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Great Courses

What's a MOOC Worth?

Jonathan Haber | Posted 07.04.2013 | College
Jonathan Haber

If people are willing to pay $2,000 or more per credit when a course is taken within a degree-granting institution, but less than 5 percent of that for the same course stands alone, that's a pretty strong indication of where the value in the college course truly lies.

My Sophomore Year Lineup

Jonathan Haber | Posted 06.26.2013 | College
Jonathan Haber

I'm now close to a month into the sophomore year of my Degree of Freedom One Year BA project (which will run from April through June), and wanted to give readers a peek at what's on the docket for the next few months.

Sources for Courses

Jonathan Haber | Posted 05.29.2013 | College
Jonathan Haber

While a bulk of their classes would probably be considered technical training or self-help in nature, they do include some interesting humanities and social sciences items in their library.

Degree of Freedom Freshman Year Lineup

Jonathan Haber | Posted 05.15.2013 | College
Jonathan Haber

This week, I introduced people to the nuts and bolts behind Degree of Freedom - my one-year effort to learn everything I would from being enrolled in a liberal arts BA program in just twelve months using only free educational resources.


Patricia McGuire | Posted 01.27.2013 | College
Patricia McGuire

Is the MOOC movement really about improving higher learning or just scratching the crass commercialism itch?