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Entrepreneurs: Cristen Geller, the Intimate Photographer

Johnathan Cardillo | Posted 02.26.2015 | Small Business
Johnathan Cardillo

"If you're ready and you know what you're doing, you charge! Not friends, not family... put a price on it. Know your worth." - Cristen Geller; age: 26

The Immaturity and Arrogance of Uber

Peter Sims | Posted 12.06.2014 | Business
Peter Sims

I don't expect that Travis Kalanick will ever apologize to me for using my Uber location data to promote his brand at a launch event without my permission, but I haven't given up hope in the Uber board's ability to step up and lead.

Too Big to Eat

James Moore | Posted 08.19.2014 | Technology
James Moore

As the Internet of Things expands and more physical objects are connected to the web, there will also be an even greater demand for manufacturing of those products, and a need to make people more efficient in their creation.

Why Groupon Makes Gift-Giving Something Of A Joke

Gabrielle Burton | Posted 07.09.2014 | Fifty
Gabrielle Burton

Some people think Mother's Day has become too commercial, and there are always those cranks around still harping on the US lagging behind other developed countries in providing high quality early child care, don't get them started on paid maternal leave or unequal pay for women. Not me: I'm all for mothers getting anything they can, bring it on, I mean, really, just make sure to give them enough stuff on Mother's Day to get them through the other 364 days of childcare without that village that never shows up to help.

You Can Buy Everything But The Marriage License On Groupon's New Weddings Marketplace

The Huffington Post | Kim Bellware | Posted 04.17.2014 | Weddings

Budget-minded brides and grooms have a new one-stop shop for virtually everything related to their nuptials: Groupon. The daily deals-turned-eComm...

Warning: Groupon May Be Dangerous to Your Wealth

Norman I. Silber | Posted 05.06.2014 | Money
Norman I. Silber

Merchants basically get it -- to many of them, Groupon looks less like an innovative advertising mechanism than a loan broker, arranging bundles of small loans from consumers, and taking a substantial cut... Consumers don't often see this side of the equation.

6 Clever Ways to Save Money This Valentine's Day

Damona Hoffman | Posted 04.12.2014 | HuffPost Home
Damona Hoffman

If you're dating on this great Hallmark holiday, it is possible to find love while watching your wallet. Here are six clever ways to save money this Valentine's Day.

8 Hilarious Resignation Fails (and Wins) of 2013

Joe Rodota | Posted 03.08.2014 | Media
Joe Rodota

In what appears to be an unnecessary conclusion, the former Burger King employee added, "Don't worry about writing me a reference. I don't need references (especially from Burger King) where I'm heading to (law school). So, consider our bridges burnt."

Low on Dough This Holiday Season?

Natalie Pace | Posted 02.18.2014 | Money
Natalie Pace

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are stark reminders that Christmas has become the most wonderful time of the year... for retail. When the main focus of the holiday is on, 'What did you get?' we miss out on the true spirit of the holiday season.

Groupon Unveils Their Answer To Amazon's Drone Delivery

Posted 12.11.2013 | Chicago

It turns out Amazon isn't the only online retailer hard at work developing innovative (albeit "scary," to some) new delivery technologies. That sai...

How Facebook, Twitter and Other Startups Got Big

Ryan Holiday | Posted 01.23.2014 | Technology
Ryan Holiday

Self-imposed discipline with a bent towards results rather than "creative" and sustainability spending is unfortunately not the norm in the marketing industry. But it is increasingly the practice of these tech companies.

Groupon Debuts Huge Starbucks Deal

The Huffington Post | Rachel Tepper | Posted 11.06.2013 | Technology

Early Wednesday morning, Groupon posted a Starbucks deal sure to excite fans of the Seattle-based coffee chain -- $5 for a $10 Starbucks gift card. ...

Mark Zuckerberg To Host Hackathon For Undocumented Immigrants

The Huffington Post | Lydia O'Connor | Posted 10.22.2013 | Latino Voices

Young undocumented immigrants and tech professionals are uniting to create immigration reform tools at a hackathon spearheaded by Mark Zuckerberg’s ...

Fake Commercial for Groupon's New Erotic Products

Alena Dillon | Posted 11.24.2013 | Comedy
Alena Dillon

Body Pleasure Pocket Vibrator on Groupon: turn it on, and let it return the favor. Satisfaction guaranteed.

If You Search 'Australia,' You Must Want a Pet Koala

Greg Schwem | Posted 11.12.2013 | Comedy
Greg Schwem

I missed your companionship yesterday. I know from perusing your Google calendar that you were out most of the afternoon and evening. But before going to bed, you searched flights to Michigan next month.

LOOK: Groupon's Gay Marriage Endorsement

Posted 08.20.2013 | Chicago

Chicago-based deals website Groupon on Friday threw its support behind marriage equality legislation in Illinois. In a two-minute video posted to Y...

New Groupon CEO Named

AP | BARBARA ORTUTAY | Posted 08.08.2013 | Chicago

NEW YORK -- Groupon named co-founder Eric Lefkofsky as CEO, replacing Andrew Mason, who was fired from the online deals site in February amid growing ...

Groupon Has A New CEO

AP | By BARBARA ORTUTAY | Posted 10.07.2013 | Technology

NEW YORK (AP) — Groupon named co-founder Eric Lefkofsky as CEO, replacing Andrew Mason, who was fired from the online deals site in February amid gr...

Disgraced CEO Offers Career Tips In The Form Of Song

The Huffington Post | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 07.02.2013 | Technology

Former Groupon CEO Andrew Mason's long-awaited debut album of "motivational business music" has arrived. Upon listening to the record, available on Sp...

Groupon Debuts Special Offer In Honor Of Slain Cyclist

Posted 06.05.2013 | Chicago

Daily deals giant Groupon released a very personal offer Wednesday morning in honor of slain cyclist — and Groupon employee — Bobby Cann. Story...

Fired Groupon CEO Makes Unusual Move

The Huffington Post | Alexis Kleinman | Posted 05.17.2013 | Technology

What does a guy do after he's ousted as chief executive of an imploding tech company? Why, record an album of course! Ex-Groupon CEO Andrew Mason j...

Four Reasons I've Had Oysters on my Mind

Anne Maxfield | Posted 05.13.2013 | Taste
Anne Maxfield

The Accidental Locavore has had oysters on the brain for several reasons.

Three Lessons for Startup Founders From Andrew Mason's Not-So-Funny Resignation

Les McKeown | Posted 05.10.2013 | Small Business
Les McKeown

Treating a $1.6 billion, 11,000-employee organization like it's your personal plaything isn't funny, and including a neo-hipster inside joke about Battletoads in your farewell missive doesn't make it all okay.

Groupon Needs to 'Disrupt' Again

Zaid Al-Zaidy | Posted 05.06.2013 | Business
Zaid Al-Zaidy

Groupon has lost its pizzazz, its currency and feels absent from the webisphere, except when it spams with unsurprising deals. Groupon needs to get back in touch with what made it a phenomenon in the first place.

The Art of Failure

Daniel Rolle | Posted 05.03.2013 | Business
Daniel Rolle

When Andrew Mason, the former CEO of Groupon, sat down at his desk last Friday morning he probably only half guessed the impact that the resignation note he posted online would make beyond the social tech industry.