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Goodwill Industries

Fight for Job Creation

Jim Gibbons | Posted 12.08.2016 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

This year, I had the opportunity to travel across the country and meet with many relentless and determined individuals who, with a little support from...

Go Green On Halloween

Jim Gibbons | Posted 10.11.2016 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

Shopping for overalls and a leather jacket to complete your Ghostbusters Dr. Jillian Holtzmann look at your local Goodwill store isn't only an eco-friendly option, but a charitable one.

Along the Leadership Walk: Growing as Leaders by Learning from the Past

Jim Gibbons | Posted 07.25.2016 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

On a characteristically hot and humid summer day in Washington, D.C., I ventured with a small group of Goodwill Industries International team members ...

Uber Makes It Easy to 'Give' to Goodwill

Jim Gibbons | Posted 05.01.2016 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

It's spring, the season for blossoming trees, heightened allergies, and of course, time to clean out those overcrowded closets! Spring is also a great time of year to donate -- sending all of those used household goods and clothing items you no longer need to a worthy cause.

It's About TIME: Ending Subminimum Wages for Workers with Disabilities

Sarah Blahovec | Posted 06.10.2015 | Impact
Sarah Blahovec

This year, the United States is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). While the Act signifies improved conditions for persons with disabilities in the United States, we still have so much to do to achieve equality and justice.

A New Measure for Scaling-up

Shelley Bird | Posted 02.03.2015 | Business
Shelley Bird

Social innovation is alive and well across America. There is really no shortage of great ideas and passionate socialpreneurs working to make society a better place -- but the majority of them fail.

The Business of Good: How a Local Donation Campaign Became a $200 Million CSR Success Story

Jim Gibbons | Posted 11.10.2014 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

"Corporate Social Responsibility" -- or CSR -- has become a trendy term over the past few years, with companies large and small putting aside resource...

Earth Day is Donate Day

Jim Gibbons | Posted 06.21.2014 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

With spring weather (finally!) coming to much of the nation after a long and snowy winter, this year feels like one in which we should be particularly...

Successful Veterans Reintegration Starts With Holistic Services and Jobs

Jim Gibbons | Posted 01.23.2014 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

Though Veterans Day comes just once a year, we should remember to thank and support our veterans all year long. At Goodwill, we encourage you to let the veterans in your life know that we stand ready to help them address their career needs.

Ill Will for Goodwill

Jeff Norman | Posted 01.23.2014 | Impact
Jeff Norman

Generally, nobody seems to think anything is wrong with doing volunteer work for a nonprofit. Would it satisfy critics, then, if Goodwill were to pay nothing rather than a small stipend?

Goodwill is Celebrating National Hispanic Heritage Month

Jim Gibbons | Posted 11.18.2013 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

Did you know that approximately one in every six Americans is Hispanic? The 2010 U.S. Census counted the nation's Hispanic population at 50.5 million ...

WATCH: Goodwill Worker Finds $10,000 In Donation Pile.. And Turns It In!

Posted 08.09.2013 | Good News

It's not uncommon for Goodwill to receive items that weren't intended for the donation mile, but it's not often that they find $10,000 -- in cash. ...

Building the Culture of Reuse: Pittsburgh ReuseFest Centralizes Donation Process

Sue Kerr | Posted 09.28.2013 | Impact
Sue Kerr

We have a lot of stuff. We have neighbors who need stuff to increase the quality of their lives and strengthen their day to day survival. What we don't have are enough connectors, enough systems to efficiently get the stuff from the people who no longer need it to the people who very much do.

Social Enterprise: From Its Roots to Mainstream Conversation

Christian HELP | Posted 08.29.2013 | Impact
Christian HELP

Can you believe the social enterprise business model has been in existence since before 1900? Yes, it's true! Goodwill Industries was founded in 1895 ...

Some Goodwill Workers Earn As Little As 22 Cents An Hour

The Huffington Post | Jillian Berman | Posted 06.25.2013 | Business

Goodwill is paying some of its disabled workers just 22 cents an hour, while the charity’s executives make six figure salaries. A labor law loophole...

A Call to Arms: Helping Female Veterans Find Jobs

Jim Gibbons | Posted 08.20.2013 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

Two years ago, First Lady Michelle Obama and Dr. Jill Biden called on Goodwill and others to support our military veterans by participating in the Joining Forces campaign. Goodwill rose to that call.

Goodwill Minimum Wage Loophole Will Shock You

John Hrabe | Posted 07.15.2013 | Business
John Hrabe

A majority of Goodwill entities in the United States pay people with disabilities less than the federal minimum wage, while these same Goodwills simultaneously spend tens of millions of dollars per year on executive compensation and travel-related expenses.

Bridging the Digital Divide

Jim Gibbons | Posted 05.05.2013 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

In a job seekers' world that is heavily reliant on the Internet, a lack of digital access means a job seeker must jump through extra hurdles to access up-to-date job listings, career development information, free online classes and other content that can help them find jobs and advance their careers.

Top 10 Things to Donate Before the End of the Year

Jim Gibbons | Posted 02.13.2013 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

In a season when many of us are focused on gift buying or a tax deduction, December is a good time to think about another kind of giving: donating.

The Fight Against Unemployment

Jim Gibbons | Posted 02.02.2013 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

As the holiday season kicks into full gear and our economy continues to swing upwards, let's be sure to remember that every American deserves the chance to reach self-sustainability through the power of work.

SLIDESHOW: Top Nonprofits Ranked On Total Revenue

Posted 11.08.2012 | Impact

A new report ranks the nation's top nonprofits in terms of revenue at a time when most are confronted with fewer donors and diminishing government sup...

Beyond Jobs - Giving Women the Tools They Need to Succeed

Jim Gibbons | Posted 12.09.2012 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

At Goodwill, we believe that every individual should have the opportunity to create economic sustainability through the power of education and employment. The hard-working women in our lives are most deserving of this opportunity.

Goodwill's Charity Racket: CEOs Earn Top-Dollar, Workers Paid Less Than Minimum Wage

John Hrabe | Posted 11.25.2012 | Politics
John Hrabe

An American multi-national corporation, which accepts millions of dollars in government funds, pays its top executives more than half a million dollars per year in total compensation, while simultaneously paying some of its employees less than the federal minimum wage.

The National Day of Service -- Let's Come Together and Do Our Part

Jim Gibbons | Posted 11.11.2012 | Impact
Jim Gibbons

When the time comes to pull together, no other nation does it better than the citizens of the United States of America.

PHOTOS: Denver Guide To Celebrate Fashion's Night Out

Posted 09.06.2012 | Denver

This year the Mile High City is setting fashion mavens' expectations higher than in years past. Fashion's Night Out, dreamed up as a "fashion stim...