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Health Care Spending

Our Health Care System Wastes $750 BILLION Per Year

AP | RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR | Posted 11.06.2012 | Business

WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. health care system squanders $750 billion a year — roughly 30 cents of every medical dollar — through unneeded care, ...

Medicare Glitch Hits Home

Mary Ann Cope | Posted 10.14.2012 | Business
Mary Ann Cope

We need Congress to take immediate action in support of the common sense, win-win idea of closing the gap in Medicare coverage for treatments that lower costs by bringing patients home. The longer we wait, the longer American taxpayers will be paying the hospital bill.

While Paychecks Shrunk, Spending On This Kept Rising

Posted 08.13.2012 | Politics

Health care spending per capita in the US increased 36 percent between 2000 and 2010, from $6,177 to $8,402 for every person in the country. During th...

Less Equals More: Cures to Health Care Overspending

Dr. Veronica Anderson | Posted 10.09.2012 | Healthy Living
Dr. Veronica Anderson

There is only one way to begin chipping away at the exorbitant cost of health care in America. That is by each and every individual adopting a new and different mindset to control spending. This includes those of us who write daily about health issues.

Generic Drugs Have Cut U.S. Health Care Costs By Over $1 Trillion

AP | LINDA A. JOHNSON | Posted 08.02.2012 | Money

TRENTON, N.J. -- Growing use of generic medicines has reduced U.S. health care spending by more than $1 trillion over the past decade, according to an...

A Economic Downturn May Be One Way To Get Healthier

Posted 07.23.2012 | Business

An economic downturn may be better for your health than you realize. The 2008 financial crisis in Iceland improved the health of the country’s p...

Health Care Spending Slowing Down Around The World

Reuters | Posted 08.28.2012 | Business

By Kate Kelland LONDON, June 28 (Reuters) - Growth in health spending reversed a long-term trend of rapid increase and either slowed ...

Health Care Costs Easing Up, For Now

AP | RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR | Posted 08.18.2012 | Business

WASHINGTON (AP) — Is it too good to be true? Health care spending has eased up recently, bringing a welcome respite for government an...

Investors Will Find A Way To Make Money On Health Reform Ruling No Matter What

Reuters | Posted 08.13.2012 | Business

* Supreme Court ruling on health law expected this month * Sharp moves possible in insurer, hospital stocks * Investors ...

Putting Our Premiums Into Medical Care, Not Profits

Wendell Potter | Posted 07.01.2012 | Politics
Wendell Potter

Chances are that many of the people eligible for an insurance rebate are among those demanding that ObamaCare be repealed or struck down by the Supreme Court. Getting a check in the mail because of ObamaCare might make some of them reconsider.

The $2 Trillion Question

Dr. Cindy Haines | Posted 06.24.2012 | Healthy Living
Dr. Cindy Haines

Why is it that America is still spending $2 trillion on health care, mostly treating people after they become sick? How can we shift money toward prevention, where each dollar can save us multiple dollars on treatment?

Jeffrey Young

Put Down The X-Ray Machine And Back Away | Jeffrey Young | Posted 04.04.2012 | Business

WASHINGTON -- With health care costs growing out of control, medical societies made up of family physicians, cardiologists and other specialists have ...

10 Countries Spending The Most On Health Care

Posted 03.29.2012 | Business

24/7 Wall St.: This week, the Supreme Court considered President Obama’s health care reform law. The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act expa...

Entitlements Hysteria

Jeffrey Sachs | Posted 04.18.2012 | Politics
Jeffrey Sachs

One of the unshakable myths of the punditariat is that the federal government is going bankrupt because of entitlements spending, especially spending on Medicare and Medicaid. This is a stampede of unreason, contradicted by the facts.

S&P Warns It May Cut 'Highly Rated' G20 Countries On Healthcare Spending

Reuters | Posted 03.31.2012 | Business

* Ratings of some developed nations at risk due to rising welfare costs * Rapidly ageing populations mean more healthcare costs in fu...

New Report Calms Jittery White House Ahead Of 2012

AP | By RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR | Posted 01.10.2012 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- Is health-care relief finally in sight? Health spending stabilized as a share of the nation's economy in 2010 after two back-to-back ye...

Have America's Ballooning Health Care Costs Finally Turned A Corner?

AP | RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR | Posted 03.10.2012 | Business

WASHINGTON — Is health-care relief finally in sight? Health spending stabilized as a share of the nation's economy in 2010 after two back-to-bac...

10 States Spending The Most On Health Care

The Huffington Post | Harry Bradford | Posted 12.08.2011 | Business

How much Americans spend on health care can vary widely across the country, and it's those states with wealthier populations that tend to spend the mo...

Hot-Spotting: It's How, Not How Much

Dylan Ratigan | Posted 01.28.2012 | Politics
Dylan Ratigan

Imagine if you could identify a small number of patients who end up eating up most health care dollars. Let's say you could focus resources just on them, while also cutting the overall amount of health care spending dramatically. This isn't fiction, it comes from Camden, New Jersey.

Sam Stein

Ron Paul's Ex-Campaign Manager's Death Backdrop For Health Insurance Position | Sam Stein | Posted 11.14.2011 | Politics

WASHINGTON -- When CNN's Wolf Blitzer pressed Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas) over what he would do if a 30-year-old uninsured man suddenly slipped into a com...

Sam Stein

SHOCK VIDEO: Debate Audience Says Uninsured Patient Should Be Left To Die | Sam Stein | Posted 11.12.2011 | Politics

A bit of a startling moment happened near the end of Monday night's CNN debate when a hypothetical question was posed to Rep. Ron Paul (R-Texas). "...

Medical Consumers Are Gaining More Power

Dr. Cindy Haines | Posted 10.25.2011 | Healthy Living
Dr. Cindy Haines

Many Americans are getting their health coverage through high-deductible plans these days, so they have a newfound interest in seeking bargains ...

The Economic Urgency of Health Care Reform

Gov. Peter Shumlin | Posted 10.05.2011 | Politics
Gov. Peter Shumlin

I have launched an ambitious effort to implement a single payer health care system in Vermont. Under the plan, single payer coverage will be a right and not a privilege, and will not be connected to employment. This is groundbreaking.

By 2020, Health Care Spending To Cost Nearly $14,000 Per Person: Report

AP | RICARDO ALONSO-ZALDIVAR | Posted 09.27.2011 | Business

WASHINGTON — The nation's health care tab is on track to hit $4.6 trillion in 2020, accounting for about $1 of every $5 in the economy, governme...

Healthcare Reform: Solving the Medical Student Debt Crisis Through Human Capital Contracts

Anand Reddi | Posted 08.10.2011 | Politics
Anand Reddi

Despite the enactment of healthcare reform by the United States Congress in 2010, organized medicine has yet to successfully tackle the issue of medical student debt.