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Happiness Tips

Become a Time Alchemist

Samantha Sutton | Posted 12.18.2013 | Healthy Living
Samantha Sutton

I no longer tried to cram in as much as I possibly could, but instead thoroughly savored the things that I did put in. I stopped categorizing my events as "fun" and "not fun," and treated all of them equally as opportunities for gold.

Carolyn Gregoire

How To Wire Your Brain For Happiness | Carolyn Gregoire | Posted 10.19.2013 | Healthy Living

The secret to lasting happiness might be neatly summed up in a cheesy neuroscience joke: "The neurons that fire together, wire together." "It’s ...

6 Life Lessons You Can Learn From Surfing

Elana Miller, MD | Posted 01.23.2014 | Healthy Living
Elana Miller, MD

When a big wave knocks me over and holds me underwater, it wouldn't make much sense for me to get mad at it, right? But really, we operate that way all the time, fighting forces of life that are as unavoidable as the strength and immensity of the ocean.

What Successful People Do During Their Morning Commute

Posted 03.11.2015 | OWN

How to get ahead while you get to work. By Laura Vanderkam Just about everybody who wakes up early and battles traffic just to get to work feels...

4 Simple Ways To Cultivate Gratitude Today

Fauzia Burke | Posted 01.23.2014 | Healthy Living
Fauzia Burke

I know we are all busy, and it is not easy to exercise gratitude on a daily basis, so I have found ways (tricks) to keep me on track. I know that cultivating gratitude is a choice I need to make every day, or I will miss all the magical moments of my life.

The 9 Happiness Mistakes You're Probably Making

The Huffington Post | Lindsay Holmes | Posted 10.18.2013 | Healthy Living

In her TED talk on the power of vulnerability, University of Houston research professor Brené Brown stated that running away from hard feelings is ac...

Top 10 Tips to Live Your Most Blissed Life

Juliet Turalski | Posted 12.10.2013 | Healthy Living
Juliet Turalski

Your calling is your true expression. It is what you were born with before you could speak and before conditioning by your parents and society. So wherever you find yourself within your relationships or career, become mindful of your true expression and watch your world shift.

10 Tips to Being Deliciously Happy

Tracy Crossley | Posted 12.09.2013 | Healthy Living
Tracy Crossley

Life is meant to be experienced joyfully. The past will fill your future with dustballs of discontent if you let it, so gain clarity, clean up and get moving!

I Have Perspective & Perspective Is Everything

Sarina Tomel | Posted 01.23.2014 | College
Sarina Tomel

Ever have one of those days when everything seems to be going wrong? What about when you've thought your worst nightmare came true? You are so lying t...

YOU, the REAL "Miss America," "Miss World," Are the ONE

Luann Robinson Hull | Posted 12.08.2013 | Women
Luann Robinson Hull

Do we really, truly have to fit into the child-sized evening gown -- the ridiculous standard of our culture's idea of "perfect" -- in order to be loved?

Let the Happiness Flow -- Redefining the Sense of Self, Creativity and Expression

Robin Hoffman | Posted 12.08.2013 | Healthy Living
Robin Hoffman

There is no time to waste being dishonest and it's the honesty with myself -- the true, deep-to-my-bones honesty -- that is going to be the foundation to exploring and creating this new, beautiful part of myself and my life.

The Simple Things You Should Be Doing Every Morning (But Aren't)

The Huffington Post | Kate Bratskeir | Posted 10.10.2013 | Healthy Living

The alarm sounds and you're off: Onto checking emails, finding car keys and, if you're lucky, brushing your hair. The madness, the rush of it all -...

Is Happiness Subjective?

Posted 10.04.2013 | Healthy Living

What qualifies feeling happy? In the video above, musician Aimee Mann and film director Neil LaBute agree -- it's all subjective. "[Happiness] is...

The Joy Manifesto: Part II

MeiMei Fox | Posted 01.23.2014 | Healthy Living
MeiMei Fox

When in doubt, forget all the rules, the seven- or nine- or 50-point lists, the how-to guides and the self-help books, the therapeutic techniques, the TED talks, the recipes and formulas... and just love.

13 Ways To Find Your Happy Place

The Huffington Post | Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson | Posted 10.01.2013 | Black Voices

Sitting in front of your computer at the starting end of a work week may not exactly be your happy place, but as those who've mastered the ever-elusiv...

The Most Important Decision We Can Make

Kate Bartolotta | Posted 11.30.2013 | Healthy Living
Kate Bartolotta

The point is that no matter how many times we fall, we can choose to get back up. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

This Advice From A Third-Grader May Be All You Need For A Happy Life

Erin Michelle Threlfall | Posted 11.28.2013 | Healthy Living
Erin Michelle Threlfall

Be careful what you inspire in children, because the smallest of ideas can grow into big steps of action! These third graders set out to make certain they were spreading kindness ripples into the world.

5 Simple Pleasures -- Made Better

Posted 09.27.2013 | Healthy Living

If you hadn't heard, Louis C.K. will not be getting his daughters smartphones. “I think these things are toxic, especially for kids,” the come...

The Secret to Raising Happy Kids

Galit Breen | Posted 11.26.2013 | Travel
Galit Breen

When I ask my children where they want to go, I mean it. I want them to dream big and travel far. I want their answers to not match. I want them to have a Bucket List and Someday Dream. And then? I want them to go.

I Was There

Tim McHenry | Posted 11.26.2013 | Healthy Living
Tim McHenry

This conversation between Liev Schreiber and Jesse Prinz on happiness culminated in a beautiful admission by Liev towards the end of the session: how the introduction of children into his life cleared the way for him to understand the source of true happiness: unconditional, ego-free love.

Manifesting Your Life Movie

Ora Nadrich | Posted 11.26.2013 | Healthy Living
Ora Nadrich

Dream big. Blockbuster? Lines around the block? Sold out? "Why reach for the stars when you can have the moon."

Scientifically Proven: Gratitude Is the Gravity Quotient of Happiness

Bridget Fonger | Posted 11.26.2013 | Healthy Living
Bridget Fonger

I was at a big boisterous dinner party last weekend. On my corner of the long table, two friends were having a bit of a serious exchange about trying...

12 Things Happy People Do Differently

Jacob Sokol | Posted 11.26.2013 | Healthy Living
Jacob Sokol

I found out there are a lot of people like me -- young, energetic, intense, purpose-driven, but frustrated with the status quo and a little freaked out about our prospects for the future. I couldn't just wait for happiness and satisfaction to find me; I was going to have to make my own.

Need an Attitude Adjustment? Here's How to Get One

Donna Labermeier | Posted 11.25.2013 | Healthy Living
Donna Labermeier

Take responsibility for your mood and choose not to stay in it. Realize that just as this energy moved into you, it must move out. Accept what it is, let it go, and allow yourself to move forward.

Three Steps to Better Mental Health

Jennifer Nagy | Posted 11.25.2013 | Divorce
Jennifer Nagy

One of the hardest parts about divorce is picking up the pieces after it's all over. Even the friendliest divorce (like mine) leaves you with all sorts of lingering issues related to relationships, love and commitment.