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Global Debt Crisis

The Euro Elephant in the German Living Room

David Miles | Posted 03.19.2012 | World
David Miles

Chancellor Merkel and her policymakers have been acting on the basis that Greece is an isolated case. Yet every reactive decision and feeble measure by Berlin increases the likelihood of a Greek tragedy becoming a Europe-wide one.

The Core of the Economic Debate

Michael Farr | Posted 02.07.2012 | Business
Michael Farr

In Europe and the United States, debates over deficits, austerity, and intervention are being conducted in several languages, but they share the same essential elements.

Never Again, Not Even One Bit!

Alexander Goerlach | Posted 12.25.2011 | World
Alexander Goerlach

Europe does not require a new narrative. The only task in front of us is the defense of "never again." Our historical vision must expand to include another pastime of European states: debt-financed budgets.

Global Debt Crisis: Can a Collective Currency Devaluation Do the Trick?

Wael Nawara | Posted 11.02.2011 | World
Wael Nawara

Some brave economists have made it clear that we need a new International Monetary System, a "New Bretton Woods" sort of agreement in order to solve things in the long term. But still, what do we do with the existing debt crisis?

Nassim Taleb: Debt Spreading "Like Cancer" (VIDEO)

Posted 05.25.2011 | Business

Author and New York University professor Nassim Taleb told CNBC this morning reporters that the world's debt problems were spreading "like cancer" -- ...

Will the Global Debt Crisis Lead to a Future Tax Hell on Earth?

Sheldon Filger | Posted 05.25.2011 | Business
Sheldon Filger

When all else fails, the capacity to impose taxation on its citizens is the only recourse left to sovereigns for convincing bankers and investors of their credit worthiness as borrowers.