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Hindu Social Justice

A Whimsical Look at Fallacies: Appeal to Antiquity - Part 2

Frank Breslin | Posted 12.31.2015 | Education
Frank Breslin

Call it what you will: advertising, propaganda, public relations, indoctrination, lobbying, disinformation, brainwashing, spin, mind control, or manufacturing consent, they all have the same function -- getting people to think what you want them to think.

Anyone Can Do Seva! A Hindu American High Schooler's Serendipity Moment

Anju Bhargava | Posted 06.09.2013 | Religion
Anju Bhargava

Neil Davey, a junior at Montgomery Blair High School, eloquently describes his struggles as he contemplated seva, his motives to serve and the resulting fruits of his action.

Bringing Dharma, Seva, Shakti And Yoga To The Political Forefront

Anju Bhargava | Posted 12.16.2012 | Religion
Anju Bhargava

What if we all infused politics with the dharma values that matter to us, and help bring the practices of inclusivity, pluralism, valuing the divinity within all beings, compassionate action, non-violence, collaboration and unity to our country's highly partisan politics?

Can A Hare Krishna Yogi Have A Social Gospel?

Chris Fici | Posted 12.14.2012 | Religion
Chris Fici

As far as I know, I am the only practicing Hindu at Union Theological Seminary right now, and this leaves me in a tough spot. This is because I am not sure how I, as a Hindu, as a "Hare Krishna," fit into the fabric of social justice that defines Union.

Invoking Ganesh Principles And Pluralistic Dharmic Seva To Positively Impact American Politics

Anju Bhargava | Posted 11.19.2012 | Religion
Anju Bhargava

For Hindus, it is a day to take fresh spiritual resolve and pray for inner spiritual strength to attain success in all undertakings. This observance and prayer for the removal of obstacles is especially relevant as the country faces a polarized political environment.

Makar Sankranti: An Opportunity To Serve Mother Earth

Anju Bhargava | Posted 03.15.2012 | Religion
Anju Bhargava

Today, more than ever, we need to come together to understand the interconnectedness of people, faith and nature in our lives. It is only by recognizing the sacredness of all creation that we can honor and protect it.

Interfaith Seva: A Call To Serve In Kentucky

Anju Bhargava | Posted 01.08.2012 | Religion
Anju Bhargava

Kentucky's Gubernatorial candidate's deplorable anti-Hindu remarks reflect an education and understanding gap. We need to build bridges of understanding.

The Consequences Of Shattering A Faith Glass Ceiling

Anju Bhargava | Posted 10.10.2011 | Religion
Anju Bhargava

The Dharmic and Hindu American communities need to take the responsibility and share in developing creative seva ideas that will strengthen the country.