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Good Carbs

The Glycemic Index: Are Carbs Friend or Foe?

Avital Scharf | Posted 06.30.2016 | Healthy Living
Avital Scharf

Most of us have heard of the glycemic index (GI). Even if we're not familiar with how it works exactly, we know it's something worth paying attention ...

3 Biological Reasons Children Crave Carbs (And Why It's Not Such a Bad Thing)

Maryann Jacobsen | Posted 05.19.2016 | Healthy Living
Maryann Jacobsen

Understanding carbohydrates play an important role in growth can be helpful, and even a relief, for some parents. Instead of assuming a child is addicted to carbs, we can understand their natural biological drive to eat them.

5 Carbs That Can Actually Help You Lose Weight

Danette May | Posted 11.11.2016 | Healthy Living
Danette May

Good carbs offer a ton of health benefits. By choosing carbohydrates that are packed with fiber, they're more slowly absorbed into the system, which helps prevent spikes in blood sugar levels.

What Fills You Up? Don't Let Hunger Sabotage Your Diet

Alan Christianson | Posted 06.04.2016 | Healthy Living
Alan Christianson

Hunger sabotages diets. Many dieters know what to do, but they can't stick to their diets because they feel too hungry. If you eat too much of anything, you'll feel full. But which foods can fill you up without overeating? If you can answer that question, you can master your cravings.

How to Make Your Favorite Carbs More Diet-Friendly

Katherine Brooking | Posted 05.12.2016 | Healthy Living
Katherine Brooking

Have you been passing on potatoes, skipping spaghetti, and banning bread in an effort to get leaner for summer? If so, your diet strategy may backfire because research suggests these favorite foods aren't the diet disasters that they've been made out to be.

Why You Should Be Eating Carbs For Breakfast

The Huffington Post | Leigh Weingus | Posted 04.30.2015 | Healthy Living

Carbs get a bad rap. Thanks to fad diets like South Beach, Atkins and Paleo, not to mention a national gluten-free obsession, skipping grains has beco...

Yes, You Can Still Eat Carbs And Be Healthy

The Huffington Post | Sarah Klein | Posted 02.17.2015 | Healthy Living

From Atkins to Paleo, a whole host of eating plans discourage carbohydrate consumption. But do carbs deserve their bad rap? For one thing, not all ...

Are Carbs Evil?

Alan Christianson | Posted 01.31.2015 | Healthy Living
Alan Christianson

Today, people are much more wary of carbohydrates than fats. A few months ago, I was hanging out one evening with a different group of health-conscious friends. The evening treat of choice today is bacon and chocolate. Is this progress or a new fad?

Improving Your Health: How to Find Higher Quality Carbohydrates

Daniel J. Schultz | Posted 01.13.2015 | Healthy Living
Daniel J. Schultz

In recent years, dietitians and public health advocates have focused their attention on raising awareness of the health consequences of consuming too ...

8 Carbs You Should Be Eating

The Huffington Post | Sarah Klein | Posted 10.19.2014 | Healthy Living

A recent study showed that eating a low-carb diet could help people lose more weight and cut heart risks better than a low-fat diet. But before you co...

Carbohydrates: To Use Or Abuse?

Deepak Chopra | Posted 07.16.2012 | Healthy Living
Deepak Chopra

Facts won't make you achieve the ideal figure, a healthy heart, or freedom from aging and disease.  Life isn't a puzzle with many pieces that need to fit where they belong. Life is an unfolding process, and it's your choice to make that process into one of continuous evolution.

6 Healthy Carbs To Keep In Your Diet

EatingWell | Posted 04.01.2012 | Healthy Living

I've never been a fan of low-carb diets: Our bodies and our brains need carbohydrates to work effectively. Of course, not all carbohydrates are created equal. Here are six "great" carbs to keep in your diet.

What Are Good Carbs? Get Answers From The Heart Doctor

Prevention Magazine | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living

With so many diet trends around, it's sometimes hard to differentiate between the good and the bad. So what are good carbs? Learn the difference betwe...