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Gossip Girl Recap

The End Of 'Gossip Girl': Was It Worth It?

Laura Prudom | Posted 02.18.2013 | TV
Laura Prudom

We all knew that the series finale wasn't going to be good. The writers knew that those who have remained loyal to the show for the past six years only wanted two things -- their favorite couples together and an answer to the mystery that has plagued us for years: Who is Gossip Girl?

'Gossip Girl' And The Rise Of The Recap

Laura Prudom | Posted 12.17.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

On December 17, The CW's "Gossip Girl" reaches its conclusion, capping off six seasons of metatextual self-awareness, shameless fourth wall breakage and unabashed self-absorption. It will also be the end of a colorful era in TV recapping.

Will The Identity Of Gossip Girl Make Or Break The Show?

Laura Prudom | Posted 12.17.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

Ultimately, "Gossip Girl's" legacy will be determined by its finale tonight -- will it fizzle out with a whimper, only a shell of its once witty, if frivolous, former self? Or will the long-awaited unmasking of its titular character cement it as the ultimate self-aware series?

Basstardly Deeds In The Penultimate 'Gossip Girl'

Laura Prudom | Posted 02.10.2013 | TV
Laura Prudom

I'm not sure whether the nostalgia is getting to me or whether this episode sucked a little less than we've come to expect, but despite "The Revengers" having one of the most ridiculous scenes in "GG" history, I found that I didn't constantly want to gouge my eyes out while watching it. Progress!

'Gossip Girl': The Destruction Of Dan Humphrey

Laura Prudom | Posted 02.02.2013 | TV
Laura Prudom

I will say one thing for this season of "Gossip Girl": It's a ballsy move for a TV show to turn our POV character into the series' true villain.

'Gossip Girl': Ivy Loves DILFs, Serena Loves Dan, Chuck Loves Booze

Laura Prudom | Posted 01.26.2013 | TV
Laura Prudom

It appears that I spoke too soon when dubbing "Portrait of a Lady Alexander" the ickiest episode of "Gossip Girl" to date -- that was before we'd witnessed Ivy trying to screw her way through every father on the Upper East Side.

'Gossip Girl' Perfects The Art Of Snore

Laura Prudom | Posted 01.19.2013 | TV
Laura Prudom

"Vile" was the perfect catch-up for any viewer who has suffered a blunt force head trauma over the past six years and forgotten everything that's happened up until this point; the characters were all doing their best to remind us about things that happened as recently as last week.

'Gossip Girl' Drops The Ball Again

Laura Prudom | Posted 01.12.2013 | TV
Laura Prudom

This week's episode wasn't as awful as last week's bland installment, but only because the show threw an incomprehensible stream of plot twists at us to distract from its overall ridiculousness.

'Gossip Girl': Everyone Sleeps With Everyone And No One Really Cares

Laura Prudom | Posted 01.23.2014 | TV
Laura Prudom

Everyone's either going to end up in jail or involved in an orgy by the end of the season, but I'm mostly just hoping that rocks fall and kill them all.

Chuck And Blair Join Forces While Dan Burns Bridges In 'Gossip Girl'

Laura Prudom | Posted 12.22.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

This week's episode wasn't quite as infuriatingly regressive as 602, but it's becoming increasingly difficult to feel much empathy for any of the characters when they're all such manipulative, selfish wastes of oxygen. (I know, welcome to the entire premise of the show.)

Blair's Fashion Faux Pas And Nate's Jailbait Date Can't Save A Bland 'Gossip Girl'

Laura Prudom | Posted 12.15.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

After last week's brief, blissful injection of wit and logical storytelling, episode two of "Gossip Girl's" final season snapped back to inanity faster than you can shout "Dorota!"

'Gossip Girl' Final Season Premiere Recap: Is The Show Back To Its Former Glory?

Laura Prudom | Posted 10.08.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

"Gone Maybe Gone" succeeded in recapturing some of the sparkle that's been missing. There were knowing winks and sharp one-liners, with all of the characters generally behaving like sane and rational versions of themselves (except for Georgina).

'Gossip Girl' Finale Recap: Chuck vs. Dan

Laura Prudom | Posted 05.14.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

Though there were plenty of jaw-dropping, credulity-stretching scenes in the Season 5 finale, they were shocking for all the wrong reasons. In the blink of an eye, five years of character development has fallen by the wayside.

'Gossip Girl' Recap: Sins of the Father (and Mother) Cause Chaos

Laura Prudom | Posted 06.24.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

The good thing about "Despicable B" is that the writers have apparently wised up to the fact that Blair's had totally bipolar characterization for a while now, and I guess it's better late than never to address that imbalance.

'Gossip Girl' Recap: Chuck's Mama Drama Spices Up 'Salon Of The Dead'

Laura Prudom | Posted 06.16.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

Oh "Gossip Girl" ... this episode was so by the numbers, it could've been painted by an eight-year-old with a DIY kit and tiny paintbrush. This week, we dispensing with our usual list of OMG moments, if only because everything felt so telegraphed, there were no truly shocking revelations.

'Gossip Girl' Recap: Blair's A Free Woman And 4 More OMG Moments From 'It Girl Interrupted'

Laura Prudom | Posted 06.09.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

Has "Gossip Girl" finally recovered from the succession of terribly-written, clumsily-directed cheesefests that populated the middle part of the season? This week, it actually making some modicum of logical sense.

'Gossip Girl' 5 OMG Moments

Laura Prudom | Posted 06.02.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

They say absence makes the heart grow fonder, and in the case of this week's "Gossip Girl," I actually found that old adage to be true. True to form, there were schemes, lies and highly public familial spats, which is pretty much 90 percent of what we tune in for, no?

'Gossip Girl' Recap: Dan And Blair Confront Their Feelings In 'Cross Rhodes'

Laura Prudom | Posted 04.21.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

Just when we thought "Gossip Girl" had gone too far to save, this week's episode took us back to the Upper East Side we know and love.

'Gossip Girl' Recap: Top 3 OMG Moments in 'Crazy, Cupid, Love'

Laura Prudom | Posted 04.15.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

I've been watching the show since day one and it gives me no pleasure to write recaps full of exasperation or irritation, but at this point, a part of me truly does wonder if "Gossip" is past the point of no return.

'Gossip Girl' Recap: Top 5 OMG Moments in 'The Backup Dan'

Laura Prudom | Posted 04.07.2012 | TV
Laura Prudom

Are the show's writers seriously unaware of how deeply problematic it is that they continue to write Blair as a commodity to be bought and sold by the men in her life?

Gossip Girl Celebrates 100 Episodes the Upper East Side Way

Kelli Catana | Posted 04.01.2012 | TV
Kelli Catana

For a 100th episode, Gossip Girl delivered and there's promise of some fun episodes to come. Can't wait to see what's next.

Laura Stampler

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