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Good Man

15 Signs You're With A Good Man

James Michael Sama | Posted 06.06.2015 | Women
James Michael Sama

Any man can be by your side on the sunny days. The real test of character is whether or not he will hold the umbrella over you during the stormy days.

13 Insanely Hot Things Men Do

Christy Heitger-Ewing | Posted 11.03.2014 | Women
Christy Heitger-Ewing

Sure, there are those girls who like bad boys, but those girls don't count because they have not yet matured enough to appreciate what truly matters in life. And that's kindness, plain and simple.

What Single Moms Can Teach Us About Dating

Neely Steinberg | Posted 08.29.2012 | Women
Neely Steinberg

It occurred to me while watching The Bachelorette the other night that single moms make the kinds of smart dating decisions that single, childless women might want to emulate.

Manhood as Toad Chaser

Tom Matlack | Posted 11.17.2011 | Healthy Living
Tom Matlack

Walking down the beach with Cole to look for crabs in a tidal pool, I realize that, a decade later, I have finally re-created what in my prior life had looked so good on the outside but had no structural integrity.

Two Cheers for Tim Russert

Reese Schonfeld | Posted 05.25.2011 | Media
Reese Schonfeld

I shook hands with Tim Russert was back in 1984. His whole career had been spent advising and spinning for politicians: not the best credentials for a journalist. But he did much to dispel my doubts.