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High School Life

The Downside of Being Valedictorian

The Prospect | Posted 08.08.2014 | College
The Prospect

We've talked about the flaws with the class ranking system, but how does the class ranking system feel to someone who's on top?

Revisiting My College Decision Two Years Later

The Prospect | Posted 06.14.2014 | College
The Prospect

A part of me feels that the school seemed to present itself as better than it was. I was told that there is always something going on around campus, that the student-teacher ratio was amazing and visited on a warm fall day.

Driver's Ed for the High School Hallway Pedestrian

Luis Ruuska | Posted 11.28.2012 | Teen
Luis Ruuska

The bell has just rung, signaling the mad dash to the next class, and what should be a three-minute stroll to Biology class -- located a few hallways down -- turns into the next installment of Indiana Jones.

What Does Being #InHighSchool Mean To You?

The Huffington Post | Posted 06.28.2012 | Teen

No one ever said high school was a cake walk. So when #InHighSchool started trending on Twitter last night, teenagers swarmed the hashtag with brutall...