten Girls... on the Other Side of the World

Beth Greer | Posted 09.21.2013 | World
Beth Greer

The situation for many young girls living in the Himalayan border region of Upper Dolpo, Nepal, is grim. They get no formal education, and those born ...

Elections, Reincarnation, and the Dalai Lama in Kentucky

John Wagner Givens | Posted 08.13.2013 | World
John Wagner Givens

None of the possible shortcomings of the Dalai Lama as a democrat do anything to excuse the human rights abuses that have been and continue to be perpetrated by the PRC in Tibet.

Inside Job: Beijing's New Allies in Its War on Tibet

Lhadon Tethong | Posted 07.30.2013 | World
Lhadon Tethong

The controversy that played out at the University of Sydney last month is nothing new. For years, the Chinese government has protested any institution that dared to provide a platform for the Tibetan cause, whether it's a talk by the Dalai Lama, a film screening or a photo exhibit.

Dying for Tibet, but Will Cause Expire With Dalai Lama?

William J. Furney | Posted 06.23.2013 | World
William J. Furney

Will the global cause spearheaded by the quirky monk, with such Hollywood champions as Richard Gere and Harrison Ford outlive him?

LOOK: Tibet At The Turn Of The Century

Posted 04.04.2013 | World

On April 4, 1912, China proclaimed a republic in Tibet, a move fiercely contested by Tibetans. The Chinese army had been in Tibet since 1909, when the...

Tibetan Uprising Day Reminds Us

Rajiv Malhotra | Posted 05.12.2013 | World
Rajiv Malhotra

Even as desperate self-immolations among Tibetans still living in Tibet have increased in the past few years, there seem to be no signs whatsoever of China relenting on its cultural genocide there.

At Least 4 Tibetans, Including 3 Teens, Self-Immolate In Protest

Dominique Mosbergen | Posted 11.08.2012 | World

Since February 2009, more than 60 Tibetans have self-immolated in protest of China's rule over Tibet, according to estimates. On Wednesday, at least f...

A Rehearsal Return: How Art & Cinema Help Tibetans 'Return Home'

Tenzin Dorjee | Posted 08.27.2012 | Arts
Tenzin Dorjee

Last October, thousands of Tibetan exiles were able to "return home" -- at least temporarily -- when Tenzing Rigdol smuggled 20,000 kilograms of native Tibetan soil into India.

Why Tibet Matters

Bianca Jagger | Posted 07.14.2012 | World
Bianca Jagger

2012-05-14-Screenshot20120514at8.39.35AM.pngThe Tibetans are standing up to the vast and expanding power of the Chinese state with nonviolent resistance through religious practice, song, literature and even self-immolation.

Nationalism 2.0

The Morningside Post | Posted 07.08.2012 | World
The Morningside Post

We are defined and united less by the national identities we are born into than by the transnational identities in which we choose to believe. We are becoming advocates rather than patriots. Our fight is increasingly for cause before country.

Are Politicians Disregarding Crimes Against Tibet?

The Huffington Post | Kathleen Miles | Posted 02.17.2012 | Los Angeles

The U.S.'s conflict between wanting jobs and prosperity from China and not wanting to condone the country's human rights violations shone brightly in ...

Villaraigosa To U.S. Frenemy: Welcome To LA!

The Huffington Post | Kathleen Miles | Posted 02.15.2012 | Los Angeles

Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping is about to be the U.S.'s biggest frenemy. Which is why Vice President Joe Biden, Gov. Jerry Brown and Mayor Anto...

Goodbye Tibet?

John Graham | Posted 01.14.2012 | World
John Graham

I just saw first-hand what the Chinese are doing in Tibet. The reports you've heard of cultural genocide are true. China is obliterating the ideas, traditions and habits of the Tibetan people.

The Dalai Lama And The Separation Of Church And State In America

Nicole Neroulias Gupte | Posted 09.18.2011 | Religion
Nicole Neroulias Gupte

The separation of church and state is a major principle in American public life, one that the rest of the world acknowledges and -- as evinced by the Dalai Lama's recent remarks -- even admires.

China And The (Next) Dalai Lama

Matteo Pistono | Posted 05.25.2011 | Religion
Matteo Pistono

March 10 marks the anniversary when Tibetans rose up in the streets of Lhasa against China's nascent occupation of Tibet and when a 24-year-old Dalai Lama fled a pursuing Chinese army.

Groupon's Offensive Super Bowl Ad Makes Tibetan Cause Relevant Again

Disgrasian | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media

Guys, seriously, Groupon did a good thing, okay? Because after they aired that Super Bowl ad about Tibetans-being-oppressed-but-who-gives-a-shit-when-we-can-save-money, we're actually talking about Tibet today.