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Harry Potter

Every 'Harry Potter' Chapter Illustration In One Image! (LOOK)

Posted 07.30.2012 | Teen

In the canon of young adult literary classics, no book holds more universal appeal or has inspired a more devoted following than the Harry Potter seri...

J.K. Rowling Wants To Build Hogwarts-Like Treehouses For Her Kids

Posted 10.11.2012 | HuffPost Home

Around the time the final "Harry Potter" book was published in July, 2007, author J.K. Rowling told NBC's Meredith Vieira that she was looking forward...

J.K. Rowling Wants To Build Hogwarts-Like Treehouses For Her Kids

Posted 07.27.2012 | Parents

Around the time the final "Harry Potter" book was published in July, 2007, author J.K. Rowling told NBC's Meredith Vieira that she was looking forward...

'Harry Potter' Star Runs With Olympic Torch! Guess Who?

Just Jared Jr. | Posted 07.27.2012 | Teen

Rupert Grint is all smiles as he carries the Olympic torch through Middlesex University in London on Wednesday afternoon (July 25). The 23-year-old ac...

Harry Potter Is the New Narnia

Laura Rossi Totten | Posted 07.26.2012 | Books
Laura Rossi Totten

All month, J has been leading the Harry Potter charge -- she is the vocal coach and has mastered all the accents for the cast of characters. She is the wardrobe mistress, the set designer, the acting coach and of course the director.

The Hidden Messages In Harry Potter

Posted 07.22.2013 | Books

Excerpted from "Hooked Up: A New Generation's Surprising Take on Sex, Politics and Saving the World" by Jack Myers (York House Press, $24.95) The w...

In Praise of Professor Protagonists

Dave Astor | Posted 09.18.2012 | Books
Dave Astor

I like novels starring professors because they bring back memories of the ones I had in college.

Harry Potter Finds New Love

The Huffington Post | Christopher Rosen | Posted 07.17.2012 | Entertainment

If only Daniel Radcliffe's character in the new romantic comedy "The F Word" had some Ashwinder eggs, rose thorns, peppermint and Moonstone at his dis...

The Evolution of a Parent

Bethany Meyer | Posted 09.12.2012 | Parents
Bethany Meyer

I am not the same Mom to four kids that I was to one. But I will never ever love another boy the way that I love you.

Popular Culture and "The System"

Laura Finley | Posted 09.08.2012 | Home
Laura Finley

What is important about vampire and apocalyptic films and books is that the heroes are not just battling a solo evil character and his or her clan. Rather, all of these offer a critique of "the system."

WIZARD MOVE: Quidditch Tourney Next Step To Olympic Acceptance?

Huffington Post | David Moye | Posted 07.06.2012 | Weird News

Quidditch may be a big sport in the wizard world, but it's going to take one Hagrid-sized show to turn the heads of Olympics brass. A tournament ta...

WATCH: Harry Potter Fans Parody Lady Gaga In 'Sorted This Way'

Posted 07.04.2012 | Teen

From the minds of Not Literally -- a Harry Potter-themed comedy group -- comes an interesting parody of Lady Gaga's "Born This Way." "Sorted This...

A Magical Prom Night For Muggles! (PHOTOS)

patch | Posted 06.28.2012 | Teen

By Lon Cohen Every year for the past 54 years, parents and community members promise to band together to make prom night so magnificent that teens ...

Marc Zicree's Sci-Fi Spectacle, Space Command, Blasts Off

Xaque Gruber | Posted 08.28.2012 | Entertainment
Xaque Gruber

Zicree's Space Command has already gone where no film project has gone before, setting a record as the fastest film ever funded on Kickstarter.

Harry Potter: The Norton Ridiculously Expanded Edition (With Criticism)

Martin Marks | Posted 08.25.2012 | Comedy
Martin Marks

For the cost of one cup of coffee, you too can help feed a poor, starving child actor from southwest Knightsbridge -- specifically, those that aren't at work building Ms. Rowling's new moat.

Merida From 'Brave' And 7 Other Amazing Teen Heroines

The Huffington Post | Hannah Orenstein | Posted 06.23.2012 | Teen

It's hard to believe, but Disney-Pixar's "Brave," released Friday, features the studio's first animated female lead -- and this is one of the (many) r...

Harry Potter: The Antichrist?

Posted 06.18.2012 | Books

Alan Moore, the author of such acclaimed comic series as Watchmen and V for Vendetta has made a bold choice in the last installment of his The League ...

WATCH: 'Harry Potter' Theme Played With ... Water

Posted 06.18.2012 | Entertainment

Today in extremely specific but nonetheless amazing talents: "Hedwig's Theme," a song from the "Harry Potter" soundtrack, played using only some water...

Stage Door: Potted Potter

Fern Siegel | Posted 08.13.2012 | Arts
Fern Siegel

The "Harry Potter" books were a cultural phenomenon, spawning fanatic loyalty. They are also ripe for parody -- as Potted Potter at The Little Shubert on Theater Row makes clear.

Tiger Woods and the Deathly Hallows

Jon Eig | Posted 08.12.2012 | Comedy
Jon Eig

Lord Voldemort succeeded in killing Albus Dumbledore. Tiger Woods chipped in on 16 at the Memorial. And two worlds shook.

What Would Happen If Katniss Put On The Sorting Hat?

The Huffington Post | Hannah Orenstein | Posted 06.05.2012 | Teen

When the Twitterverse erupted on Sunday night during the MTV Movie Awards, two opposing camps quickly (and loudly) emerged: die-hard "Hunger Games" fa...

Accio, Supercut! Watch Every Single Spell Cast In 'Harry Potter'

The Huffington Post | Crystal Bell | Posted 05.30.2012 | Entertainment

If we could summon anything on the internet, we're pretty sure it would be this. YouTube masterminds Jeremy Scott and Chris Atkinson -- the duo be...

When Hogwarts Came to Harvard: Real Life Villains and the Universal Power of Imagination

Christine Horansky | Posted 07.24.2012 | Impact
Christine Horansky

What universal appeal might the story of Harry Potter, with its young upstart wizards and Dark Lord, have for the real struggles of so many people around the globe?

Hundreds Of Pet Owls Abandoned After Harry Potter

Posted 05.22.2012 | Green

Animal sanctuaries in England are caring for hundreds of pet owls that were abandoned by their owners in the past year, a disturbing trend rescuers be...

Will Harry Potter-Style 'Invisibility Cloak' Make Real-World Appearance?

Posted 05.16.2012 | Science

By: Adam Hadhazy, Life's Little Mysteries Contributor Published: 05/15/2012 01:08 PM EDT on Lifes Little Mysteries In this weekly series, Life's ...