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Israel Launches Air Strikes In Gaza Strip

Young Palestinians Call For Protests On March 15

Hamas Confirms Commitment To Cease-Fire With Israel

Obama, Mideast Leaders Kick Off Talks With Calls For Peace

Doug Lamborn Gathers Signatures To Prevent Deportation Of Mosab Hassan Yousef

Israel Eases Gaza Blockade: Gains for Hamas and Turkey?

Gaza Flotilla Raid May Not Change U.S. Policy Towards Israel

Christopher Lockwood WANTED: Dubai Says Hit Squad Included 62-Year-Old British Man

Obama Asks Congress To Approve $205 Million In Aid For Israel Rocket Defense

Hamas Gilad Shalit Cartoon: Propaganda Threat To Israel Over Captured Israeli Soldier (VIDEO)

Hamas Allegedly Taxes Poor, Robs Banks To Fund Itself

Palestinians Try More Peaceful Resistance: Less Violence, More Protest Marches And Boycotts Of Settler Goods

Clashes Erupt In Jerusalem As Hamas Declares 'Day Of Rage' (VIDEO)

Dubai Hamas Assassination: New Details Emerge In Elaborate Hit On Hamas Officer