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Paving the Way to Ending the Epidemic

Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr. | Posted 05.20.2016 | Queer Voices
Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr.

Nearly 3,000 miles separate New York City and San Francisco, but there is much that bridges each city to the other. They share the joys of diverse communities and vibrant economies, but they also share the mutual pain of the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

The Miss Alternate Universe Pageant

Richard J. Rosendall | Posted 05.19.2016 | Queer Voices
Richard J. Rosendall

Positions of authority have a way of inflating people's sense of their own power.

I'm Celebrating HIV Vaccine Awareness Day Because There's Exciting Science Happening

Matthew Rose | Posted 05.19.2016 | Queer Voices
Matthew Rose

An ideal HIV vaccine would provide a cost-effective HIV prevention strategy that would have a easier access and adherence for many people than other prevention interventions while also providing long-term protection. And science is bringing us closer to that possibility.

Tackle TB to Reduce Maternal Deaths: No Time for Complacency

Ambassador Eric Goosby, MD | Posted 05.17.2016 | Healthy Living
Ambassador Eric Goosby, MD

We must establish integrated health systems that address all of the health needs of mothers and their children. Only then, can we begin to say that we are delivering real results for women in need across the globe.

Hillary Clinton Meets With HIV/AIDS Activists At Campaign Headquarters

The Huffington Post | Rahel Gebreyes | Posted 05.13.2016 | Queer Voices

Hillary Clinton sat down with HIV/AIDS activists at her campaign headquarters in Brooklyn, New York, on Thursday, where they discussed how to eradicat...

Why Did Bernie Sanders Cancel a High-Profile Meeting With AIDS Activists?

Michelangelo Signorile | Posted 05.12.2016 | Queer Voices
Michelangelo Signorile

The cancellation of the meeting seems an indication, no matter what he and his campaign say, that Sanders knows the race is over and that he's lost.

AIDS Epidemic Could 'Rebound' If Prevention Programs Aren't Strengthened: UN

Reuters | Eleanor Goldberg | Posted 05.10.2016 | Impact

NEW YORK, May 7 (Thomson Reuters Foundation) - Global progress fighting AIDS could be lost because prevention programmes are suffering from a lack of ...

How Some Black LGBTQ People Are Surviving In The Age Of HIV

Mic | Curtis M. Wong | Posted 05.04.2016 | Queer Voices

It's a staggering and dire statistic — one that reinforces the dreadful sense that clouds my life and the lives of so many younger and older black m...

This Emotional Dance Showcase Remembers The Generation We Lost To AIDS

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 05.01.2016 | Queer Voices

A powerful piece of dance theater currently headed across the United States on a 20-city tour is honoring the lives and stories of those lost to HIV/A...

Righting the Wrongs of Global Drug Policies

Dr. Chris Beyrer | Posted 04.20.2017 | Politics
Dr. Chris Beyrer

Bold changes in drug policies will take courage. An impressively diverse set of countries is showing it can be done - and that their citizens' lives can be improved in the process. Now the world needs to follow their lead.

The World Needs a Healthier, Rights-based Approach Towards People Who Use Drugs

Michel Sidibé | Posted 04.20.2017 | World
Michel Sidibé

The world is failing to protect the health and human rights of people who use drugs. As a result, people who use drugs, especially people who inject drugs, have been isolated and denied the means to protect themselves from HIV, hepatitis C, tuberculosis and other infectious diseases.

I am a Latinx Transgender Woman With HIV and I'm Still Standing

J. Mercedes Cardona | Posted 04.19.2017 | Queer Voices
J. Mercedes Cardona

At the age of 35, I decided to live in my truth full time. I learned to stop caring about what people thought. It was liberating. From the first moment I said "I am trans," my heart felt a thousand times lighter, though new obstacles came my way.

Is Southern Hospitality Spiking HIV Rates?

