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Gaspar Noè

The Neon Demon, A Film Only a Proctologist Could Relish

Brandon Judell | Posted 06.13.2016 | Entertainment
Brandon Judell

The Danish-born director, Nicolas Winding Refn, has helmed a few popular movies such as Drive (2011), Bronson (2008), and the Pusher trilogy. This suc...

Resplendently Ditzy

Karen Sztajnberg | Posted 12.08.2016 | Entertainment
Karen Sztajnberg

Victoria, Phoenix, and Love. Though they sound more like a collection of progressive rock album titles, they have come to form the triumvirate of lost opportunity for key female characters.

'Love,' Gaspar Noé Style, Means Complicated, Graphic 3D Sex

The Huffington Post | Matthew Jacobs | Posted 11.07.2015 | Entertainment

Nestled among fall's awards-bait onslaught is something that won't attract the Oscars' attention but might arouse yours -- that is, if a theater near ...

Gaspar Noe's Love

Francis Levy | Posted 11.02.2016 | Arts
Francis Levy

At one point in Gaspar Noe's Love, his male lead Murphy (Karl Glusman), a would be director studying filmmaking in Paris.

A 3D Film Attempts To Show Sex On Screen Like It's Never Been Done Before

The Huffington Post | Priscilla Frank | Posted 11.05.2015 | Arts

Warning: This article contains spoilers about the film's plot and some graphic content. Be (double) warned. This is Murphy. He's the protagonist of ...

Entering the Void

Francis Levy | Posted 11.04.2016 | Arts
Francis Levy

The fact is we are all given a death sentence. Once you're born you begin to die. But let's say you get some very bad news, as some people do, and you're told that you just have six months to live.

Luchino Visconti's Rocco and His Brothers

Francis Levy | Posted 10.27.2016 | Arts
Francis Levy

Luchino Visconti's Rocco and His Brothers (1960), in revival at Film Forum through Thursday, is like one of those large intergenerational novels. The disquisition is even presented like a novel with sections devoted to the brothers of the title

The Search for the Real: Part 3

James Franco | Posted 11.09.2012 | Entertainment
James Franco

It's funny that Newsies was your favorite thing you've seen on Broadway. Of all the things we've seen. I admit it was entertaining, but also funny -- you kept wondering why I was laughing when all the cute little newsboys in their Depression-era outfits started doing cartwheels and back flips.

Exclusive Q&A: Director Gaspar Noe's View of The Cusp of Death As Detailed in Enter The Void

Brad Balfour | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Brad Balfour

The week preceding Halloween provides an opportunity to celebrate the genres of the supernatural, fantastical and horror film. The Film Society of Lin...

Mighty Movie Podcast: Gaspar Noé on Enter the Void

Dan Persons | Posted 05.25.2011 | Entertainment
Dan Persons

Kinda sorry I'm going to see Legend of the Guardians in IMAX 3D this weekend, and not Gaspar Noé's new film, Enter the Void. This is the movie that c...