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Home Renovations

Common Mistakes To Avoid When Renovating Your Property

Stephanie R. Caudle | Posted 07.22.2016 | HuffPost Home
Stephanie R. Caudle

Anyone who is a fan of HGTV has noticed over the last few years the network has continued to increase its number of flagship home renovation shows. Each and every day you can simply flip on the switch and as a home and gardening fanatic watch an endless amount of shows that are guaranteed to spark the Tim the Tool Man Taylor spirit into your heart.

What You Can Do To Save Money And Resources

HuffPost Partner Studio | Posted 07.12.2016 | Green

You bring your own quirky, reusable canvas totes to the supermarket because you (obviously) know that’s the best answer to the “Paper or plastic?...

5 Renovation Projects with the Best Return on Investment

Lauren Bowling | Posted 05.05.2016 | HuffPost Home
Lauren Bowling

Homeowners and homebuyers alike have the struggle of deciding if they should renovate a home. Renovations can cost thousands of dollars and be very ti...

50 Home Upgrades That Cost $1 Or Less

The Huffington Post | Carla Herreria | Posted 04.12.2016 | HuffPost Home

Spring cleaning shouldn't only lead to a tidy home. It should lead to a better home that looks and feels brand spankin' new. Lucky for you, help is on...

Can You Really Make Money Flipping Houses?

Bob Lotich | Posted 02.16.2016 | Business
Bob Lotich

You see the stories on TV infomercials -- make millions flipping houses! The very thought is both enticing and exciting -- but is it even possible? The short answer is yes, but as you might expect, it isn't nearly as easy as infomercials make it seem.

5 Home Renovations You Really Shouldn't Do Yourself

The Huffington Post | Suzy Strutner | Posted 12.29.2015 | HuffPost Home

With the new year comes resolutions for both yourself and your home. But before you tackle that big interior overhaul... don't. Last month, real esta...

Pas de deux: A Collaboration of Designer and Architect--What They Do and How They Work Together

Gail Green | Posted 08.28.2015 | HuffPost Home
Gail Green

Interior designers use furnishings and accessories to construct the look and feel of the internal spaces of your home, but they only work well when they coordinate their design with the architect's exterior scheme.

Baby Boomers Are The First Tech-Savvy Retirees -- And Have The Home Renovations To Prove It

Buck Wargo | Posted 08.11.2015 | Fifty
Buck Wargo

Time to throw out the notion of the "stuffy" grandparents houses like we used to visit in our childhoods. Who doesn't remember as kids going to visit the grandparents, and how the house seemed to us more like a museum than a place to live?

Pas de deux: A Collaboration of Designer and Contractor--What They Do and How They Work Together!

Gail Green | Posted 07.30.2015 | HuffPost Home
Gail Green

So, you've just purchased the apartment next door and you want to combine the two spaces into a larger simplex. You can imagine the space, but you're not sure what all will go into it, and you want to make sure the two spaces flow together smoothly. But how do you get started?

We Found And Bought A Hoarder's House

Susan Fogwell | Posted 06.09.2015 | HuffPost Home
Susan Fogwell

In June, 2014, John and I stopped in a couple of real estate agencies looking for a fixer-upper on the main line of Philadelphia. Usually, good fixer-uppers in great areas are sold by real estate agents to a builder or contractor on the QT and before anyone else knows they're up for grabs.

5 Tricks for Spinning Sod Into Lawn

Danielle Wolffe | Posted 06.06.2015 | HuffPost Home
Danielle Wolffe

I stood on the beach and inhaled deeply, reassuring myself that the lingering sweetness in the air was not some kind of olfactory hallucination; but honeysuckle, after all.

Home Renovations Can Break the Bank If You're Not Careful

Steve Rhode | Posted 03.21.2015 | Money
Steve Rhode

Lately people have been asking me about how to remodel or renovate a home on a reasonable budget. That's a great question and one that most people never ask before embarking on a desired project. I must admit I didn't before I learned the lessons the hard way.

5 Bathroom Remodeling Do's and Don'ts | Posted 01.12.2015 | HuffPost Home

A bathroom remodel is a top way to increase your home's value, and to give it a functional and visual refresh.

Here's What Your Contractor Isn't Telling You About That 'Weekend' Renovation Project

The Huffington Post | Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson | Posted 10.10.2014 | HuffPost Home

If you've ever taken on a home renovation project, you know one thing to be true: They can be wildly unpredictable. Rarely do you end up making ju...

You Won't Believe What Your Bathroom Could Look Like With These Quick DIY Fixes

Posted 10.09.2014 | OWN

By Pamela Masin Get inspired by these incredible before and after renovations that have turned even the dreariest bathrooms into spa-like retreats....

This House Had One 'Fatal Flaw'... Until It Got A Major Overhaul

The Huffington Post | Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson | Posted 08.28.2014 | HuffPost Home

On television makeover shows, hopeless homes are turned into sparkling renovations in the span of 30 minutes. But, ask anyone who's actually gone thro...

One Family, Five Kids: How They Renovated A Historic Farmhouse In Six Months

The Huffington Post | Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson | Posted 08.03.2014 | HuffPost Home

It takes a special kind of person to be a motivational speaker -- someone with vision and perseverance, no doubt. Coincidentally, it also takes a good...

Watch This Tiny Studio Transform Into A Two-Bedroom Apartment

The Huffington Post | Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson | Posted 06.27.2014 | HuffPost Home

The square footage of a home is all relative. 700-square-feet, for example, might as well be a sprawling mansion as far a some tiny house dwellers are...

Watch This $1 Farmhouse Transform Into A Stunning Bed & Breakfast

The Huffington Post | Jessica Cumberbatch Anderson | Posted 06.04.2014 | HuffPost Home

For 24 years, Jose Velázquez and his wife, Jennifer, dreamed of opening a bed and breakfast -- something like the 20-room former governor's mansion w...

5 Simple Steps to Make Your Carpet Last Longer

Glenn Revere | Posted 07.30.2014 | HuffPost Home
Glenn Revere

If you plan to keep your wall to wall carpeting for more than a few years, here are some steps that will help keep your expensive carpeting looking new.

Even Rev. Run Isn't Immune From The Argument EVERY Couple Has About Their Home

Posted 01.23.2014 | HuffPost Home

So, Rev. Run has a new reality renovation show coming up on the DIY Network, fittingly called "Rev. Run's Renovation." In it, he embarks on a series o...

WATCH: 3 Weird Things Found In The Walls Of Old Homes

Posted 11.04.2013 | HuffPost Home

You know to call the local utility company before you dig. But one couple wished they called a bomb squad before they renovated their home. See their ...

PHOTOS: 6 Renovations That'll Make You Rethink Your Home

The Huffington Post | Michelle Manetti | Posted 02.26.2015 | HuffPost Home

There's nothing like a good home renovation to really get you inspired to revamp your space. We're lucky enough to be featuring the most amazing befor...

8 Expert Tips to Help You Manage Financial Risk When You Remodel

Fraser Patterson | Posted 01.23.2014 | HuffPost Home
Fraser Patterson

Remodeling can be a confusing and stressful process, with most of the stress centering around the amount of money involved and the complex nature of construction projects. Knowing and following these tips to manage the finances of your home remodel can save you from major headaches -- or disasters -- down the line.

PHOTOS: This Kitchen Didn't Always Look Like This

The Huffington Post | Michelle Manetti | Posted 10.08.2013 | HuffPost Home

There are few things we love more than a good kitchen transformation. But anyone who has partaken in one knows that it takes a lot of time and a lot o...