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Grey Divorce

50 Shades of Grey Divorce

Karen Covy | Posted 08.23.2016 | Divorce
Karen Covy

You are over 50 - maybe over 60. Presumably you are old enough to know that people "your age" are not supposed to get divorced. Yet, here you are: stuck in a marriage that feels dead and wondering whether it's still possible for you to find happiness.

Why I'm Dating After My Grey Divorce

Divorce Magazine | Posted 01.22.2017 | Divorce
Divorce Magazine

Dating after divorce, especially after long-term marriage, is scary. Grey divorce has challenges that a younger divorce doesn't have: potential step-f...

Prenuptial Agreements For Peace Of Mind and Post-Coital Bliss

Tara Fass | Posted 02.14.2015 | Weddings
Tara Fass

Unreasonably high expectations can lead to disappointment, resentment, and anger--which do not bode well for a successful marriage. Best to strive for transparency, air matters out early and deal with hidden motivations, especially more nefarious ones.

Grey Divorce and Conscious Aging: 7 Ideas to Consider

Tara Fass | Posted 01.10.2015 | Divorce
Tara Fass

We intend to encourage you, or someone you care about, to be positive and make the best of what many people find to be a difficult, yet necessary, and often fulfilling next step.

Divorce After 30 Years of Marriage. Now What?

Cheryl and Joe Dillon | Posted 11.09.2014 | Divorce
Cheryl and Joe Dillon

What you thought would never happen to you officially has. After a 30-year marriage: divorce. Regardless of how everything plays out when the dust settles, there's a good chance that the dynamics of your family will have a new look.

My First Gay Wedding

Kim Vukovich | Posted 02.02.2016 | Queer Voices
Kim Vukovich

My dad came out 14 years ago when I was 21. Since then, my parents have divorced. My mom remarried a few years later while my dad made up for lost time in his gay dating career. Life in our family has been.. interesting.

How to Move on From Your Parents' 'Grey Divorce'

Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW | Posted 06.30.2014 | Divorce
Terry Gaspard, MSW, LICSW

If you are an adult child of divorce, it's no longer up to others to help you bounce back from your parents' divorce. But in order to heal and adjust, you must move out of the place of being a victim and take responsibility for your recovery.

80-Year-Old Woman Has Surprising Item On Her Bucket List

Posted 01.29.2014 | Divorce

You know you can't stand your spouse when divorce is on your bucket list. On Wednesday, Emirates 24/7 reported on an 80-year-old Egyptian woman wh...

Clarifying Questions for the Newly Single Grey Divorce Set

Tara Fass | Posted 12.25.2013 | Divorce
Tara Fass

With the surge of grey divorce there are a number of newly single over-40 men and women who are dating again for the first time in a while.

Why I Divorced My Husband Right Before My 50th Birthday

Posted 10.23.2013 | Divorce

"This Is Divorce At..." is a HuffPost Divorce series delving into divorce at every stage of life. Want to share your experience of divorcing at a cert...

My Husband Left Me For A Younger Woman

Posted 10.14.2013 | Divorce

"This Is Divorce At..." is a HuffPost Divorce series delving into divorce at every stage of life. Want to share your experience of divorcing at a cert...

Love, Marriage and Grey Divorce Italian Style

Tara Fass | Posted 10.19.2013 | Divorce
Tara Fass

Ulysses is a contradiction. He's traditional enough to believe minors should reside primarily with their mothers and bohemian enough to want an open relationship.

How Retirement Can Hurt Your Marriage (And What To Do About It)

The Huffington Post | Anthonia Akitunde | Posted 08.09.2013 | Fifty

Divorce after 50 -- also flatteringly known as gray divorce -- is on the rise, and retirement may have something to do with it. Some couples are no...

The Surprising Group That's Flocking To Divorce

Posted 06.12.2013 | Divorce

Baby boomers are ending their marriages at record rates, according to new data from the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers (AAML). The AAML po...

7 Ways To Make Gray Divorce Less Stressful

Posted 03.15.2013 | Divorce

Divorce is never easy. But for the growing number of couples who are divorcing later in life, the process can be especially daunting as they attempt ...

What You Need To Know About Divorcing After 50

Howard Hook | Posted 05.07.2013 | Divorce
Howard Hook

Divorce at an older age is typically more difficult than for younger people when it comes to recovering one's financial health.

WATCH: How Your Divorce Affects Your Retirement

Posted 03.06.2013 | Fifty

"It used to be in most divorce cases you had to worry about the kids," began CBS This Morning co-host Gayle King. "Now you have to worry about retirem...

Why My Divorce No Longer Defines Me

Nancy Wurtzel | Posted 06.11.2015 | Fifty
Nancy Wurtzel

Divorce no longer consumes my life. My 21-year marriage will always be a part of me, but it no longer defines me.

How To Choose Your Next Husband

Beverly Willett | Posted 04.16.2013 | Divorce
Beverly Willett

American women are clueless when it comes to knowing what it takes to get married and overcome divorce -- that's the bottom line in Suzanne Venker's new book How to Choose a Husband And Make Peace With Marriage.

Getting Back Together?

Posted 12.05.2012 | Divorce

Is a reconciliation on the horizon for Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman? In an interview with "Extra" Tuesday, DeVito revealed that he and his wife of...

4 Ways To Prepare For Divorce Post-Fifty

Lubov Stark, Esq | Posted 01.20.2013 | Divorce
Lubov Stark, Esq

Going through a divorce and starting over is not an easy task, especially if you have spent the last three or four decades living with the same person.

Why Their Split Was So Shocking

The Huffington Post | Kelsey Borresen | Posted 11.09.2012 | Divorce

While national divorce rates have declined over the last two decades, the divorce rate among couples over the age of 50 -- also known as gray divorce ...

How To Not To Botch Your Grey Divorce

Eva Sachs and Marion Korn | Posted 08.15.2012 | Divorce
Eva Sachs and Marion Korn

Grey Divorce -- divorcing in your late 50s or 60s or even later -- is a wake-up call that requires the same attentiveness for everyone involved.

The Trouble With Post-Divorce Dating Over 60

Barbara Rose Brooker | Posted 06.12.2012 | Divorce
Barbara Rose Brooker

"Once you're divorced, over sixty, you're done," my divorced sixty-one year old friend Melissa says.

Why Has The Boomer Divorce Rate Doubled?

Lisa Helfend Meyer | Posted 02.15.2012 | Divorce
Lisa Helfend Meyer

Increasingly for many baby boomers, a divorce after 20, 30 or more years of marriage is a central element of their third-act plans.