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10 Signs It's Time to Let Go and Move On

Lisa Dubino | Posted 09.16.2015 | Women
Lisa Dubino

There were many, many signs that this wasn't the guy for me but I needed to be 110 percent sure that it was time to move on. Here's a list of the top ten red flags from my relationship.

The Mainstreaming of Empathy, or How Hannibal Changed My Life

Sezin Koehler | Posted 09.14.2015 | Entertainment
Sezin Koehler

With an appropriately bloody and dashing full moon finale came the close of three amazing seasons of Bryan Fuller's Hannibal, hands down some of the best television ever made in the history of the medium.

Gaslighting by Athletes, Politicians, Public Figures and Organizations: Powerful Ramifications

Karen Gross | Posted 06.03.2015 | Politics
Karen Gross

For society to function effectively and in a civilized, law-abiding manner, we need trust in each other and in our leaders and role models. We need them to be honest and stable. Gaslighting disables these beliefs and in that sense is worse than immorality. It makes the immoral moral.

Why Mother's Day Is 'Selfish'

Kara Post-Kennedy | Posted 06.28.2015 | Women
Kara Post-Kennedy

You know what really offends in our society? A woman who expresses "wants" and "needs" of her own, especially if she is a MOTHER.

Ran Blake and Film Noir

Tony Woodcock | Posted 06.09.2015 | Arts
Tony Woodcock

An extraordinary improvising musician who styles himself a "noir pianist," Ran celebrates his 80th birthday on August 20 this year. He can look back, and indeed forward, at a life spent entirely in music as a performer and as an educator.

Zelda Wasn't 'Crazy': How What You Don't Know About Fitzgerald Tells Us Something About 'Crazy' Women, Then and Now

Heather Laine Talley | Posted 07.20.2013 | Women
Heather Laine Talley

The "crazy" Zelda that has emerged in our popular imagination is as much Scott's making as The Great Gatsby itself. This is, in and of itself, part of the F. Scott legacy. His work depended on Zelda's silence.

WATCH: How 'Gaslighting' Ruined My Relationship

Posted 12.03.2012 | HuffPost Live 321

'Gaslighting' is a form of verbal abuse where false information is given to a partner to make them doubt their own memory. Guest Natalie P. talked abo...

What No Woman Deserves to Be Called

Yashar Ali | Posted 09.10.2012 | Women
Yashar Ali

"Needy" has been transformed into a slur, an insult we use to delegitimize women's needs and concerns, making them think twice before asking for what they need -- if they ask at all.

On Women's Rights: Yeah, Yeah, Blah, Blah, Blah Whatever

Yashar Ali | Posted 05.20.2012 | Women
Yashar Ali

It's not that men are less empathetic than women. It's just that we are conditioned not to feel comfortable showing empathy.

Is Your Partner A Secret Sex Addict?

Alexandra Katehakis, M.F.T. | Posted 03.07.2012 | Women
Alexandra Katehakis, M.F.T.

In the 50s, women were told to look out for lipstick on the collar, lingerie in the glove box and long nights at work. Today partners often discover indiscretions through email trails or texts.

A Message to Women From a Man: You Are Not "Crazy"

Yashar Ali | Posted 08.23.2013 | Women
Yashar Ali

It's a whole lot easier to emotionally manipulate someone who has been conditioned by our society to accept it. We continue to burden women because they don't refuse our burdens as easily. It's the ultimate cowardice.

Bush-McCain and the Gaslighting of America

Dan Agin | Posted 05.25.2011 | Politics
Dan Agin

When the American public passively accepts Pentagon censorship of the casualties of an unnecessary war, you are witnessing a consequence of the gaslighting of America.