Mike Alvear | Posted 04.16.2017 | Queer Voices
Mike Alvear

I suspect that the southern trait of indirectness contributes greatly to the spread of HIV here.  If a guy feels the need to use a euphemism for intercourse how in the world is he going to ask about your HIV status?

National Youth HIV and AIDS Awareness Day

Shane L. Windmeyer | Posted 04.09.2017 | Queer Voices
Shane L. Windmeyer

Now more than ever, it is is vital to the lives of young people to know how to prevent HIV, know their status as well as where to find treatment and support services. The statistics prove why.

Higher Love: Addiction, Depression and HIV

Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr. | Posted 04.06.2017 | Queer Voices
Oriol R. Gutierrez Jr.

My story isn't unique. In fact, depression is often a silent partner to HIV. For most of us living with the virus, depression shows up after we test positive.

Get Tested for Sexually-Transmitted Infections

Brandon Brown | Posted 04.06.2017 | Healthy Living
Brandon Brown

April is STD Awareness Month. The new term for STD is STI -- sexually transmitted infection -- to focus on the infection rather than the disease it could lead to. One way to mark the occasion is to get tested for HIV and thus help eradicate the stigma.

What Does It Really Mean To Be 'Undetectable'?

The Huffington Post | James Nichols | Posted 04.05.2016 | Queer Voices

A new web series from Todd Flaherty is elevating the conversation surrounding what it means to have an undetectable HIV-positive status and helping to...

Human Rights Watch Chastises Louisiana For Endangering HIV-Positive Inmates

The Huffington Post | David Lohr | Posted 04.02.2016 | Crime

Louisiana, notorious for the world's highest incarceration rate, often fails to provide basic HIV services to inmates in parish jails, endangering not...

Little Black Gay Boys...

Craig Stewart | Posted 03.25.2017 | Queer Voices
Craig Stewart

I'm sorry that we didn't do a better job of shielding you from the pitfalls, of protecting you and offering guidance those times you were unsure or felt like you were all alone. I've asked myself a million times, 'Who cries for the little Black gay boy?'

Progressive New Laws Tackle State's Woeful Rape Case Record And The Spread Of HIV

The Huffington Post | Chris DAngelo | Posted 03.24.2016 | Politics

Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) signed two bills into law Wednesday that seek to combat both unsolved rapes and the spread of HIV in the state. One measur...

Strike a Pose: Thanking Madonna, 25 Years Later, for Releasing the Truth

E. Nina Rothe | Posted 03.22.2017 | Entertainment
E. Nina Rothe

Do you have what it takes to be your true self? In a beautiful, touching, perfectly made documentary titled Strike a Pose, filmmakers Ester Gould and...

'Brothers Grimsby' Flops and AIDS Stigma Fails

C. Virginia Fields | Posted 03.17.2017 | Black Voices
C. Virginia Fields

Regardless of what one thinks of Donald Trump and the displays of religious intolerance, xenophobia, racism and sexism shown throughout his bid for the White House, to suggest that he deserves AIDS only perpetuates the dangerous stigma against the disease and people living with it.

Seth Meyers Tackles 'Gay Twitter,' 'Gay Weddings' And.. 'Gay Turkeys'

The Huffington Post | Noah Michelson | Posted 03.17.2016 | Queer Voices

Seth Meyers is doing his part to make sure that America has its facts straight. In a "Late Night" segment called “For The Record,” Meyers correcte...

How Nancy Reagan Finally Started a Conversation About AIDS -- 35 Years Later

Michelangelo Signorile | Posted 03.15.2017 | Queer Voices
Michelangelo Signorile

This election cycle, it took Nancy Reagan 's death, ironically, to get a discussion going among the candidates about an issue important to LGBT people. But there's more to talk about on that issue -- actually talk, beyond the position papers -- and there are more issues affecting LGBT people to have a dialogue about.

Hillary and Nancy and Denial

Adrian Brooks | Posted 03.13.2017 | Politics
Adrian Brooks

Hillary Clinton just praised Nancy Reagan's "low key advocacy" during the AIDS crisis.