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Garry Marshall

'Happy Days' Star Donny Most Has Gone Back To His First Love

Pat Gallagher | Posted 07.22.2015 | Fifty
Pat Gallagher

Donny Most is hot! The 'Happy Days' veteran is taking his (musical) act on the road, and the timing couldn't be better. Ralph Malph -- the show's 'class clown' -- is nowhere to be seen when Don takes the stage with the (wildly talented) Donny Most Orchestra.

From Bulldogs to Elephant Walks: Chats With Johnny Mathis, Monica Mancini and Anson Williams, Plus Matt Hires Works with RMH

Mike Ragogna | Posted 01.14.2015 | Entertainment
Mike Ragogna

Johnny Mathis: I guess you can make it happen by being in the right place at the right time. Who knows.

First Nighter: Amusing "Billy & Ray," Affecting "brownsville song (b-side for tray)"

David Finkle | Posted 12.20.2014 | Arts
David Finkle

The Billy & Ray of the vague title Mike Bencivenga gives his play at the Vineyard are Billy Wilder and Raymond Chandler.

Robin Williams, 1983: Even Then, You Could See Life Was A Struggle

Jesse Kornbluth | Posted 10.11.2014 | Entertainment
Jesse Kornbluth

It's important for me to fall in love with people while I'm interviewing them and writing about them, but there's usually a half-life. After a while, you barely remember them. Robin was different. He made me more vivid to myself, and you don't get that every day.

It's Official, 'Pretty Woman' Is Getting A Musical Makeover

The Huffington Post | Priscilla Frank | Posted 03.19.2014 | Arts

Twenty four years ago Julia Roberts stole the hearts of Americans everywhere as Vivian Ward, a Hollywood prostitute with the curliest locks to ever hi...

In Defense Of 'Pretty Woman'

Matthew Jacobs | Posted 04.20.2014 | Entertainment
Matthew Jacobs

"Pretty Woman" was recently omitted from a list of the greatest modern romantic comedies. Why has the Julia Roberts vehicle come under such fire?

The Power of the Headset -- Inside the WGA Awards

Jose Martinez | Posted 04.06.2014 | Entertainment
Jose Martinez

Bestowed with an All Access badge and a headset, I was able to roam through every nook and cranny of the JW Marriott at L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles at the show.

15 Minutes With Garry Marshall

Jon Steely | Posted 08.08.2013 | Entertainment
Jon Steely

Have you ever had three glasses of complimentary champagne on an empty stomach and been introduced to Garry Marshall? I have, and -- as long as you're not driving -- it's a surreal experience I think you'd enjoy.

Hollywood Hidden Gem: The Alluring and Extreme Talent of Katherine Malak Dazzles Garry Marshall

Jon Steely | Posted 07.23.2013 | Celebrity
Jon Steely

Some time passes, and I'm sitting in Garry Marshall's office, having a nice, late morning chat. Mr. Marshall is one of Hollywood's most successful and respected writer/director/producers.

10 Things 'Hocus Pocus' Gave Us

The Huffington Post | Matthew Jacobs | Posted 07.16.2013 | Entertainment

It has been 20 years since Halloween staple "Hocus Pocus" hit theaters, and we haven't taken a second of it for granted. Here are 10 things this splen...

What I Learned At The Dick Van Dyke School Of Sitcom Writing

Peggy Elliott | Posted 05.21.2013 | Fifty
Peggy Elliott

When I started writing situation comedies for television, 'The Dick Van Dyke Show' had just finished its run. It was too late to have a shot to write for the gold standard, but the right time to work with practically everyone who had been associated with the show.

Jamaica, Farewell Thrills Audiences at the Santa Monica Playhouse

Xaque Gruber | Posted 12.29.2012 | Los Angeles
Xaque Gruber

A thrill ride from beginning to end, with equal parts suspense and laughter, Jamaica, Farewell has been captivating audiences worldwide for five years and returns to the Santa Monica Playhouse on November 9.

The Grand Marshall of Fun

Tom Alderman | Posted 08.18.2012 | Books
Tom Alderman

If you're in the entertainment business, the name Garry Marshall means success and longevity. When you read, or much better listen to, Marshall's book, My Happy Days in Hollywood - A Memoir, you will come away with a fine appreciation of how to achieve lasting success in any business.

Nicki Gostin

Garry Marshall's Wish For Lindsay Lohan | Nicki Gostin | Posted 05.03.2012 | Celebrity

Garry Marshall’s resume reads like a pop-culture cheat sheet for the past 50 years. He got his start penning scripts for sitcoms starring Lucille Ba...

New Year's Eve: See It Just For the Fun of It All

Jackie K. Cooper | Posted 02.14.2012 | Entertainment
Jackie K. Cooper

Every once in a while a movie comes along that has no deep message; no car chases or tons of explosives; and what's best is it isn't in 3D. The purpose of these movies is just to entertain, and such a movie is New Year's Eve.

'New Years Eve' Stars Before They Were Famous

Posted 02.08.2012 | Celebrity

With the star-packed "New Year's Eve" rom-com coming out today, we take a look a look back at the dozen or so celebrities that appear in this Garry Ma...

ReThink Review: New Year's Eve -- Star Power Gridlock

Jonathan Kim | Posted 02.08.2012 | Entertainment
Jonathan Kim

I'm not going to go into all the subplots, except to say that they all end as happily as you know they will from the very start.

Movie Review: New Year's Eve

Marshall Fine | Posted 02.06.2012 | Entertainment
Marshall Fine

When is a comedy not a comedy? When it's one of what apparently is becoming a series of holiday-themed movies by Garry Marshall.

Jessica Biel Plays Pregnant: 'Ate Whatever I Wanted' And 'Biggest Boobs'

Posted 12.05.2011 | Celebrity

Guess who? It's Jessica Biel in "New Year's Eve," that's who! The 29-year-old actress plays a pregnant mother-to-be in the Garry Marshall rom-com ...

Valentine's Day is a Critic Proof Movie

Jackie K. Cooper | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Jackie K. Cooper

Only Garry Marshall could gather together some of Hollywood's brightest stars to create a movie, and keep it all relatively cheap. He is after all the man who brought us movies such as Pretty Woman.

Garry Marshall Directs A Porno (VIDEO)

Posted 05.25.2011 | Comedy

Garry Marshall recently appeared on "Lopez Tonight" and somehow ended up directing a porno. We say "somehow" because the clip below really provides no...

Movie review: Valentine's Day

Marshall Fine | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Marshall Fine

Valentine's Day wants to do for that Hallmark holiday what Love Actually did for Christmas: exploit it to make a romantic comedy. Just one problem: it's not funny.

The Men Of 'Valentine's Day': Who's YOUR Dream Valentine? (PHOTOS)

Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment

Whether or not you plan on seeing 'Valentine's Day' this weekend, the ensemble movie is brimming with men you might want to spend the weekend with. He...