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10 Signs You're Probably Reading This Article Right Now

Kerry O'Brien | Posted 11.22.2014 | Comedy
Kerry O'Brien

Reading articles is something people do on the Internet. In fact, you're probably reading this article right now. But how can you be certain that you're reading this article right now? If you're not entirely sure you're reading this article right now, check out these signs.

Things To Do Instead Of A Nickelback Concert

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Nickelback, the oft-made fun of Canadian rock group, just can't seem to catch a break. Whether it's Facebook getting more likes for a pickle or Detroi...

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It's always a little hard to see your heroes sell out. Most of us know we're getting old the day some rebellious rock song we liked as a kid gets used...

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What Childhood Games Really Taught Us

CollegeHumor | Posted 10.16.2011 | Comedy

We always knew freeze tag was sending the wrong message......

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