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Global Green

Securing Green Finance for Developing Countries

Yvo de Boer | Posted 12.21.2016 | Green
Yvo de Boer

The Paris climate change conference was a great success for the Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) in many ways, bringing new opportunities going fo...

After Paris, Developing Nations Are Charting a Path to Green Growth. That's Historic.

Yvo de Boer | Posted 12.16.2016 | Home
Yvo de Boer

SEOUL -- Today, China has not only committed to capping emissions by 2030 and has invested more than $80 billion in renewable energy initiatives; it is expected after Paris to roll out its most far-reaching national plan for mitigating climate change, including a potential carbon tax as well as national emissions-trading schemes.

WATCH: The Solutions to Our Most Pressing Problems Exist Around Us

Leila Conners | Posted 10.29.2016 | Home
Leila Conners

In a world that is constantly confronted with catastrophic news, there comes an idea that lifts us up, an idea so powerfully inspirational that it shifts whole paradigms of thinking and approach. This idea has been around for over a decade in its current form, and, actually, has been around for billions of years. It is called "biomimicry," but that word is really another word for nature.

SF's Global Green Event Grows Bigger and More Important

Divina Infusino | Posted 10.29.2014 | San Francisco
Divina Infusino

San Franciscans love a little Hollywood stardust, especially when it arrives at their doorstep attached to a pressing cause. Case in point: The celebr...

Facebook App Monitors Daily Water Consumption

ecofabulous | Posted 07.19.2013 | HuffPost Home

The Huffington Post is proud to feature an original story by ecofabulous. Your carbon footprint is not a dirty shoe trail, which won’t be news to...

Major Company Partners With 'Solar For Sandy' Project

Posted 06.17.2013 | Green

From Mother Nature Network's Matt Hickman: Following a successful pilot run in Far Rockaway Queens, party hardy environmental organization Global G...

Bike Power Week, April 15-19

Natalie Pace | Posted 06.15.2013 | Impact
Natalie Pace

The goal of Bike Power week is that people will get creative on how to do without gasoline for five days and in so doing, find ways to make lasting, cleaner choices in their lives.

Bringing Light, Giving Power, Sharing Hope at the City of Joy

Matt Petersen | Posted 10.28.2012 | Green
Matt Petersen

There's a passage -- "plant trees with her, and watch them grow together" -- that to me is an antidote to reverse our society's false notion of dominion over the Earth and women. The Congo is the epicenter of these two issues coming together.

2008 Fashion Police at the Mardi Gras

Karen Dalton-Beninato | Posted 05.30.2012 | Entertainment
Karen Dalton-Beninato

If this year's Oscar fashions were too tame for your taste, check out the Saving NOLA Mardi Gras Open House. Styles were more Bjork than Tilda Swinton, so mix up a Sazerac, crank some Subdudes and check it out.

I'm Stuck in a Bad Relationship, Part 2

Matt Petersen | Posted 05.03.2012 | Green
Matt Petersen

A good relationship is built on respect. A good relationship demands that you listen to your partner. But we, as a society, have not been listening to planet Earth and the signals she is sending.

I'm Stuck in a Bad Relationship, Part 1

Matt Petersen | Posted 03.31.2012 | Green
Matt Petersen

What can we do to help the reduce the conflict and end this unfathomable violence against women and girls -- and increasingly boys -- in the Eastern Congo? As consumers, we can make a difference by demanding cell phones and electronic goods that are conflict mineral-free.

PHOTOS: Michelle Branch, Gavin Newsom And World Environmentalists Come Out For Green Gala

Robin Wilkey | Posted 12.09.2011 | San Francisco

On Tuesday night, environmental supporters from around the world gathered at San Francisco's LEED certified Bently Reserve for the seventh annual Gorg...

Green Occupation of Wall Street

Matt Petersen | Posted 12.10.2011 | Green
Matt Petersen

At a time when I began to fear complacency and comfort was dissuading individuals from speaking out or at least taking action in their neighborhoods, OWS is reminding us that it is our duty as citizens to honor our beliefs, speak out, and take a stand.

Blessed Bounty: Reflections on the Sustainable Design Competition

Matt Petersen | Posted 10.31.2011 | Impact
Matt Petersen

At the outset of my journey to help rebuild New Orleans green in early September 2005, many thought I was crazy to think I could help this city that was so deeply devastated.

Remembering Ray Anderson: A Tribute to a True Green Giant

Matt Petersen | Posted 10.09.2011 | Green
Matt Petersen

Ray set his sights high -- aiming to run a zero-footprint business, if not a restorative enterprise -- and set the best possible example for other businesses, big and small, to follow his lead. That is his legacy: hope for the future.

The Creatives Dinner

Lauren Selman | Posted 06.04.2011 | Home
Lauren Selman

In the wake of the tsunami in Japan, we are seeing organizations and governments leaping into action to help. In an almost turn-key fashion, planes ar...

The Global Green Pre-Oscar Party

Tara Settembre | Posted 05.25.2011 | Los Angeles
Tara Settembre

Just days before and the Academy Awards red carpet is filled with celebrities, the more eco-minded celebs turn to the green carpet at Global Green USA's 8th Annual Pre-Oscar party.

With A Little Help From Our Friends: A 5 Year Katrina Evacuation

Karen Dalton-Beninato | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Karen Dalton-Beninato

When you've lived through it, hearing anyone call a disaster someone's Katrina is like hearing a pundit speculate on Obama's That Time Your House Burned Down when you're the one whose house burned down.

Laura Bassett

Post-Katrina, Global Green Gives New Orleans An Eco-Facelift | Laura Bassett | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact

Before Hurricane Katrina struck, New Orleans was far from a model of environmental sustainability. The centuries-old houses with 10-foot ceilings that...

Dear BP: Nobody Puts Peter Fonda in the Corner (Updated with NOLA Rally Photos)

Karen Dalton-Beninato | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Karen Dalton-Beninato

It's a regular game of whack-a-mole, getting to the shore at BP's Grand Isle cleanup. It turns out Peter Fonda was at one end of Grand Isle yesterday,...

Earth Day Endorsement from The Big Easy: Build it Back Green

Karen Dalton-Beninato | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Karen Dalton-Beninato

Global Green's "Build it Back Green" Workshop series kicks off this Tuesday in New Orleans. In the first panel, speakers will discuss how to improve indoor air quality and save on utility bills with green materials.

Byu-ti for the Planet -- A Sustainable Soiree for Global Green

Julie Spira | Posted 05.25.2011 | Style
Julie Spira

The 40th anniversary of Earth Day is around the corner on April 23, 2010. Natasha Sunshine, owner of Byu-ti Salon got an early start and threw a soiree on April 11 to benefit Global Green, USA.

On Exhaustion and a Month of Oil

Karen Dalton-Beninato | Posted 05.25.2011 | Green
Karen Dalton-Beninato

Maybe it's a byproduct of watching live BP oil footage streamed from the ocean floor for too long, but it feels like desperate times call for desperate measures as the leak rolls on.

Green Dat: Causecast and Impact Team up for Global Green

Karen Dalton-Beninato | Posted 05.25.2011 | Impact
Karen Dalton-Beninato

Texting Green Dat to 85944 by the end of the first quarter of the Superbowl will give $10 to Global Green's rebuilding efforts in New Orleans.

True Angels in the City of Angels: The Top 5 Social Enterprises in LA

Jonathan Greenblatt | Posted 05.25.2011 | Los Angeles
Jonathan Greenblatt

Despite the negative press, LA is a vibrant hub of ethnicities and ideas, a thriving metropolis that spurs continuous innovation for the common good.