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Haitian Women: Enter At Center Stage

Haitian Women: Enter At Center Stage

Taina Bien-Aime  03.31.2010
Even before the earthquake, a shocking 70% of Haitian women and girls surveyed claimed to have experienced physical, sexual, political...

Haiti Donor Conference Presents Major Challenges

Georgianne Nienaber  03.31.2010
Speaking about rebuilding Haiti's economy, Biotek Solutions CEO Regine Barjon summed it up by saying "We can grow our own chickens."

Rebuilding Haiti: A Long-Term View

Leila Chirayath Janah  03.31.2010
The UN hopes to raise billions of dollars for Haiti. Rather than giving more aid, let's provide Haitians with what they need most: dignified...
WATCH: Haitians Explain Their Needs In Student Film Project

WATCH: Haitians Explain Their Needs In Student Film Project

Adam Clark Estes  03.30.2010
The world is used to seeing videos from Haiti emblazoned with the CNN logo or AP watermark. But the moment is rare when Haitians can tell...
Aid in Haiti Creates Competition With Local Business Owners

Aid in Haiti Creates Competition With Local Business Owners

MP Nunan  03.30.2010
The humanitarian response to the Haitian earthquake is killing the demand for locally packaged goods and hurting small business owners....
Haiti vs. Chile: The Earthquake Olympics

Haiti vs. Chile: The Earthquake Olympics

John Feffer  03.30.2010
Why did Chile suffer so much less than Haiti -- democracy? Capitalism? Divine intervention? The real real reasons for the disparity between...

The Ghosts of Haiti

Margaret Aguirre  03.30.2010
I walked the grounds of the main hospital in downtown Port-au-Prince, surrounded by ghosts -- images and sounds rushing back from the early...
Haiti's Libraries: History At Risk

Haiti's Libraries: History At Risk

Madison Smartt Bell  03.30.2010
The Bibliothèque Haïtienne, like the other collections which are also in danger, won't directly feed or clothe or shelter Haitian people....

Haiti News Round Up: March 29, 2010

Rebecca Harrington  03.29.2010
Chris Dodd Says, "Place Haiti Under A Trusteeship" From The Miami Herald After the quake, the Washington Post interviewed Haitians...

Not Too Soon for Mental Health Care in Port-au-Prince

Leah James  03.29.2010
I am in Port-au-Prince as part of a University of Michigan research team that is conducting a post-disaster assessment, and I've jumped...

Relocation Plans for Port-Au-Prince Are Unrealistic

Rowan Moore Gerety  03.29.2010
There are plans to move roughly 150,000 people currently living in the camps to the center of Port-au-Prince by May, yet only one site...
Voices From Haiti:

Voices From Haiti: "God, We Have Not Heard You for a Long Time"

Georgianne Nienaber  03.29.2010
For the survivors it was the initial primeval instinct for life that shocked stopped hearts into beating. Haiti has had a massive coronary...

Haiti Rebuild: Tomorrow We'll Walk it Again.

Cameron Sinclair  03.26.2010
The people you meet in the streets in Haiti seem aware that the attention of the world is on Haiti like it has never been, and I think...

AIDS in Haiti: A Secret Too Scary To Tell

Dr. Toni Brayer  03.26.2010
For a country with such poverty, lack of health care and lack of education, it is not a surprise that HIV/AIDS remains a significant problem...