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Gina Rivera

Award Shows Offer Red Carpet Education

Gina Rivera | Posted 09.22.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Emmys, Oscars, Grammys and MTV Music awards, you can be assured if there are super stars and red carpets involved, trends will be set. This is especially true when it comes to the beauty industry, particularly where fashion and hair are involved.

Make Fast Hairstyle Changes, Just Like Rihanna

Gina Rivera | Posted 09.16.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

It's amazing the different styles we can now do with our own hair, and quickly! A great case-in-point was Rihanna at the recent MTV music awards with her four much-talked-about looks that included changes in hairstyles throughout the show.

Textured Locks Rule The Runways At NYC Fashion Week

Gina Rivera | Posted 09.13.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Hairstyles with very natural looking slight subtle waves were also highly popular as were topknots that were loosely done.

Some Standouts, But Natural Looks Rule at MTV VMAs

Gina Rivera | Posted 09.06.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Not many people look good with yellow hair. Cassie rocked the color at the MTV Video Music Awards. She wore it bright and straight with just a slig...

Time For A Pre-Fall Hair Routine

Gina Rivera | Posted 08.15.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

New color will take better and have a richer tone in healthy hair. When the hair is damaged or dried out, the color has a harder time staying in the hair which can result in fast fading.

Give Your Hair A Vacation, Too

Gina Rivera | Posted 08.02.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

We're deep, deep into summer and that means vacations with lots of sun, salty ocean water, pools with whatever's in them, and all the different water ...

Go Easy When Fighting Frizzy Hair

Gina Rivera | Posted 07.27.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Go low on the temp. Heat is a big contributor to frizz. Especially if it's already dry and hot out, turn down the temp on your tools.

Caring For Candy Hair Colors

Gina Rivera | Posted 07.13.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

I am seeing so many beautiful, bright candy colors in hair, and in a wide variety of styles, everything from all-over tone-on-tone to balayage.

The Tradeoff For Really Clean Hair Is Worth It... Sometimes

Gina Rivera | Posted 06.21.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Simply, it's a tradeoff. Sometimes you'll want that elegant updo, requiring lots of styling hold. Other times you want it to be soft and touchable with an intoxicating aroma.

For easy to style hair, skip that shower

Gina Rivera | Posted 06.14.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Who would have thought that dirty hair could actually serve a purpose? Maybe anyone who styled after skipping a shower (or two). Most, if not all, o...

Bangs and Edgy Styles Take Stage at Billboards

Gina Rivera | Posted 06.01.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

The Billboard Music Awards proved to be a big event for changes in hairstyles.

Summer Care for Hair Color ... Make It Last!

Gina Rivera | Posted 05.24.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Let's just suppose for a moment that those aren't your natural highlights. We all color, right? And we're all going lighter for summer. What we don't...

Wedding Season Brings Looser Hairstyles

Gina Rivera | Posted 05.04.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Wedding season is on the doorstep, close on the heels of prom season, and we're seeing some of the same styles emerge for these two pinnacle hair events.

Loose, Casual Hairstyles Are Big for Prom Season

Gina Rivera | Posted 04.27.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Prom season is here and it's exciting this year because what we thought was just throwing our hair up when we rolled out of bed to get coffee or go to the gym, is now the new trend for formal looks. All these styles need is just a little finishing.

The Best Hair Accessories and Tips for Travel

Gina Rivera | Posted 04.19.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Here comes summer! "Woo, hooo!" Time to do some traveling. Here is a list of my favorite accessories for going casual (or formal) almost anywhere under the sun.

Blondes Rocked It All Winter Long

Gina Rivera | Posted 03.30.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

We just had the official start of spring and, looking back on winter, we see that lots of blondes remained devoted to their fun, beachy colors through the cold months when lots of us follow tradition for darker, romantic reds and browns.

Elegant Oscars Give Us Everyday Hairstyles

Gina Rivera | Posted 03.02.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Kudos for all the beautiful hair at the Oscars, continuing a trend from the Grammys with cuts and colors moving to the forefront of fashion on stage w...

Stars Play the (Hair) Parts at SAG Awards

Gina Rivera | Posted 02.03.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Side parts took center stage at the SAG Awards 2016.

Look to the Past for Great Bob Hairstyles Now

Gina Rivera | Posted 01.29.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Bobs are trending big-time right now in every way, shape and form... no exaggeration!

Beautiful Hair at Critics' Choice Points to Exciting Year

Gina Rivera | Posted 01.22.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

The Critics' Choice Awards brought more signals that hair trends are on the move. Host T. J. Miller walked the 'blue' carpet in Santa Monica with wif...

What to Expect in Hair for 2016; The Infinite Variety of Bob Makes them Irresistable

Gina Rivera | Posted 01.15.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Don't expect anything less. When you head to your stylist for a change in 2016, what she's bound to suggest is that never-ending classic, the "bob."

Golden Globes Set Glamorous Tone for Hair in 2016

Gina Rivera | Posted 01.12.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Colors remained mostly tone-on-tone with beautiful, but subtle, variations. We did see some stars wearing their hair with a darker base at the roots and some lighter pieces in a balayage treatment to create a soft and sexy look. Overall, we're staying with more natural looks and soft transitions.

Still Time to Make Hair Part of Your New Year's Resolutions

Gina Rivera | Posted 01.05.2016 | Style
Gina Rivera

Commit to climbing out of that hair rut! Your hair may be beautiful, but if you've had a single style for a long, long while (several years?), it's probably time for a change.

Jazz Up Your Gym Hair for that New Year's Resolution

Gina Rivera | Posted 12.28.2015 | Style
Gina Rivera

Typically, we pull our hair back into a ponytail, call it good and hit the treadmill and weights. That's not bad. Ponytails are on a tremendous roll, appearing on most of the top red carpets. But what about this.

Christmastime Is Movie Time With Trend-Setting Hair

Gina Rivera | Posted 12.10.2015 | Style
Gina Rivera

Christmas time means movie time, and it's always so fun to see the theatrics in hair -- everything from realism to fantasy and futuristic looks. And, "right," maybe you don't want to walk around with a cut from "Mad Max," but even extreme movie styles can give you some great and useable inspiration.