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The Battle For America Is The Battle For Science

Llewellyn King | Posted 03.26.2017 | Politics
Llewellyn King

The man who popularized Greek-style yogurt, Hamdi Ulukaya, is probably one of the only, if not the only, billionaire of recent years who does not owe ...

Is Diabetes The Disease Or The Symptom?

Bill Couzens | Posted 03.26.2017 | Healthy Living
Bill Couzens

Earlier this week I was told I was diabetic. When sharing it with people, some felt maybe this was not the type of news the founder of Less Cancer sho...

Historian: Human History 'Will End When Men Become Gods'

The WorldPost | Nathan Gardels | Posted 03.24.2017 | Home

Yuval Noah Harari, an Israeli historian and the internationally best-selling author of Sapiens, has a new book out about the future of humanity, calle...

Two-Thirds Of Cancers Caused By Random Genetic Mistakes

Reuters | Erin Schumaker | Posted 03.23.2017 | Healthy Living

About two thirds of cancers are caused by random typos in DNA that occur as normal cells make copies of themselves, a finding that helps explain why h...

The Government Just Funded The Biggest Long-Term Study Of Black Cancer Survivors

The Huffington Post | Erin Schumaker | Posted 03.23.2017 | Healthy Living

The National Institutes of Health recently announced that it will fund the largest-ever study of African-American cancer survivors. The agency is prov...

How Your Ancestors' Environment Determines The Shape Of Your Nose

The Huffington Post | Carolyn Gregoire | Posted 03.20.2017 | Healthy Living

Whether your nose is long and narrow or short and wide, you may have your ancestors’ climate to thank. New anthropological research finds that nose...

What Chrissy Teigen Can Teach Us About Postpartum Depression

The Huffington Post | Anna Almendrala | Posted 03.16.2017 | Healthy Living

Model Chrissy Teigen will be the first to let you know that motherhood looks effortless on her because she, like many other rich celebrities, has a lo...

Neanderthals Munched On 'Aspirin' And Woolly Rhinos

Live Science | Erin Schumaker | Posted 03.15.2017 | Science

Neanderthals once dined on woolly rhinoceroses and wild sheep, and even self-medicated with painkillers and antibiotics, according to a new analysis o...

How A Kernel Of Corn May Yield Answers Into Some Cancers

The Conversation US | Posted 03.20.2017 | Healthy Living
The Conversation US

By Kevin M. Folta, University of Florida Driving down a country highway in the Midwest can seem an endless ribbon flanked by green walls of corn, neat...

Workplace Genetic Testing Isn't Just Unethical, It's Scientifically Unsound

The Huffington Post | Erin Schumaker | Posted 03.15.2017 | Healthy Living

In 2008, Congress passed the Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act to prevent employers and insurance companies from discriminating against Americ...

Redheads Experience The World Differently Than Everyone Else

The Huffington Post | Lindsay Holmes | Posted 03.14.2017 | Healthy Living

Redheads’ hair isn’t the only thing that sets them apart. The genetic differences that give people fiery locks affects more than just the color of...

GOP Health Bill Could Let Companies Pressure Workers To Give Genetic Test Results

The Huffington Post | Dave Jamieson | Posted 03.13.2017 | Politics

WASHINGTON ― Imagine your employer wants you to submit to genetic testing as part of a “workplace wellness” program. The testing is completely v...

This May Explain Why You Get Sick When You're Overtired

The Huffington Post | Sarah Digiulio | Posted 03.15.2017 | Healthy Living

If you want to skip the misery that comes with fighting a seasonal cold or flu, new research explains why sleep is some of the best preventive medicin...

Tennessee Bird Flu Shares Name, Not Genetics, Of Feared China Strain

Reuters | Erin Schumaker | Posted 03.09.2017 | Healthy Living

The strain of bird flu that infected a chicken farm in Tennessee in recent days shares the same name as a form of the virus that has killed humans in ...

Largest Genetic Study To Date Reveals Broad Spectrum Of Autism

The Huffington Post | Carolyn Gregoire | Posted 03.07.2017 | Healthy Living

A large-scale new study aims to crack the genetic code for autism, identifying 18 new genetic variations linked to an increased risk for the disorder....

'Fake News' Is Also Plaguing The World Of Science

Healthline | Posted 03.07.2017 | Science

By David Mills The political arena isn’t the only place where “fake news” is being debated. Scientists are now speaking out about false informat...

Donate an Egg, Become Infertile

Healthline | Posted 03.03.2017 | Healthy Living

I was 24 years old when I donated my eggs. The first time was in June 2007. The second was January 2008. I’d seen fliers across my college campus fo...

People With ADHD Have Different Brains

The Huffington Post | Carolyn Gregoire | Posted 02.24.2017 | Healthy Living

The largest-ever brain imaging study on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder has led scientists to say the condition should be considered a neurol...

Why We Are So Emotionally Connected To Our Pets

Healthline | Posted 02.23.2017 | Healthy Living

We love our pets, and we feel like we understand them. But is that true? How could it be, when we are two species separated by millions of years of ev...

Targeting Gut Bacteria May Be The Key To Preventing Alzheimer's

The Huffington Post | Carolyn Gregoire | Posted 02.21.2017 | Healthy Living

Mounting research continues to show the links between the health of the gut and that of the brain. Now, a new study from Lund University in Sweden fin...

How New Genetic Technologies Are Reshaping Pregnancy And Parenting

The Huffington Post | Carolyn Gregoire | Posted 02.20.2017 | Healthy Living

As the nascent field of genetic testing advances, expectant parents face a dizzying array of new and difficult questions. Would you want to know if yo...

Experts Are One Step Closer To Predicting A Man's Risk For Hair Loss | Anna Almendrala | Posted 02.20.2017 | Healthy Living

More than 200 new genetic markers linked with male pattern baldness have been identified, according to a new study from the United Kingdom. The findin...

CRISPR Will Never Be Good Enough To Improve People

Stuart A. Newman | Posted 02.22.2017 | Healthy Living
Stuart A. Newman

The CRISPR/Cas9 (CRISPR) technique has been used to modify genes in animals, plants and fungi, organisms different from and more complex than the bact...

Newly Discovered Churchill Essay On Aliens Is A Timely Reminder Of The Dangers Facing Life On Earth

The Conversation Global | Posted 02.16.2017 | Home
The Conversation Global

Elizabeth Tasker, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA)Buried within the archives of a museum in Missouri, an essay on the search alien life has c...

New Genetic Discovery Explains Why Some Women Suffer Extreme PMS

The Huffington Post | Sarah Digiulio | Posted 02.17.2017 | Healthy Living

Most women are all too familiar with the I-just-want-to-go-home-and-put-on-my-sweatpants feeling that comes with their periods, but for some, symptoms...