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Letter To A Young Transgender Child Of God

Glennon Melton | Posted 05.01.2015 | Religion
Glennon Melton

Is it okay if while wearing a skirt and nail polish J loudly and proudly and without reservation, declares himself/herself to be a unique, unrepeatable, sparkling child of God? YES!

When Church Is A Choice

Shelly Wood | Posted 04.30.2015 | Religion
Shelly Wood

Whatever the reasons, when parents don't make their kids go to church, I am certain they are doing so out of protection. I have no doubt that the decision is well-meaning. It's not that they are saying that God isn't important. They are saying that religion isn't important to know God. But here's the problem.

Breaking Up With God

Jesse Brune | Posted 04.28.2015 | Gay Voices
Jesse Brune

I'm so grateful that technology has evolved enough to where LGBT youth can discover support systems online that provide a palpable "Plan B" to some of the hateful and absurd messages being offered at the pulpit.

Bruce Jenner: Evolution and the Family

Terri Britt | Posted 04.28.2015 | Religion
Terri Britt

When you hide your thoughts, feelings, desires and dreams, you disconnect from who you were created to be. You separate from your truth. You separate from God. And in this separation, you suffer. Like Bruce, it's time to evolve and end the suffering.

My Place in the World: Thoughts and Feelings - SCOTUS and Marriage Equality

Stephanie Mott | Posted 04.28.2015 | Gay Voices
Stephanie Mott

Today, the Supreme Court of the United States is hearing arguments about whether or not I have the right to marry a person of my choosing irrespective of whether or not they are "male" or "female."

Where Is God in Nepal?

Rabbi Evan Moffic | Posted 04.27.2015 | Religion
Rabbi Evan Moffic

God is not a cosmic magician. God is the ground of being. God is the power that fuels the world. And the existence of the world depends on freedom.

Life-Changing Rituals

Julianne Boyland | Posted 04.27.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Julianne Boyland

The rituals certainly don't have to be like mine, but if you are some how letting go, renewing, and thankful in these rituals I believe your life will change for the good.

Putting Away the Little Sneakbox Sailboat -- Moving on After My Husband's Death

Carol Jones | Posted 04.26.2015 | Healthy Living
Carol Jones

I began making space in my private living quarters at Peace Awareness Labyrinth and Gardens for new things. While I wanted every piece of memorabilia ...

A God That Scientists And Philosophers Can Believe In

Religion News Service | Cathy Lynn Grossman | Posted 04.25.2015 | Religion

WASHINGTON (RNS) When she was a teen, Nancy Ellen Abrams told her rabbi that humanity created God. She’s still at it. And according to her new...

The Root of Police Brutality is Fear

Rev. Jeff Hood | Posted 04.24.2015 | Religion
Rev. Jeff Hood

The complexity of our problems should not mask the simplicity of the solution. We are a people who are desperately afraid of everything. The root cause of police brutality rests solely in our own fear.

The Churches in America Present a 'God' Who Is Un-Christlike

Frank Schaeffer | Posted 04.23.2015 | Religion
Frank Schaeffer

Brad Jersak has an important book out--A More Christlike God--that challenges the received lazy "wisdom" of both conservatives and liberals, atheists and believers about Christ. Here's my interview with Brad on this important and beautifully written book.

Ocean Waves: A Metaphor for Life's Challenges

Julianne Boyland | Posted 04.17.2015 | Healthy Living
Julianne Boyland

In each of these three life lessons I have learned that connecting to that greater force I call God puts me right where I need to be. When life is rolling along without much effort, don't forget to be thankful. Let your cup fill up and overflow. Share your gifts with others, count your blessings, and thank God for this miracle called life.


Denise M. Wilbanks | Posted 04.16.2015 | Healthy Living
Denise M. Wilbanks

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word "technology"? Does the image of an iPhone or computer come rushing to your intern...

The Sermon on the Mount (CCV -- Condensed CINO Version)

Neal Wooten | Posted 04.16.2015 | Comedy
Neal Wooten

Some people find it hard to separate faith from patriotism, the Bible from the Constitution, and especially scripture from their own personal prejudices, so here is the updated condensed sermon for today's CINO (Christian In Name Only).

You Are My Bae

Lisa Page Rosenberg | Posted 04.14.2015 | Religion
Lisa Page Rosenberg

Boo is sweet term, but bae is something else altogether. Before anyone else. That's serious talk. Who is your before anyone else? Would my bae be my son? My husband? It took a few moments, but I realized that my bae is my God.

AA: Anxiety About Anxiety

Pete Jones | Posted 04.09.2015 | College
Pete Jones

There's a person who has to get pumped up every day to get through the day. There is a person like every one of you out there who has doubts, fears, questions and demands and that person is me.

Daily Meditation: The Future Of God

The Huffington Post | Antonia Blumberg | Posted 04.08.2015 | Religion

We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be par...

Been There, Done That, Got the T-Shirt

Edie Weinstein | Posted 04.07.2015 | Healthy Living
Edie Weinstein

Most of us have t-shirts that make us walking billboards for our fashion taste; some decked out in bling, others ripped and stained that we can't bear to part with since it has sentimental value. Still more have messages emblazoned on them that tell the world what we believe in.

Anti-Gay Pizzeria Says God 'Has Blessed Us' With Over $800,000 For 'Standing Up'

The Huffington Post | Leigh Weingus | Posted 04.04.2015 | Gay Voices

Earlier this week, Memories Pizza in Walkerton, Indiana, shut down after receiving backlash over anti-gay comments. The pizzeria is co-owned by Kev...

Beacons of Love

Jeremy Affeldt | Posted 04.03.2015 | Religion
Jeremy Affeldt

I had homophobia. I know what that's like. But I was wrong to fear like that. God reached deep within my heart and changed me. Now I have gay friends and colleagues. There is no difference between us.

How You Can Harness the Exodus and Easter Spirit of Awakening to Face Down Your Fear of Failure

Macky Alston | Posted 04.03.2015 | Religion
Macky Alston

Moses and the Israelites suffered through the wilderness for 40 years. All that time, they could never be certain where their journey would end, whether or not God would make good on God's promise of liberation.

The Scandal of Good Friday

Zack Hunt | Posted 04.03.2015 | Religion
Zack Hunt

While officially the theological matter may have been put to rest in 451 AD and though most of us in the Church today are pretty comfortable affirming both the humanity and the divinity of Jesus, the way we talk and think about Jesus reveals that the controversy is far from over.

Daily Meditation: To The Spirits

The Huffington Post | Antonia Blumberg | Posted 04.01.2015 | Religion

We all need help maintaining our personal spiritual practice. We hope that these Daily Meditations, prayers and mindful awareness exercises can be par...

Historic Churches From Civil Rights Era Hold Service of Reconciliation

Jack Alvey | Posted 03.31.2015 | Religion
Jack Alvey

Much has changed in Selma in 50 years, and the local faith community has taken the lead in trying to bring together a city once defined by its resistance to integration.

The Gift My Grandma Gave to Me

Mary McLaurine | Posted 03.30.2015 | GPS for the Soul
Mary McLaurine

I was honored that it was me she chose to share her last breath with, that it was my face she chose as her last to gaze upon and my voice she wanted to hear lulling her gently into God's loving arms.