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George Zimmerman Trayvon Martin

The Man Who Shot At George Zimmerman Has Been Released On Bond

Associated Press | Posted 05.16.2015 | Crime

LAKE MARY, Fla. (AP) — A man who shot at George Zimmerman during a confrontation along a busy central Florida road has been ordered by a judge to tu...

George Zimmerman Arrested On Aggravated Assault Charge

AP | KELLI KENNEDY | Posted 03.12.2015 | Crime

MIAMI (AP) — Florida authorities say George Zimmerman, whose acquittal of murdering an unarmed black teen sparked a national debate on race and self...

PHOTOS: Here's What Zimmerman's Paintings Should Actually Look Like

The Huffington Post | Andy McDonald | Posted 01.31.2014 | Black Voices

George Zimmerman is back in the news with more of his poorly thought-out and rather distasteful paintings. The Associated Press is now threatening leg...

Enough Already? How George Zimmerman Keeps Resetting His 15 Minutes Of Fame

AP | ALLEN G. BREED and KYLE HIGHTOWER | Posted 11.14.2013 | Black Voices

LAKE MARY, Fla. — Whether they think that he got away with murdering 17-year-old Trayvon Martin or that he was just a brave neighborhood watch v...

A Night of Candles

Marcel Neergaard | Posted 10.28.2013 | Teen
Marcel Neergaard

From that night forward we decided to not watch as racism took over the planet, but act. That room of LGBTQ activists became a group of anti-hate activists. We stood together. We still stand together, and we will fight together.

Gun Group Defends Raising Money To Buy A Gun For George Zimmerman

Posted 07.29.2013 | Black Voices

Does George Zimmerman, the Florida man who was recently found not guilty in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, need another gun? One Ohio gun group...

To What Extent Did Race Play a Role In The Death of Trayvon Martin?

Frederick M. Lawrence | Posted 09.28.2013 | College
Frederick M. Lawrence

A key question persists in the wake of George Zimmerman's acquittal on charges of homicide: To what extent did race play a role in the death of Trayvon Martin?

Why Zimmerman Juror B29 Believed in His Guilt But Still Voted to Acquit

Earl Ofari Hutchinson | Posted 09.27.2013 | Black Voices
Earl Ofari Hutchinson

Zimmerman got several benefits in his trial from the jurors. One was that he was innocent. The other was that the prosecution did not prove its case. But the biggest benefit was that even when juror B29 thought he was guilty and should have been convicted she still voted to acquit.

Racism in the U.S. & the Headscarf in Turkey

Arzu Kaya Uranli | Posted 09.24.2013 | World
Arzu Kaya Uranli

Unfortunately, somehow a physical manifestation of a woman's faith has become a threatening political symbol in Turkey. Even some conservatives have mixed feelings when it comes to the headscarf.

What Everyone Missed About The Trayvon Martin Case

Upworthy | Posted 07.24.2013 | Politics

The night of the Trayvon Martin verdict, debates ensued all over the country....

What Are We Going to Do About It?

Bishop Stacy Sauls | Posted 09.22.2013 | Religion
Bishop Stacy Sauls

The tragedy of Trayvon Martin's death has made plain to me what, in truth, was there to be seen for many years. What is needed is another moral movement in our society, and I believe it is a moral movement, though not the exclusive possession of the Church, that can only be effectively led by the Church.

Jimmy Carter: George Zimmerman Jury 'Made The Right Decision'

The Huffington Post | Nick Wing | Posted 07.17.2013 | Politics

Former President Jimmy Carter weighed in Tuesday on the recent verdict handed down in the trial of George Zimmerman, the Florida man who faced murder ...

Limbaugh's Latest Conspiracy Theory

The Huffington Post | Rebecca Shapiro | Posted 07.16.2013 | Media

Rush Limbaugh told listeners of his Monday radio show that the mainstream media only covered stories that pushed political agendas. He also sugges...

Trayvon Martin: No Stranger to God

Rev. Frederick Davie | Posted 09.14.2013 | Religion
Rev. Frederick Davie

I feel called to join all of my colleagues to provide a community and educational context where all bodies are welcomed, where the stranger and the other are embraced and encouraged, consistently, and in all aspects of our community life.

What You May Not Know About the Zimmerman Verdict: The Evolution of a Jury Instruction

Alafair Burke | Posted 09.14.2013 | Black Voices
Alafair Burke

That may have been the moment when Zimmerman got acquitted. The end result was that jurors were told only about the parts of Florida self-defense law that benefited the defendant, without knowing anything about the most relevant potential limitation.

PHOTOS: Protesters March For Trayvon Martin In New York

The Huffington Post | Adam Goldberg | Posted 07.15.2013 | New York

A march for Trayvon Martin drew big crowds in New York City on Sunday. Protesters marched south on Broadway from Union Square, many carrying signs ...

Justice Department To Review Zimmerman Case

AP | Posted 09.13.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON — The Justice Department says it is looking into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin to determine whether federal prosecutors should...

Ryan J. Reilly

Politicians React To George Zimmerman Not Guilty Verdict | Ryan J. Reilly | Posted 07.14.2013 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Politicians reacted to the "not guilty" verdict in the George Zimmerman case on Sunday morning as commentators called for the Justice De...

Prosecution's Biggest Mistake in Zimmerman Trial

Bennett L. Gershman | Posted 09.09.2013 | Crime
Bennett L. Gershman

It's hard to quantify what the prosecution gained by introducing Zimmerman's statements. To be sure, the prosecution was able to point out several discrepancies in Zimmerman's accounts, but these were really minor inconsistencies.

Critical Points About the Trayvon Martin Case

Andy Ostroy | Posted 09.02.2013 | Crime
Andy Ostroy

It's the Johnny Cochran Magic Glove Circus Part 2 and, I fear, with the same ultimate outcome.

WATCH: Zimmerman's Attorney Tells 'Knock-Knock' Joke During Opening Statements

The Huffington Post | Adam Goldberg | Posted 06.24.2013 | Black Voices

The trial of George Zimmerman, who is charged with second-degree murder in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin, started off with a joke. A murder ...

Trayvon Martin Trial: What to Expect

Mark I. Pinsky | Posted 08.02.2013 | Crime
Mark I. Pinsky

Given the defense's theory of the case, a verdict of involuntary manslaughter might provide a conflicted jury an opportunity to arrive at a compromise, "split-the-difference" decision. Involuntary manslaughter is the trial's real battleground.

Judge Limits Admittance Of Trayvon's Texts, Photos

AP | KYLE HIGHTOWER | Posted 07.28.2013 | Black Voices

SANFORD, Fla. -- Attorneys won't be able to mention Trayvon Martin's drug use, suspension from school and past fighting during opening statements at t...

Zimmerman Challenges Expert's Testimony At His Trial

AP | Posted 05.06.2013 | Black Voices

SANFORD, Fla. -- Former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman is questioning the expected use of a voice recognition expert at his murder tria...

Happy Birthday Trayvon!

Posted 02.05.2013 | Black Voices

Trayvon Martin would have celebrated his 18th birthday today. The teen, whose story quickly became the topic of almost every news discussion last year...